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Mango Money Review

  • Pros
  • No signup fee
  • No activation fee
  • Mango doesn't charge for bank transfer loads
  • No direct deposit fee
  • 6% annual percentage yield for clients who select a direct deposit option
  • 2% APY if you're not enrolled in direct deposit
  • FDIC insurance up to $250,000
  • Mobile account checking
  • $0 online transfer fee on card-to-card transfers
  • Cons
  • $2 ATM withdrawal fee
  • $5 monthly maintenance fee
  • Inactivity fee

The Mango MasterCard Prepaid Card allows you to manage your cash on the go – not a bad idea in a modern-day economy in which everything mobile is starting to be the norm. The company’s offer is alluring and very competitive, especially its relatively high annual percentage yield. With this card, say good-bye to signup fees, activation fees, direct deposit fees


Verdict - Excellent

If you are a serious saver, you will love this card. I strongly recommend it, not only for its unbelievably high interest rate but also for the other features – such as mobile banking and no account fees – that the card provides. The 5-star rating is well deserved, in my view, and the small ATM fee you incur is not a deal breaker, considering that it is not much more than what other banks are charging.

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