Ways to Entertain Yourself Cheaply

Who said you cannot entertain yourself affordably? There are various ways you can mesh fun and hard work and frugality, making sure you don’t break your bank while enjoying yourself. Top ideas include staying local when indulging in leisure activities; getting together more often with friends, relatives and colleagues; spending more time at home; and being adventurous every now and then.

Stay Local

Try to stay local when pondering entertainment areas. Your city certainly has alluring places that you have not discovered so far, so take time to barnstorm the local tourism office, especially its information desk, to learn more about what the township offers. Ask questions about things like ball parks, theaters, arena and public library. Also enquire about the official calendar of municipal events along with other nonofficial activities that are managed and/or coordinated with city officials. Some of the city-sponsored activities typically are low-ticketed, so you would not need to dole out much cash to participate, volunteer or attend them.

Do Get-Togethers – More Often

We all live in a society where the daily constraints of modern life – think work, personal life, bills to pay, for example – have made it difficult to get together with loved ones more often, leaving these types of reunions to established occasions like Thanksgiving and Labor Day. If you can, get together more often with your friends, and do it at home – be it at your abode or someone else’s apartment. You can share expenses, but the bottom line is that you would not have to spend money on things like parking, gas and gratuities – and the food and drinks are cheaper when cooked or drunk at home.

Volunteer I have found that volunteering is a wonderful and fun way to entertain myself, give back to the community, and meet great people with whom I have established a lifelong rapport. Contact the city government in your residence area to see available volunteering opportunities. Good places to enquire include the city’s department of human services, health department, and the office coordinating environmental policies. Other events that often have interesting and fun-filled volunteering opportunities include local concerts, sports activities, anything related to child empowerment, and events that aim to promote culture and tourism.

Stay Home

You can have fun staying home and, – finally – read that novel by your favorite author. Take that private time also to clear, say, the 200 shows that are currently clogging your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) because you never had time to watch them. If you recorded these shows in the first place, it means that you took interest in them and liked the content. So why not entertain yourself and revel in these productions as much as you can? The effort is certainly worth it because you already have paid for the content through your monthly cable TV bill.

Download a Movie

You can get some kind of adventure on your doorstep rather than driving miles away to a movie theater. You can save money by downloading a movie and pay, say, $10 or $15 rather than doling out maybe $80 on tickets if you are a family of 4. That’s not counting money you would spend on gas, toll and the ubiquitous movie-theater popcorn. So, call your cable TV provider and compare costs of taking your family to the movies versus renting a DVD or downloading a movie.


To have fun without breaking your bank, you should rethink your leisure activities and emphasize your contribution in them. In other words, don’t just rely on entertainment companies and professionals to amuse you. You can derive much pleasure by doing things on your own – such as reading – or reveling in the presence of loved ones, with whom you can organize get-togethers. You also can volunteer in events as varied as concerts and mini-marathons to spend time entertainingly.

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