Pet Insurance


Pro Rating

BBB Rating

  • Pros
  • Deductible as low as $100
  • Coverage of up to 90% of the veterinarian bill
  • Hospital stays, testing and medications included
  • No limit on payout amount
  • Policy in effect within 2 weeks
  • Strong financial rating
  • Fast claims processing
  • Cons
  • Routine care, pre-existing conditions and vet exams not covered

Healthy Paws Review

Here's a pet insurance company that both pets and pet owners love! Healthy Paws covers a variety of medical events, including emergency care, injuries, genetic conditions and illnesses. They do have restrictions for congenital and hereditary conditions when covering illnesses and accidents but that seems to be common among policies across the board. Better yet, they'll cover up to 90% of your veterinarian bill and won't set a limit on the payout amount. Overall, the company has a solid financial rating received an A-by the Better Business Bureau and a comprehensive policy plan.

Healthy Paws’ website is full of useful information, including a handy blog section that covers a variety of topics apart from pet insurance. The site offers the ability to file claims online and get quotes. There is also a review and compare sections where you can view comparisons between Healthy Paws and other top pet insurance companies, look at consumer reviews, and compare the offered plans.

Healthy Paws seems to have an excellent reputation with consumers on review sites like Yelp. While even quality companies have an abundance of negative reviews, the majority of consumer reviews for Healthy Paws are positive. Customers are happy with low cost premiums and extremely quick responses. Reviews also mentioned pleasant experiences with customer service representatives who were helpful and friendly. While some reviews noted that rate increases did occur after a year, most increases were reasonable. Healthy Paws also has a great BBB rating and has answered and closed all complaints.

Verdict - Excellent

Healthy Paws is one of the best providers for pet insurance in the market. The pet insurance company deserves a 5 star rating not only for its wide array of coverage events, but also for its strong credit rating and extensive relationship with vet networks across the country. The great reputation that they have garnished over the lifespan of their business is also something to consider.

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