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For some people saving money is a hobby and for other's it's a chore, here at MoneySavingPro, saving money is a passion. We understand what it is like to desire a frugal lifestyle; however, miss out on money-saving ideas and products because you just didn't have the time. At MoneySavingPro we are committed to providing our community with the best advice on products and services that will not only help you save money, but also save you time as well.

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Our mission at MoneySavingPro is to research products and services with the consumer in mind. When we perform our analysis of companies or products to recommend, we not only consider the costs associated with them but the value and convenience they provide. Our writers are tasked with putting the consumer first and to give impartial advice in a no-nonsense easy to understand manner, free from jargon and stuffy financial language.

At MoneySavingPro, we cover a wide array of topics to help you live a more frugal and fun life and have a range of experts writing for us from seasoned financial gurus to savvy students with the know-how to make smart money choices.

How is the Site Funded?

Although we are a frugal bunch even we can't talk our writers and web-developers into working for free! The site is funded by advertising and by affiliate links (this means if you click on the link and buy a product we sometimes earn money from it). However this does not influence which products, services and companies we write about, recommend and link to. Our editorial integrity will always come first and our aim is to give you unbiased advice.

We research and recommend the top 5 options in a category and share the best and worst features of each without regard for the affiliate link. In fact, many of our recommended providers have no affiliate links; however, we know they are the best options for our community. When consumers save time and money based on our recommendations, then our mission is accomplished!

How We Research

The key to finding the best values when shopping for any product or service is thorough research. We approach each review by finding the answers to questions any shopper would have. Then we take a closer look at the fine print to find out exactly what you'll get with each company.

Our researchers begin reviewing each provider by pouring over their own website to find out what sets them apart from other's in their industry. What features do they offer? Are the prices competitive? Then we look at the disclaimers and the asterisks, uncovering anything that a consumer would need to know.

Next, we check the company's standing with reputable sources like the Better Business Bureau. This gives us insight into the way they deal with customers and complaints. A provider's costumer service is as important as the products they offer.

Depth of Knowledge

At MoneySavingPro, we believe that informed consumers make the best purchases. That's why, besides our reviews, we provide a wealth of information about each industry we cover. In our advice sections, we cover specific topics you may want to know if you are shopping in a particular industry.