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  • Pros
  • "Best Value 2017" Award Winner
  • A good selection of loans to suit different needs and circumstances
  • Fast approval on loans
  • A range of tools and resources available on the website
  • Good levels of customer support offered by the company
  • Excellent A+ rating from the BBB
  • Cons
  • No trade in calculator facility on the site
  • Some restrictions on applications
  • No extended validation certificate
MoneySavingPro Best Value Award 2017

Those who are keen to find a provider that offers not only a good selection of auto loans but also great service and speedy approval will be delighted with myAutoloan. They work with the top lenders in the nation and have made a great name for themselves. The provider's website offers a host of tools and resources to help consumers to make informed decisions, although it does not contain the trade in value calculator that some of the competitor sites offer. You will, however, find resources and tools such as auto reviews, payment calculators, loan information, and more. These resources are important to use and take advantage of with any online auto loan provider.

The tools myAutoloan provides to you are fantastic especially for people who are not familiar with loans. You can use their glossary of auto loan terms and prepare yourself for when you walk into a dealer. They also have a loan requirements section which shows you exactly what you need to qualify for a loan through myAutoloan.

Pricing and Rates

In terms of the cost of borrowing, this provider offers competitive rates, which can help to make borrowing more affordable. You can also select from a range of loan types and if you repay the loan early there are no penalties to worry about. Remember, most lenders want the full interest back and won't hesitate to penalize you for paying the loan off early. There are some points you will need to bear in mind when making your application with this provider, such as the minimum and maximum limits of $7500 to $100,000.

Normally these limits are easy to stay in but if you are looking for a cheaper car under $7,500, you may want to look at other providers first. If you are buying a used car you will need to ensure that the mileage does not exceed the specified limit from this company. You will need to earn more than $1800 per month to qualify for a loan through myAutoloan. You can get a loan for vehicles with up to 100,000 miles and vehicles as old as 2008. Also keep in mind that they have a 72 month term maximum for paying off the loan. This is generally the limit for most auto loans.

Although myAutoloan does have certain restrictions, if you don't qualify, take a look at their other options by going to the "Rates and Calculators" section and clicking on "other products". It will then take you to a page that can direct you to other lenders that work with bad credit loans, and exotic and classic car loans.

Credit Checks

You can check your credit for free right through and you can choose from two different providers to get your credit score. This is very important to do before applying for a loan since every time your credit score is pulled by a third party, this is called a hard inquiry which affects your score negatively. When it comes to the application process, you will be happy with their two step application that makes the experience quick and painless. It takes about 2 minutes to fill out the application and once you submit your application, you will get up to four loan offers within seconds with interest rates on new vehicles as low as 1.99%. Most applications are approved with in the same day.

Once you find a car that you are interested in myAutoloan provides you with resources to check vehicle history and manufacturer recall notices.

Other Perks

After purchasing a vehicle with a loan through myAutoloan, they offer even more resources like getting you set up with roadside assistance plans and VIP service plans with their promo codes to get you a great deal. These can be very tedious tasks and myAutoloan has already done the research for you and chose the best plans with amazing deals when you get a loan through myAutoloan.

You also have the option to refinance your current auto loan. This is great for people who are not happy with their current monthly payment and are looking to lower it. It is a quick and easy process to do so through myAutoloan. Some people have saved up to $50 a month on their payments just by refinancing through myAutoloan. You can even do things like buyout your current vehicle lease as well which allows you to purchase the car you are leasing instead of having to turn it in to the dealer once the term is up.

Many people fall in love with their leased cars and don't realize they have the option to buy it by going through myAutoloan. This is a rare option with most online auto loan providers. myAutoloan also allows you to do a private party car loan which is perfect for people who have already found a car they are interested in purchasing, but instead of through a dealer it is through an individual. It is a safe, convenient, and fast way to have the money you need to buy person to person.

You will benefit from a good level of support from this company, with both telephone and email support available. Representatives are quick to reply and take time to answers all of your questions. You will also find plenty of resources on the site, such as guides and FAQs. In terms of security, the provider does operate a secure site but there is no extended validation certificate, which may put some people off. The site is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an excellent rating of A+.


When it comes to choice, guidance, and great service, you definitely won't be disappointed with this provider, which is why it is well worth looking at myAutoloan for your car financing. You can look forward to a wide variety of rates and other services that don't end once you have purchased your new vehicle through myAutoloan. The only downside to myAutoloan is the limits they put on certain variables including price range and mileage of vehicles you can purchase with a loan through them.

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Recommended Whole process is fast None

An awesome service! I was accepted for my loan within a few minutes and the money was in my bank within a couple of days. It took a week from my inital application to purchasing my new car. Completely hassle free.

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Recommended Quick response Interest rates vary offers some great deals, but be very careful, as the interest rates vary majorly and you need to make sure you find out what is included in each of the packages they are offering you. The customer reps are very helpful, but don't feel like you have to choose there and then, they are great at calling back when they say they will, so you can request this if you need time to think. I asked them to call back the following morning, which they did on time and my deal was still approved very quickly.

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Recommended Quick response None

I would highly recommend MyAutoloan .com, they give a quick response and are very professional.

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Recommended Customer service No cons

I thought this was too good to be true, but it really just is a good company! The website is easy to navigate and find what you're looking for and the customer reps are just super friendly and helpful. My loan was approved in under a minute!

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Recommended professional service from beginning to end None

I'm one of those people that doesn't have great credit but I was happy to see how quickly this company was ready to accommodate my financial sitution. I have affordable payments and processing was a breeze.

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