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  • Pros
  • Same day approval means you can get your purchase sorted faster
  • Fast and simple application process for ease and convenience
  • Loans available for those with good or bad credit
  • A variety of tools and resources to make the process easier
  • Excellent A+ rat
  • Cons
  • A number of restrictions are in place when it comes to the application process

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to find and compare rates from an array of auto loan providers, take a look at Up2Drive. They have made a great name for themselves and have helped many people with refinancing their vehicle, obtaining an auto loan, and even selling their old car.

Many people who apply for auto financing are eager to get same day approval wherever possible so that they can get on with arranging the purchase of their vehicle. When you use Up2drive as your auto loan services provider you will be able to benefit from same day approval, usually within minutes, on online applications, along with the added bonus of a fast and very simple application process.

Prices and Rates

Up2Drive finances new and used vehicles and can get you rates as low as 3.1% APR* for new cars and 3.1% APR* for used cars as well. Refinancing your car is just another great service Up2Drive offers. They can get you rates as low as 2.95% APR* although the mileage on the vehicle cannot exceed 90,000 miles. The loan terms through Up2Drive go up to as long as 72 months (6 years). This is the most common term limit for auto loans.

Up2Drive give you a great selection of cars you are able to finance including vehicles purchased through any franchise dealership (except BMW and Suzuki). With Up2Drive, you are provided with "up2drive drive check®" which allows you to negotiate the asking price of the vehicle with the dealer. This means you can decide the amount you want to pay for the vehicle which ultimately determines your monthly payment, making it easy to stay within your budget. Up2Drive also finances vehicles purchased from non-franchise dealerships on a pre-approval basis. This is great for people looking for used cars at a lower price than you would get from the dealership. Although for private party purchases, there are certain restrictions. The used car can only be financed if the car is not being used for more than 5 years and the mileage is less than 70,000. Up2Drive will not finance the purchase of salvaged and rebuilt vehicles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, caravans, ATVs, boats, dirt bikes, taxis, limousines, freight liners, tow trucks, tractor trailers, armored vehicles, dump trucks, and kit cars that do not own a title issued or VIN.

Unfortunately Up2Drive does not provide the service of lease buyouts. This is when you have a leased vehicle and want to purchase it instead of returning it back to the dealer at the end of the lease agreement. If you're looking for this service, there are other brokers that connect you with providers that finance these situations.

Although they don't provide lease buyouts they do provide a service which allows you to sell your current car through them. Now technically, Up2Drive is not a vehicle seller. What they will do is enter some basic information about your car and then put your car on sale; indicating the monthly installment for the particular car.

Credit Help

When it comes to whether you have good or bad credit, this provider could help to find a competitive loan for your vehicle purchase, although the rate will obviously vary based on your credit status amongst other things. The application process with Up2drive is pretty simple although there are various restrictions in place such as minimum and maximum lending levels, and mileage restrictions when buying a new or used vehicle. Unfortunately, you will have to make sure any new vehicle you're looking at has mileage under 6,000 and any used car must have mileage less than 100,000 miles in order to get a loan through Up2Drive.

Typically Up2Drive requires a credit score of 650 or higher which they obtain through the Experian credit reporting agency. If you are unsure of your credit score, make sure to go to a free credit score reporting site and inquire. Every time your credit score is pulled by a third party (lender or broker in this case); this is called a hard inquiry which affects your score negatively. If you check your score before applying this is called a soft inquiry and helps protect your credit score.

The company website does offer a range of tools and resources that are designed to make the whole purchasing process easier for those looking to buy a vehicle. This includes a loan calculator that makes it simple to work out what you might be paying based on the vehicle you want, your credit status, trade in vehicles, and down payments.

If you finance a car through Up2Drive you can look forward to online resources that allow you to manage your account, make payments, view statements and much more, saving you time and money. Many brokers do not offer any of these resources but Up2Drive made everything extremely easy when it comes to maintaining and viewing updates on your lease directly from their site. You can even do opt in for EasyPay and allow them to auto-debit your account every month, and you will never be late on a car payment again! You can even enjoy a 5% discount on top of the APR that you're paying, by using their EasyPay system.

This provider is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and enjoys an excellent A+ rating.


The variety of features that you gain access to when you use this provider means that you can take a lot of the hassle out of buying a new or used vehicle. By using their EasyPay system you don't have to worry about forgetting to make a payment, which is a huge plus along with being able to manage your account, make payments and view statements. Many other brokers do not offer these services. You are also able to get great, low rates with Up2Drive and can look forward to a smooth application and same day approval. Lastly, two of the downsides to using Up2Drive as your auto finance broker are that they do not offer lease buyouts and they have firm restrictions on certain variables. This may be a deal breaker, especially for people who already have a vehicle in mind that does not meet the requirements.

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Recommended no hassle loan process. Still neg.auto payment Had to get use to driving the their web

Very good experience!!

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Recommended Low interest rates Customer Service not available in evenings

Up2Drive offer really low interest rates and are a great service. It is a bit frustrating you can't call the customer services in the evening, but apart form that the whole process is easy and hassle free.

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Recommended Great customer service Is not a well known company to some dealerships

I had never heard of up2driver before but the reviews were good, so I gave them a try. I cannot recommend them highly enough! They are very efficient and the customer reps were really helpful and professional and answered all of my questions (I had a lot!) they were patient and friendly and my loan was approved the same day and the interest rate is the lowest I've ever had for auto loans.

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Recommended same day approval minimum and max restrictions

My wife and I would recommend Up2drive if you're looking for a speedy process with minimal weight. But definitly do a carfax report if you're buying a car because we've heard horror stories!

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