10 Sites and Apps Every College Student Should KnowReviewAdvice

10 Sites and Apps Every College Student Should Know

New college students are thrown into a brand new environment with a wide scope of new responsibilities and expectations. Finding anything that can make your college experience easier is essential. Thankfully, there are countless resources on the internet that are designed to help college students save money, organize their time and get good grades. Here are just 10 of the most helpful sites a student can benefit from:


Chegg, and similar sites, offer students the opportunity to save money by renting textbooks instead of buying them. The site claims to be able to save you as much as 90% on certain text books. Just be sure to return the book in good condition.

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10 Sites and Apps Every College Student Should Know

Study Guide Zone

If you are about to take a standardized test like the LSAT or the MCAT, Study Guide Zone is an incredibly valuable resource. It offers study guides and mock test questions for a variety of tests. You can also find study tips and college prep tests.

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Coursera partners with universities and organizations in order to offer free online courses. The site has over 400 courses that involve video lectures, interactive quizzes, peer grading and even contact with real classmates and teachers. You can use it to help you study for courses you are taking or you can learn new subjects independently.

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We live in a world where technological skill is becoming more of a necessity that ever before. Lynda.com offers you the chance to learn valuable skills in technological fields like photography, video editing, animation, design and many others. This service has a monthly fee but it may be worth it if you'd like to gain some valuable technical knowledge.

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Ninja Essays

Writing college essays can be difficult, especially when writing is not in your repertoire of natural skills. Ninja Essays lets you pay a professional writer to help you with your essay. Writers are assigned based on the parameters of your assignment and the subject of your essay.

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Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most helpful ways to complete and organize group projects. One of the most difficult parts of working in a group is finding a time when everyone is available to work together. Google docs allows you to work on the same word document or spreadsheet at the same time, so you can see what your friends are doing live. You can also use it for peer editing and study guides.

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If you tend to hit the snooze button one time to many, Alarmy is an app that will wake you up and keep you awake. When the alarm you set goes off it cannot be turned off unless you take a photo that matches a pre-set photo. Set it to force you to take a picture of your bathroom sink or your refrigerator. It'll be an annoying thing to wake up to but it will get you out of bed exactly when you want to wake up.

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Wikipedia (If Used Correctly)

That's right, despite what professors say, Wikipedia can be one of the most useful sites for a college student. Of course, because it is a user edited site, it does not make for a good primary resource. However, it is a useful tool for finding good primary resources. When you need to research a topic, look it up on Wikipedia. Read the article to gain a basic understanding of the subject; this will give you a foundation to work off of and you may get some leads as to what information to look for next. Then look at the article's sources in their references section. Many articles use excellent primary sources that you can use in your studies and citations.

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Evernote offers a comprehensive and accessible way to take notes and record ideas. This app allows you to take notes, pictures, video, audio and import files and they can all be organized into relevant sections. If you are sitting in a lecture you can record your professor and take your own notes. Then you can access the notes and audio from any computer or device and you can search for it by keywords.

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Open Culture

Open Culture is a site that is useful for supplementing your university education, offering you additional learning resources and satisfying your own intellectual curiosity. The site offers 550 free audiobooks, 1,000 free courses, free language courses and even free movies.

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So, refreshing to read this article. I stopped using apps for most of my student projects about eight months ago because many clients had a hard time visualizing the course from the storyboard format (no matter how visual I made it). They would sign off on the storyboard and then make tons of changes when I created the actual course files. Now, I develop pieces and show them these as they are developed.


Some really nice apps there, thanks. Students may also be interested in the free quizzes, flashcards and mindmaps software that is available through student writing service. Thanks

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