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3 Ways to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill

After cable or satellite bills, another large monthly expense for most families is their cell phone bills. Cell phones have definitely become a need for most people; however, we need to remember to review our plans and providers regularly to make sure that we are not overpaying for services that we do not need. Here are three ways you can save money on your cell phone bill.

1. Check Your Plans

When most of us initially sign up for cell phone plans, it is usually based on the recommendation of the salesperson helping us. This person and this plan may be the right ones for us at the time; however, just as we evolve, our cell phone usage could evolve and the only way to determine this is by regularly checking on your plan and comparing your use to your plan. If you are using your plan on average less than you used to, you can easily save at least $10-20 a month which will add up to great savings over a year.

3 Ways to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill

2. Control Your Data Usage

As smart phone usage has grown, so has the importance of understanding the data usage of your phone, especially since most providers now charge you separately for data usage. An extra 1GB per month could add $15 to your bill which could mean an extra $180 a year in cell phone fees that you could either pay or save. If you are unsure how you are consuming data or how you can reduce it, this is a great resource. Data usage maintenance is an easy way for you to save on your cell phone bill.

3. Consider Alternative Providers

Most of us are familiar with the traditional wireless cell phone providers; however, there are a number of alternative providers that will allow you to use your current phone while accessing their resources. Many of these providers only have 3G networks and limit your data usage allowance; however, for people who are not heavy cell phone users, this is a great alternative. There are companies like Straight Talk or Page Plus Cellular that will provide you the same coverage as AT&T or Verizon at a third of the cost.

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