4 Benefits of Gift CardsReviewAdvice

4 Benefits of Gift Cards

Gift cards are generally considered less personal presents, but they offer a number of advantages for even the most considerate givers of gifts. For example, a gift card is more likely to be appreciated, can make the receiver spend money on themselves for a change and might encourage that person to try new things. Here are four big benefits that come along with giving someone a gift card.

It's Less Likely to be Something They Don't Want

This one's the most obvious and, for many, the most appealing aspect of giving someone a gift card. The only thing you absolutely have to know for this to be something the receiver is happy with is what kind of stuff they like. You don't need to know someone's favorite movies; you can just buy the movie fan a gift card to AMC so they get to choose a film to watch for themselves. Or, if you know someone's a book lover, giving them a Barnes & Noble gift card equates to shelves upon shelves of books to choose from, instead of one from you that they'll most likely want to return.

4 Benefits of Gift Cards

It Can Force Them to Spend Money on Something Fun

Maybe you have a friend who's tight with money, even the money they receive as a gift. If you want them to have a little fun with their spare cash for a change, a gift card to the right store might be the perfect option. Someone who feels guilty ordering expensive lattes for themselves, for example, would be very appreciative if you gave them a Starbucks gift card because, in doing so, you're leaving them no options other than to enjoy their pricey beverage, alleviating them of their guilt.

It Might Get Them to Try Something New

You can get a person a gift that you already know they'll love, sure, but wouldn't it be great to get them to love something new? Maybe even something that you already have an affinity for yourself, so that you can share your favorite activity with them. You can encourage the receiver of the gift to get involved in a new hobby by getting them a card to somewhere that equips them to participate in that hobby. If you think the person you're giving a gift to should try out arts and crafts, for example, give them a card to Michaels. This is a riskier kind of gift-giving to go for, but it offers a lot more reward.

You Can Find Gift Cards at a Reduced Price Online

You can impress someone by gifting them a card worth $40 of credit, and only you need to know that you just paid $25 for to get it. MoneySavingPro has a list of the top five gift card websites where you can purchase online gift cards for a discounted price from people with unwanted ones. Carpool is our #1 choice to buy from, but it's worth checking out all five of the websites listed so that you can score the best possible deal!

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