5 Benefits to No Contract Phone Plans Other Than CostReviewAdvice

5 Benefits to No Contract Phone Plans Other Than Cost

Obviously, the money you can save by going with no contract phone plans is a huge factor in your decision, but there are many ways you can benefit other than keeping a few more bucks in your pocket. Read below to learn why it can be advantageous to go with no contract phone plans at any dollar amount.

More Security

If you are on contract and drop your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy into a toilet, you are absolutely screwed. You're used to having the latest smartphone, so you won't want to downgrade to a previous version. That means you have to pay close to a thousand dollars to regain what you had, when you might have only paid $199 originally. With no contract phone plans, meanwhile, you get used to both using an older, more affordable phone and paying off contract prices. With a contract all it takes is a stumble to ruin things for you, whereas with no contract phone plans a dropped phone is simply an inconvenience.

5 Benefits to No Contract Phone Plans Other Than Cost

More Privacy

All no contract phone plans ask from you is money or a way for them to acquire money from you. In the meantime, an on contract phone plan might require you to release such sensitive information as your social security number and license number. Younger people and people who just don't want to share that kind of info benefit greatly from no contract phone plans.

More Data

Unlimited data is almost entirely a thing of the past with on contract phone plans, which disrupted how many people use their phones in their daily lives. With no contract phone plans you can get a monthly rate, which leaves you free to make as many calls, send as many texts and use as much data as you wish. By prepaying you can get back that unlimited data you became so accustomed to, and for an affordable price.

Less of a Commitment to Companies

All it takes is a change in management (sometimes even less than that) for your experience with a service to be completely disrupted. There's no guarantee that Verizon or AT&T or Sprint will continue to be good providers, no matter how many empty promises they make. To avoid the bind of being tied to a phone company, you can choose no contract phone plans to prevent those worries.

Less of a Monetary Commitment

Being able to cancel service at any time without a penalty not only means that you aren't tied to a network if their service becomes poor, but also that you don't have to commit to spending money before you have actually earned it. On contract phone plans usually ask for a legal guarantee of hundreds or thousands of dollars. Many people aren't in the position to make such promises, even the individuals who may believe they are. If don't want to give promises you may not be able to keep, no contract phone plans make a lot of sense.

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