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5 Pet Insurance Misconceptions

Pet insurance is laden with all sorts of myths regarding coverage options, policies and reimbursement. With so many misconceptions floating around, it can sometimes be difficult to know which pet insurance to choose. In this article, we'll cover 5 common pet insurance misconceptions which could be preventing you from insuring your animal.

You Are Forced to Use Your Insurer's Vet

Pet owners often assume that pet insurance is exactly like human health care, in the sense that you have to use a vet that's been pre-approved by the insurance company. Luckily that isn't usually the case. Many providers allow you to choose whichever veterinarian you like. That means no more scrambling to find a foreign clinic or placing your animal's care in the hands of a stranger.

5 Pet Insurance Misconceptions

You Can Set Aside Funds for an Emergency

After seeing the cost of pet insurance, some owners forego that route and instead choose to set aside the money independently. While this may work for a slim portion of individuals, the truth of the matter is that individuals often forget to budget or end up spending those funds elsewhere. Budgeting is sometimes easier said than done, and when it comes to the well-being of your animal it pays to have a plan pre-established. If you are wondering, "is pet insurance is worth it?" take a look at the costs of some common medical procedures for your breed.

Receiving Reimbursement is a Hassle

Concerned you'll have to jump through hoops to receive your reimbursement? Don't be. The claims process is typically fast and efficient; it usually takes three to four weeks to receive a check although each company does process payments differently. After visiting the vet and receiving treatment, you're responsible for paying the vet upfront and then you'll receive your reimbursement after filing the claim.

I Can't Afford a Policy

There are dozens of policies and providers available in the pet insurance world. Many of them will work with you to find a policy that's the most appropriate for your pet and your wallet. All you have to do is reach out and request a quote to get started.

Selecting a Plan is Challenging

This last myth borders on the edge of truth, depending on where you look. Selecting a plan may be difficult if you haven't first decided what features are most important for your pet and the amount you're able to pay each month. To simply the process, here's a pet insurance comparison of the top five providers along with pros and cons of each one. After reading it you should have a better idea of which pet insurance is right for you!

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