5 Tips to Help You Secure a New JobReviewAdvice

5 Tips to Help You Secure a New Job

Are you thinking about looking for a new job or are you currently employed and wondering about your next step? Searching for a new job is a stressful and time-consuming process, and there are many pitfalls along the way that could make securing a new job difficult. Here are some tips on how to acquire a new job.

1) Update Social Media

A few years ago, a simple resume would be the most important step in the job search process, and it is still a part of it; however, updating your social media is even more important. With a quick Google search, potential employers can find out a great deal of information about you, and you want to make sure that you know what they will find and that they don't find anything you would not want them to see.

Before you start applying for jobs, take some time to search yourself online and update all of your social media accounts to ensure that they are a good representation of the type of employee you are. Your profile pictures on all sites should look professional, and you should have nothing obscene or derogatory associated with your profiles. This includes cleaning up your Twitter account if necessary. Also make sure that your LinkedIn profile matches your resume exactly. If there are any gaps between the two, it will look suspicious to hiring managers.

5 Tips to Help You Secure a New Job

2) Search in the Best Locations

With thousands of job listings available online, you want to make sure that you are checking the best sites for jobs that may be of interest to you. We recently reviewed five of the best sites we believe you should check out depending on the type of job search you are conducting. If you are looking for part time work, some sites are better than others. Also, if you are looking for jobs outside of the US, your options may be limited. You don't want to waste precious search time determining where you should even begin.

Some of the best job search sites also make your search an easier and less time consuming process, and save you the time of having to constantly upload your resume and fill out your personal information. They may also send you emails of perfect opportunities rather than requiring you to log in everyday and check for updates.

3) Network, Network, Network

They say it is all about who you know and when looking for a new job, this is absolutely a truism. As wonderful as job sites are for helping you find opportunities, they have also made it easy for people to apply for jobs meaning the competition is stiffer than ever. If you have a connection within a company, though, this can help set you apart from the masses of faceless resumes. Once you know you may be interested in finding another job, reach out to everyone that you know and let them know you are looking. This will keep you front of mind in your network of connections so that if an opportunity presents itself, you will be considered.

Never be afraid to reach out to someone you know even if they work in a different industry than the one you are pursuing. You never know when they will connect with someone from your industry to make the connection for you. LinkedIn provides a number of methods to help you determine if you have connections within the companies or industries in which you want to work. Look out for those connections and ask for introductions where they are appropriate.

4) Do Your Research

If you get to the point where you have a phone, computer or in-person interview with a company make sure that you reserve enough time in advance for you to research the company as much as possible. You should ask for the names and titles of all of the people at the company you may expect to speak to and once you have those, try to find out as much information as possible about these individuals. People love to talk about themselves, so the more research you can complete, the more likely you are to get your interviewer talking.

5) Follow Up With Leads

It is wonderful that many job sites make it easy for you to apply for jobs; however, it is easy to also lose track of these jobs or details about the opportunities. When you are job searching, you need to stay organized and create habits that make it easy for you to keep up with everything. You need to be a self-advocate when you are job hunting, so make sure that you follow up on every potential lead or connection you hear about. Reminder emails or phone calls to your connections may seem like a burden; however, it may be just what that person needs to help you. Also, by continuing to check in and follow up you may uncover opportunities that didn't exist before.

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