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The Best Places to Buy Cheap Contact Lenses Online

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While there are many people who have vision problems and are happy to wear glasses, there are many others who prefer the increased subtlety and variety of color possibilities with wearing contact lenses.

Whether you use daily contact lenses or simply for a change from your glasses, the one thing you need to be able to do is to acquire the best online contact lenses at the cheapest price.

By looking at my review of the best places to order contact lenses online, you will be able to check on factors such as pricing, choice, and quality as well as looking at other key benefits. In addition, you can review the pros and cons of each contact lenses retailer in order to make a more informed decision with regards to where you buy your contacts.

The Best Online Contact Lenses: Our Top Picks

1-800 Contacts Review

  • Pros
  • Great choice of contacts available
  • Free case with your purchase
  • Free shipping over a certain value
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Convenient user platform
  • Cons
  • No novelty lenses available on the site

If you are looking for a popular online retailer of contact lenses with a great selection of lenses available, 1-800 Contacts may be the ideal option. You will find a huge array of lens options on this site, which means that you have an excellent chance of finding the perfect lenses for your needs. Their range of regular lenses such as disposable lenses, daily lenses, and weekly lenses is extensive, which makes it quite convenient to find what you're looking for.

On the downside, however, the site does not offer novelty lenses, which is a bit of a letdown for some people.

Around the clock customer service is offered, so customers can address any questions or queries right away, which is a huge bonus for those who may need attention at any given moment.

Free shipping is offered when you spend over a specified order value when buying through 1-800 Contacts. Standard shipping is around 5-7 days after processing, although you can pay for expedited shipping if you need your contacts more quickly.

For finding the perfect lenses on the website, you'll find the search options simple and convenient, with the ability to search by popularity, brand, or type, among other options. For added convenience, they offer a range of accessories, which saves you the hassle of having to go elsewhere. On top of this, you can enjoy a freebie case for your contacts when you make your purchase from 1-800 Contacts.

This retailer is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and because of their excellent affordability, quality, selection, and customer satisfaction, they enjoy a top rating of A+ from the BBB. 1-800 Contacts also has decent ratings on review sites such as,, and ePinions.

Their combination of great variety, dedication to customer service, and decent ratings have earned them the top place on my list.

However, before deciding on going with 1-800 Contacts for your contact lens needs, we're happy to offer all the details on their pros and cons.

1-800 Contact is a very solid choice if you want to get the ideal lenses from a reputable online retailer. They have a wide choice of contacts available, use a convenient online platform, and have high ratings. Simply, you can't go wrong with them.

Lensmart Review

  • Pros
  • Great selection of lenses, including custom and novelty lenses
  • Excellent range of accessories
  • Around the clock customer service
  • Fast shipping as standard and expedited options
  • Free shipping over a specified value
  • Cons
  • Not the most user friendly website

When you shop at Lensmart for your contact lenses, one thing you will not be short of is choice. There are many great lens options at this online retailer, so you have a very good chance of finding the perfect ones for your needs. In addition to regular lenses, you can even get your hands on custom-made and novelty lenses, so there is something for every contact lens wearer at Lensmart.

Another major benefit that comes with shopping for lenses through Lensmart is the very decent shipping time of between 3-6 days. In addition to this, you can opt for expedited shipping, including the option of overnight. Free shipping is available over a specified value so you may not even have to pay shipping costs depending on the cost of your order.

If you are after accessories for your contact lenses, you will find plenty of options available at Lensmart, including a wide range of cases and solutions. They also offer reading glasses and sunglasses, so you can get everything you need under one roof as far as all of your eyewear needs.

Around the clock customer service means that you can get assistance with your purchase no matter what time of the day or night it is, without having to wait until business hours if the need arises.

One thing to bear in mind is that while the Lensmart website does offer valuable resources and an in-depth FAQ section, the site isn't particularly user friendly. However, given the wide variety of benefits, this is a small glitch for most people. This retailer is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has a top A+ rating. They have also earned very good reviews on With its great BBB rating, excellent range of products, and great customer service, Lensmart lands at second place on my list.

Before choosing them as your contact lens retailer, we suggest carefully reviewing their pros and cons before making your decision; however we're sure you won't be disappointed with their selection and service.

AC Lens Review

  • Pros
  • Large selection of lenses available
  • Convenient range of accessories offered
  • Free shipping over a specified value
  • Returns policy covers you for 30 days
  • Expedited shipping options are available
  • Cons
  • Retailer website not particularly user friendly

While AC Lens does not offer a particularly user-friendly website, one thing it does offer is a wide selection of contact lenses as well as a very good choice of contact lens accessories. This means that there is a good chance that you will be able to get the lenses you are looking for from this retailer – you just might have an issue finding your way around the site to search for them.

The wide variety of lenses offered covers a range of popular brands and types, including daily, weekly, and monthly lenses. You will also find tinted lenses, novelty lenses, colored lenses, and a range of other lens options from AC Lens.

If you are looking for accessories, you won't be short on choice with this retailer, as well. They offer everything from cases and solutions to reading glasses and sunglasses; they cover the market well, and offer excellent products to choose from.

When it comes to the shipping of your purchase, the time frame is generally 5-7 days, although expedited shipping options available. Spending over a specified value can qualify you for free shipping.

In the event that you are not satisfied, you have the option to return your purchase within 30 days, as long as you have not opened or marked the box.

AC Lens is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has received a very impressive A+ rating from the BBB. The retailer also has very good consumer ratings on sites such as Epinions and Yelp. Before you decide whether to shop with AC Lens for your contact lenses, review their pros and cons for all the necessary info.

As long as you don't mind the frustrations of trying to find your way around a pretty cluttered website, you won't be disappointed with the range of lenses and accessories on offer at AC Lens.

Key Considerations When Buying Contacts Lenses Online

If you want to buy the best contact lenses brand, here are the factors to take into consideration when choosing a retailer:

  • Understanding exactly what contact lenses are and the different types out there.
  • Choice of contact lenses available; the more variety, the better
  • Speed and cost of shipping the lenses to you; some offer free shipping and others don't
  • How easy the retailer's website is to use and navigate
  • The type and choice of contact lens accessories available
  • Cost of contact lenses and competitiveness of pricing compared to other companies
  • Support and assistance available from the retailer; a company really shows their commitment by offering great service to their customers

Five Ways to Find Contacts for the Cheapest Price

  1. Look for special promotions and exclusive sales with specific companies. Connect on social media and sign up for their email newsletters for up-to-date offers.
  2. Check out the offerings from smaller retailers. They may offer cheaper prices.
  3. Weigh up all the potential costs from each company. Check what the totals really are when you add up the shipping, processing, and any other extra fees. Some sites offer free shipping, and others sometimes give bulk discounts. See where your money goes the farthest.
  4. Compare as many different retailers as possible. To see who has the best value, products, and services.
  5. Order a year's supply at a time. This will set you up for the long term, and probably cover the duration of your prescription. This may get you a discount on the overall cost because it will be a big order, saving you time and money down the road.

Where to Buy Online Contact Lenses

Looking for the Best Rated Contact Lenses? My top picks for the best contact lens brands include the following companies based on their innovative products, great customer ratings, variety, and overall excellent quality. Ordering contact lenses online can seem difficult, however, I simplify the process in choosing by offering all of the details you need.

The following contact lens retailers are ranked in order based on my in-depth reviewing process, which has been done to offer all the details on their services. Shopping for contacts shouldn't be complicated, and from these retailers, you will get the best products at great prices with excellent service.

Tips & Advice

Shopping for Online Contact Lens Products Doesn't Have to be Difficult:

  • Aim for companies with larger selections of products, along with reasonable prices so that you've got options.
  • Look for websites that offer daily, weekly, and monthly disposables, along with harder to find items such as multifocal lenses, toric lenses, vial lenses, and novelty items.
  • Shop with companies that offer low-priced shipping, free shipping, and fast processing times.
  • Be sure a return policy is offered and within a reasonable amount of time.

Who Wears Contact Lenses?

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), in the US, over 30 million people wear contact lenses. Additionally:

  • Two-thirds of the population who wear contacts are female
  • 80% of users wear soft contact lenses
  • 50% of contact lens wearers are between the ages of 25 - 44
  • 25% are 45 or older
  • 15% are between 18 - 24 years old
  • 10% of people who wear contact lenses are under 18 years old

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), in the US, over 30 million people wear contact lenses.


When you shop for contact lenses online, you can save yourself a huge amount of hassle and inconvenience, while often getting the best prices out there. However, you do need to make sure you choose a reliable retailer that is likely to have the lenses you want at a competitive price. When you find the right retailer, you can look forward to great choice, affordable prices, convenient home delivery, and a range of other benefits.

We've provided excellent resources to make this process go smoother, easier, and more informative for you when shopping for the best online glasses, so by all means, be sure to read my contact lenses reviews for getting all the knowledge you can before making a decision. Shopping for cheap contacts online doesn't have to be difficult if you know where to go and we're glad to assist you on that! As an alternative, you can also check out my review of the best online glasses.

Place to Buy Cheap Contact Lenses Online FAQs

QHow much does it cost for contact lenses?


The cost of contact lenses varies with the type of lens you get. A good estimate for disposable bifocal contact lenses is $50 to $70 per box. One box of lenses lasts two to four weeks, so the typical annual cost for contact lenses is $500 to $700.

QWhere can I buy contact lenses without prescription?


Contact lenses have been defined by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a medical device, which means that they cannot be legally purchased in the United States without a prescription from a licensed eye care professional.

QDo I need a prescription to file an order?


Yes, you'll need a prescription to order contact lenses from any one of the providers on my list. If you submit an expired or outdated prescription, your order will not be processed. By law, these companies are required to authorize the document with the issuing doctor. If you do not have a hard copy of your prescription, you can provide your eye doctor's name, city, state, and the online retailer will be able to verify your prescription from there. Once you have your prescription info, you can move on to choosing your contact lenses.

Online retailers are required to perform this act in accordance with the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act and for the overall health of consumers everywhere.

QDo contact lens wearers need regular eye exams?


Regardless of whether someone gets their contact lenses online, through an eye or at a local store, it is highly recommended that they receive regular eye exams because prescriptions have expiration dates, as deemed by state regulations and medical professionals. The most effective way to prevent an array of degenerative eyes diseases is to get routine eye examinations by a certified professional.

A few signs that you are due for an updated prescription or may be at risk for an eye disease are excessive blinking, headaches, frequent eye rubbing, and changes in vision. It's recommended that individuals between the ages 20 and 30 get about one eye exam every two years unless the aforementioned symptoms are present.

QCan I wear contacts during sports or recreational activities?


Unlike glasses, contacts are ideal for sports and high impact athletics because they won't fall out, fog up or alter your peripheral (side) vision. Depending on the climate you're playing in, glasses may be apt to fog or collect water on the lenses which can seriously affect your performance. For more information on how to care for contact lenses, check out the information provided by the American Optometric Association.

Likewise, the frame on a pair of glasses may obstruct your view or limit your peripheral vision. Wearing contacts instead of glasses allows you to forgo protective goggles or headgear which is required by some league regulations like racquetball and motocross. Plus, they're comfortable and enable you to reduce the risk of injuries that accompany wearing glasses during sports due to the high-impact nature.

QHow much is a year supply of Acuvue Oasys contacts?


Acuvue offers a 24 pack of Oasys contacts, which includes enough contact lenses to last for a full year. The full year's supply costs $114.50. This comes to less than $10 per month. This is a $51 savings when compared to purchasing a year's supply by buying four 12-packs.

QHow much are contact lenses at Walmart?


Walmart offers different brands of contact lenses at a variety of prices. Some examples include, a 90-pack of Acuvue 1-day lenses, which costs $63.50 per box and Bauch + Lomb Sof Lens 90-packs, which cost $40 a piece. In general, within the same type and brand, larger packages cost less per lens.

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