Dog Insurance 101: Learning the FundamentalsReviewAdviceFAQ's

Dog Insurance 101: Learning the Fundamentals

Many dogs owners toss around the idea of purchasing pet insurance for their animals. After all, we love our pets like family, so why not insure them with the same level of coverage? When an emergency occurs, dog insurance can be one of the most valuable resources to turn to.

Is It Really Worth It?

Dogs, by nature, are naturally inquisitive animals and often that curiosity puts them in precarious situations. Even common household items, can become dangerous when ingested or interacted with. Take plants for example. They may seem like unassuming household decor but in reality there are over 700 plants that contain substances which are harmful to dogs. So what can a pet parent do to ensure their animals will be taken care of in an emergency? Pet insurance is the answer many turn to.

There are many factors that should be considered prior to purchasing a plan, however, including the dog's breed, age, predisposed conditions, etc. Some breeds that are susceptible to certain health ailments may require a more comprehensive insurance policy. In any case, it's best to explore insurance options while the dog is a puppy and in optimal health.

Dog Insurance 101: Learning the Fundamentals

What Does Dog Insurance Cover?

Like the insurance plans that you and I purchase, pet insurance comes in many tiers and policy options. On average, the more basic plans will cover routine hospitalization for injuries or illnesses. It's best to explore the specifics of the plan since some policies may exclude coverage for animals with chronic or recurring conditions. Approach insurance providers with an err of caution and always request policy details in writing for your personal records.

Choosing the Right Insurance Carrier

Selecting the right insurance company is among one of the harder decisions to make. Examine the company's insurance rating, operations and customer satisfaction feedback, and of course their coverage options. Check out our full review on the top pet insurance providers. Other questions that may be relevant include:

  • Are prescription drugs included?
  • What is the max annual benefit allotted?
  • Will I be reimbursed for surgeries or intensive procedures?
  • Will the insurance company work hand-in-hand with my vet?

Factors to Consider with Cost

You're likely wondering what the cost is for your dog's insurance policy. While we can't give you specifics, since they range from company to company (and factors involving your dog) we say some costs that may be included in your premium include your deductible amount, maximum coverage level per incident the insurer pays, maximum amount (co-payment) you pay per incident, and the entire amount the insurer is willing to pay throughout your dog's life.

Getting Started with a Policy

Getting started with a policy can be as simple as filling out an application online or requesting a quote by phone. The carrier will first inquire about your pet's history and which coverage options would be appropriate for you.

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