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Five Common Myths about Contact Lenses

Roughly 38 million Americans wear contact lenses on a daily basis as an alternative to traditional eye glasses. Contact lenses can be configured to treat presbyopia, hyperopia (far-sightedness), myopia (near-sightedness), and astigmatism. Despite their wide use, there are still a number of commonly held misconceptions about the corrective lenses. Here's a list of the top five:

Contact Lenses Are Painful

While contact lenses may not be appropriate for everyone out there, due to various vision conditions, they're usually very comfortable to the point that you can't even tell they're in. Contact manufacturers have developed two distinct types of lenses: soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP). Soft contacts are made from a type of flexible plastic which permits oxygen to pass through to reach the cornea. Since they're soft, they're generally more comfortable and easier to adjust for first time wearers. More recent products include silicone-hydrogel materials which are a step up, in terms of comfort. Rigid gas permeable lenses are more resistant to buildup due to their denser construction. These lenses have a longer life span so you end up spending less than you would for their soft lens counterparts.

Five Common Myths about Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses Require Tons of Maintenance

This is not true at all! Using one bottle of contact lens solution you can clean and disinfect your lenses. It takes under a minute to do both. And, if you have extended wear lenses then you can just toss them out on a daily basis.

Contact Lenses Cause Eye Infections

Eye infections can occur for a number of reasons, not exclusive to lens wear. The important thing is to clean and disinfect your lenses daily and avoid touching your eyes without thoroughly washing your hands. Bacteria can also spread from one eye to the other if you're not careful conscious to take the right sterilizing measures.

Contacts Will Fall Out if I Play Sports

It's nearly impossible for contacts to just "fall out" if you're participating in sports or an activity. They're designed to fit perfectly to your eyeball so don't concern yourself with them popping out unexpectedly. Conversely, they won't get "stuck" in your eye either. Your eye doctor can show you the correct way to insert and remove lenses.

They're Too Expensive

Contact lenses are actually quite affordable and when you compare them to the cost of some designer frames, you'll actually save money. For less than a dollar a day you can have daily disposable lenses and even less for regular soft lenses.

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