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The Best Online Flowers

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Celebrate a special event by sending flowers from best flower delivery service. Few things brighten up someone's day like a bouquet of fresh flowers.

In our busy lives, it can sometimes be a hassle to find a local florist, place an order, and hope for the best. I've dug around for the best place to order flowers online.

The Best Places to Order Flowers Online: Our Top Picks Review

  • Pros
  • Seven day satisfaction guarantee
  • Over 400 floral arrangements and plants
  • Blog with helpful suggestions
  • Shop by price, occasion, specific flower
  • International and same day delivery
  • Cons
  • No live chat
  • Free delivery doesn't apply to international order with membership

If you're looking for the best flower delivery service with a long history and a dedication to quality, FTD fits the bill. Whether you're interested in commemorating a special day or just want to put a smile on someone's face, can help you do that. Its wallet-friendly prices work with your budget.

FTD opened its doors in 1910 with only 15 florists, receiving orders by telegraph. Since then, the company has flourished. It now ships internationally. Speaking of which, international deliveries can be carried out as soon as the next business day, as long as you order by 2 p.m. Eastern Time).

The site offers three main types of arrangements, which can be applied to any one of their 400 floral arrangements. The options are as follows:

Good: These arrangements are designed to look like the photo displayed on the site.

Better: Described as "full and lush," this arrangement looks similar to the picture. It costs $10 more than the "good" option and providers either more flowers or higher priced flowers.

Best: Described as "bountiful blooms," this arrangement looks like the picture, except it costs $20 more. For the extra $20, you get either more flowers or higher priced flowers.

A similar scale applies to plants. For further details, consult the floral modifications page on

Another feature that makes one of the best online florists is the 'Good As Gold' 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Your floral arrangement is guaranteed to be fresh and to last at least 7 days from the date of delivery. If you're not satisfied when your flowers arrive, FTD will refund your purchase.

Apart from their extensive array of options, FTD offers a membership plan which includes free shipping on FTD flowers or gifts, with no minimum purchase. Their blog also features a bunch of helpful tips and suggestions for making the most out of your floral arrangement.

One improvement that would make the site better would be a live chat feature. Even without live chat, I found easy to navigate and understand. Review

  • Pros
  • 100% Smile Guarantee
  • Wide affiliate network
  • International delivery
  • Track delivery by phone or email
  • Mobile application
  • Cons
  • Some negative reviews regarding delivery

Another top florist, 1-800-Flowers has roots dating back to 1976. Founder Jim McCann opened the first Flora Plenty in New York. Over the years, he launched a string of flower shops in the Metropolitan area. Eventually, the company acquired the 1-800-Flowers name. Its website went live in 1992.

I found that 1-800-Flowers has one of the largest selections of flowers and related merchandise. 1-800-Flowers sets the bar pretty high. You name it, they've got it.

Whether you're searching for an arrangement based on a significant milestone/occasion (anniversary, birthday, housewarming, business event, etc.), a type of flower or price point, there are more than enough options to satisfy.

If you're not exactly sure what you're looking for, you can always scroll through the photos on their website. Something is bound to catch your eye. It's incredibly easy to navigate the different categories and place your order through their secure checkout process.

1-800-Flowers sells more than just floral arrangements. They also offer a host of other products including keepsake gifts, cookies, jewelry and more.

If, for whatever reason, you or the recipient of the delivery is unsatisfied, simply call customer service. 1-800-Flowers offers a 100% Smile Guarantee. They promise to work with you to resolve the issue.

Although 1-800-Flowers promises satisfaction and states that it makes customers happy, I did see a few complaints. Several customer reviews mentioned late deliveries and unhelpful customer service agents. While I don't know the extent to which these concerns were resolved, I can say that even the best floral delivery services have at least a few negative reviews.

Whether you're sending a floral arrangement to someone down the street or overseas, is a premiere supplier. Backed by their Smile Guarantee, it's hard to pass up the beauty and freshness of 1-800-Flower's arrangements. Review

  • Pros
  • Seven day freshness guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Upgrades available
  • Assortment of plants, flowers, and non-floral gifts
  • Earn cash for referrals
  • Cons
  • Smaller selection of products
  • No live chat

ProFlowers delivers flowers from the grower's field directly to your doorstep. Stocked with nearly every flower under the sun, ProFlowers will be sure to satisfy any floral fantasy.

At the top of the page you can search for an item by either typing in a keyword or selecting one of many categories, including:

  • Birthday
  • Occasion
  • Flowers
  • Plants
  • Gourmet
  • Specials
  • International
  • Same day

If you need it the same day, that's no problem either. ProFlowers offers same day delivery. Each order is accompanied by a hydrating pack to ensure your flowers don't wither before they reach their final destination.

In regards to non-floral gifts, ProFlowers sells items like wine, embroidered quilts, plush toys, nuts, and sugar-free delicacies to accompany your botanical bounty. A customer service agents are available 24/7 to answer questions, place or track a delivery.

ProFlowers frequently runs promotions. If you subscribe to their email list, you can get special offers in your inbox. What's even better is if you refer a friend, you'll get a discount on your next purchase.

Their selection isn't quite as abundant as other providers but they still carry a nice selection of quality bouquets.

Key Considerations When Buying Flowers Online

Carefully choose a flower delivery service based on the following factors:

A provider's floral selection is often what separates one from the rest. Most suppliers will sell roses, but to have a sufficient variety it's important they also offer:

  • Prearranged flowers
  • Live and exotic plants
  • Sympathy/Funeral
  • Dried arrangements
  • Gift baskets
  • Add-ons (balloons, personalized gifts, candy, cards, etc.)

How to Ensure You Get Great Flowers

The price of flowers changes based on the season and based on supply and demand. For example, you're going to pay a lot more for a dozen roses around Valentine's Day than you would around Halloween or during a non-holiday time.

If you want to send flowers without paying the premium price tag, you have options.

  • Skip the busy times of year: Everyone sends flowers for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Go against the flow and save money by finding a different time of year to send your loved one flowers.
  • Get a discount: Many of the best flower delivery companies regularly send out coupon codes or offer special promotions. They want you to buy flowers during off-peak times too. Never buy flowers online without a coupon code or discount.
  • Play wait and see: Don't order a bouquet or floral arrangement the first time you visit a florist's site. Instead, check back a few more times. Usually, online flower delivery companies offer reduced prices to customers who visit a few times, in an attempt to entice them to buy.
  • Tell Your Friends: If you're particularly happy with the service offered by an online florist, go ahead and tell your friends. Many florists offer a referral discount or will happily give you a coupon for your next order for each person you refer.

5 Tips for Ordering from an Online Florist

You want to make the most of your online flower delivery experience. These five tips will help you have a great experience anytime you purchase flowers online.

  1. Don't schedule your delivery on a major holiday: The best flower delivery services are swamped on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Administrative Professionals Day, to name just a few. You'll save money on the cost of the flowers and on shipping is you schedule your delivery a few days before or a few days after the big day.
  2. Shop around: Shopping around not only gives you the best selection of floral arrangements and price points. It can also reduce the cost of your order. Floral delivery services are likely to offer discounts or coupons the more times you click on their sites without ordering.
  3. Include the cost of shipping: Some of the best florists throw in free shipping. Others charge a fee. Depending on who you're ordering from and where you're sending the flowers, shipping costs might range from around $10 to more than $20.
  4. Check up on the flowers: The best flower delivery service promises your money back if you're not happy with the flowers. But if you're sending an arrangement to the other side of the country or halfway around the world, you might never see the flowers for yourself. It's a good idea to ask the person who got the flowers what they looked like. Ask for a picture too. If the flowers look droopy, sad or nothing like the online image, you should get your money back.
  5. Think beyond flowers: Many florists send more than just flowers. If you haven't had much luck sending cut bouquets or floral arrangements, consider mixing it up by sending your loved one a live plant or a bouquet of balloons.

Benefits of Buying Flowers Online

Beyond the simple convenience of being able to shop for flowers from the comfort of your home, purchasing flowers online offers several benefits.

Delivery Options

Want to order an arrangement for a friend or relative across the country or overseas? You need to make sure the company ships there. Although a number of the best flower delivery companies do offer international shipping, not all do.

Many online floral services only deliver to the 50 states or even to just the continental U.S. Before placing your order, confirm that the company will ship to where you want. You also want to make sure it won't charge you an arm and a leg for international shipping.

Order Tracking

You don't want to worry about whether or not your loved one got the flowers you sent. The best flower delivery companies offer order tracking as part of their service. Once you've placed the order and it is shipped, you should be able to follow its progress as it makes its way from the florists to your friend's front door.

Along with letting you track your orders, online florists should provide you with an expected date of delivery. Since flowers and gifts are often time sensitive, the best flower delivery companies will let you choose the delivery date.

Product Guarantee

The tricky thing about sending live plants or cut flowers is that they can die or wilt in transit. Although it's possible to reduce the risk for wilting or plant death, there's no way a florist can say for absolute sure that the plants won't die or fade en route to their destination.

That's why the best online florists offer a satisfaction guarantee. They'll do their best to make sure your flowers or plant orders get to their destination safe and sound. But if the flowers don't make it intact or looking amazing, the best florist will give you your money back. Always make sure the company offers some sort of guarantee before you order.

Educate Their Customers

Not everyone is born with a green thumb. Not everyone knows the best way to care for cut flowers or how to keep an orchid from withering away.

With the appropriate amount of care, even a vase of cut flowers can last for weeks. Some live plants can thrive for years, as long as the person receiving them knows what to do.

To keep flowers and plants alive long after the special occasion is over, the best flower delivery service will provide a wealth of resources to you and the recipient. Ideally, the flowers or plants should ship with a care guide.

The care guide should detail when to water and feed the plants, what type of light they need and what should be avoided. For example, some plants actually die quickly when given too much water. Others need a fair amount of water to thrive. The same is true of lighting. Some plants need plenty of direct, bright sunlight. Others prefer life in a shady spot.

Along with sending out care guides with each order, the best florists include a wealth of plant and flower related information on their websites. The information can range from informative blog posts about particular plants to step by step guides for choosing the right flowers and plants for a particular occasion.

The Best Time to Order Flowers Online

Get the most of your flower ordering experience by picking an out-of-the-box time to work with the best flower delivery service. Many people want you to think there needs to be a special event or occasion happening for you to send flowers. The truth is, you can send flowers whenever you want.

In fact, for the most part, the best online florists will incentivize ordering flowers during the off-peak times of the year. There are some exceptions to this, and I'll get to them later on in my review.

If you're looking for a creative excuse to send flowers or another gift, here are a few fun ideas.

  • To celebrate a work anniversary: Send your employees or co-workers flowers to celebrate working at the company for a certain amount of time. You can send flowers after three months, to celebrate them qualifying for benefits. Or you can send flowers after a year, five years and so on.
  • After a particularly great first date: This can be a risky move, but if you've had a great first date with someone, why not send him or her flowers? It will let them know you're thinking of them and that you'd like the chance to see them again.
  • In honor of someone's unbirthday: You only get one birthday each year, but you get 364 unbirthdays. Let someone know they are on your mind by sending them a bouquet in honor of an unbirthday.
  • To say congratulations: Your friend just landed a new job, had a baby or got accepted into graduate school. Those are just three reasons why you might send a flower arrangement to say "congrats!"


Flowers are a warm and thoughtful way to show a friend or family member how much you care. But a floral arrangement that arrives late or a droopy bouquet of dead flowers isn't going to make anyone happy. You want to ensure your loved ones receive a quality bouquet or arrangement on time. When choosing the best online flower delivery service, keep an eye out for price, quality and delivery speed.

If you're looking for another way to show someone you're thinking of them, my review of the best gift card companies can help you choose a worthwhile gift.

Online Flowers FAQs

Q How safe is it to order online using a credit card?


Shopping online with a credit card is relatively safe as long as the site encrypts your information and sends it using SSL technology (secure socket layer). You can easily identify whether the browser is safe by looking for a key/lock icon next to the site's URL. While you're at it, you should also check the website's privacy policy because it details how it uses "cookies", "action tags", and other information you provide through your computer.

A "cookie" is basically a data file stored on your browser, which comes from an external server. According to 1-800-Flowers' privacy policy, they use cookies to determine who is a first-time or returning customer.

An "action tag" is similar to a cookie in the sense that it's used to track your action. These invisible images are placed around a website's page and when they are triggered, the information is matched up to the user's browser ID.

Q Is there a way to track my order?


Checking the status of an online order on a flower delivery site is important for many items, especially flowers which often need to arrive in time for certain special occasions. Nearly all online flower services provide you with a way to track or check the status of your order so you know when it will arrive.

Once you submit your payment information, you'll receive a receipt/confirmation number either by email or on the page after you've completed your order. Sometimes the site allows you to check the status of an order through your personal account. Other times, you can simply type in the confirmation number on an order look-up page to receive the update.

In the event that you don't have access to a computer, try contacting the provider by phone with your confirmation number on hand. Be aware that most services have normal delivery hours. For example, 1-800-Flowers makes deliveries between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., in the recipient's time zone.

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