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Guide to Saving Money on Beauty

What you often hear, loud and clear, when watching TV beauty programs is that you must buy more items, spend more on accessories, and enroll in an automatic-debit plan to look beautiful. That is not always the case. You don't have to subscribe to a pricey plan to reach cosmetic bliss. To save money on beauty, buy products in bulk, favor cheap yet quality makeup, purchase online and enroll in a rewards program. You also can spare some cash by buying cosmetic items during promotional periods and using the beautician's coupons.

Buy Wholesale Beauty Supplies

Try to purchase beauty supplies in bulk to take advantage of the attractive prices and other offers that companies invariably offer consumers who generate the most revenue. Go through your beauty product list and find out items you frequently use and how much you pay for them. Compare the retail price with the wholesale tag to determine whether a bulk purchase is economically smarter – I can assure you it is. The easiest way is to contact three or four wholesalers, ask them pricing of specific items, and do a quick comparison to determine if and when you can save cash.

Guide to Saving Money on Beauty

Favor Cheap Yet Quality Makeup

Websites like All Cosmetics Wholesale, among others, give you tips and resources to make an informed decision when it comes to makeup purchases. The idea is to find makeup products and packages that make you look good yet don't break your bank. You also can seize on promotional deals like end-of-season deals or going-out-of-business events to purchase cosmetic items that are high-quality but inexpensive.

Purchase Online Often

You can save money by purchasing new beauty products online. Before buying, read expert reviews and compare prices. A friend of mine, who is also a celebrity beauty coach, says you should do your homework and visit sites like Total Beauty before making purchases. She recommends that you spend some time on all product categories, not just those you are interested in because some products are cheaper when bought in bundles. She says, for example, to see whether combos of perfume, cosmetics and skin care products are cheaper than the price tags of individual categories. The same goes for combos of sun and tan, hair care, and bath and body.

Enroll in a Rewards Program

Contact your bank or credit card institution to figure out products that reward you for purchasing beauty items. Who knows, maybe your existing credit card already has a rewards plan through which you can accumulate points whenever you shop at select stores or websites. The way a beauty rewards card works, you use the card to purchase specific products and you accrue points that later can be converted into cash back or that you can use to reduce future purchases. Some rewards plans allow you to apply rewards points to other expense categories, such as restaurants, travel, hotel, excursion and car rental.

Use the Beautician's Coupons

Use your favorite beautician's coupons and gift sets as much as you can. A coupon program is a win-win situation for both you and the cosmetician because the more you spend, the more money he or she makes – and the more savings points you accumulate. Coupon programs vary by beautician, so talk to your cosmetician and get more information about things like gift sets, coupon plan availability as well as terms and conditions, palettes and gift sets.

Indulge During Promotional Periods

Do your beauty shopping during promotional periods that run the gamut from Thanksgiving and Mother's Day to July 4, year-end term and Labor Day. Some companies have a continuous promotion plan in which you can enroll to reap benefits ranging from discounts to rebates to one-on-one free sessions.


You don't have to tempt financial fate and live beyond your means to look good. By adopting a few specific measures, you gradually can save money while taking care of your cosmetic needs. These measures include making purchases during promo seasons, using coupons and gift sets strategically, signing up for a rewards program, and buying in bulk online.

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Just as a heads up, the image for this article was taken at an Estee Lauder makeup counter.... ironically its very expensive makeup. merrr :)

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