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Why A Home Security System Is The Best Purchase A New Homeowner Can Make

In the US, there is a home intrusion every 13 seconds. Is your home safe?

Your home is your most valuable asset and it's even more important when you consider who inhabits it. In today's frightening world, protecting your investment and the ones that live there can put your mind at ease.

According to SafeGuard the World, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the United States. Those highest at risk for break-ins are homes without home security systems, as they are 300% more likely to be burglarized.

How Attractive is Your Home to Burglars?

Robbers look for the easiest way to secure the items they want and then flee the premises and there are some signs that your home may be displaying that are inviting to burglars. They have no qualms about forcing open a window or door to break into your home. Moreover, many robbers decide to hit their targets in the middle of the day while most are at work and school. If you and your home have any of these features, it may be attracting burglars:

  • Expensive toys in the yard tell robbers there may also be expensive electronics inside.
  • A predictable schedule gives burglars time periods when your house is unattended.
  • Signs of your absence like long grass, piled up newspapers and snow without footprints give you away when you are on vacation.
  • Large bushes or trees in the yard that can conceal a person trying to pry open a window are especially inviting.
  • No security system sticker in the window indicates that breaking in won't set off alarms.

Further, if they notice your home doesn't have security cameras, motion detectors or alarm sensors at its points of entry, it allows the robbers to believe your home is easy prey.

Why A Home Security System Is The Best Purchase A New Homeowner Can Make

Make Your Home Less Appealing to Thieves

To deter burglars, it's imperative that you consider installing a home security system. These systems come with a wide variety of tools such as sensors that can detect if an intruder tries to force their way into your home via a window, sliding door or a regular door. When this happens, the sensors will trigger an alarm that alerts the company monitoring your home. From there, it can contact your local law enforcement to send help to your home. This response time is vital because it can help you detect crime before it occurs while also protecting anyone who's home when the attempted robbery takes place.

Along with a fast response time, a home security system makes your residence a less appealing target to burglars. If they notice your home has an elaborate alarm system, they are less likely to try to break in due to the risk associated with it.

Find the Best Protection for Your Home

When you are ready to buy a home security system, it's important to find a provider you can trust. Money Saving Pro has an excellent tool you can use to find the most reputable security providers available. Our comparison page on home security providers allows you to see which companies have the best reputation. In addition to this, you can compare each company by the equipment they offers, the installation fees it assesses – if applicable, and how much the service will cost you monthly. This is an excellent tool you can use to assist you in finding the best home security provider for you in an expedited manner. Along with this information, the comparison page offers links to home security provider reviews, where you can read in-depth on a specific provider; this will give you all the information you need to help you make an informed decision, which will help you protect your home and your loved ones.

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