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How Pet Insurance Functions

How does pet insurance work? Pet owners frequently ask that question, unsure how their animals would be covered in the event of an emergency or sudden illness. There are many different notions of how it functions and many of them are inaccurate or based on false information.

Understanding how pet insurance works is valuable knowledge to ensure your best friend can be financially taken care of if the worse occurs. It's necessary to point out that pet insurance plans don't cover pre-existing conditions, an illness or injury that took place prior to the effective insurance date. If your pet falls into this category than pet insurance may not be the best choice for you.

How to Get Pet Insurance in Three Steps

There are three basic steps most pet insurers require to receive coverage. Here's a brief outline of each step:

  • Step One: The first step you'd need to complete after visiting the vet and receiving treatment is to submit a claim form. Claim forms can usually be fax or mailed and detail the reason you're requesting coverage. What was your animal diagnosed with? What treatments were prescribed? The basic details of the vet visit.
  • Step Two: The second step is to submit the claim form in addition to the medical invoice issued by the veterinarian.
  • Step Three: You receive your reimbursement after all documents have been submitted and the claim has been approved by the insurer. Of course, the amount will depend on the type of plan you've purchased including your co-pays and deductibles.

There is a wide range of plans most pet insurance companies offer. The more comprehensive plans are more inclusive when it comes to approving claims, however you will pay a higher monthly price. You really need to take a look at each plan carefully in relation to your pet's age, medical history, breed, and size. Many breeds are predisposed to certain medical conditions which makes pet insurance that more valuable.

How Pet Insurance Functions

Continue With Routine Vet Visits

Even if you elect to go without pet insurance it's important to stay consistent with your annual vet visits to ensure your pet's well-being. During these annual check-ups the vet can administer vaccines, check for heartworms and other potentially life threatening illnesses. In all cases, if you can follow-through with the proper preventative measures, you're animal should live a long and healthy life.

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