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How to Avoid False Alarms with Home Security Monitoring

Protecting your home and belongings with a home security system is crucial for peace of mind, protection and safety. Your chances of being robbed significantly decrease by having a home security system in place. But, what happens when there's a false alarm? Other than disrupting your pets, your neighbors and even yourself, false alarms can cost you hundreds of dollars in fees.

Avoiding False Alarms with Home Security Monitoring Service

It's important to take necessary precautions to avoid false alarms. While a false alarm happening once might not seem like a big deal, if it were to happen over and over again you might choose to abandon the security system altogether, which is exactly what burglars hope you'll do. Here are steps to take to avoid false alarms with your security system.

How to Avoid False Alarms with Home Security Monitoring

Make Sure All Windows and Doors Are Shut

When you enable your security system, it goes off when a door is opened or closed. Before setting the alarm, make sure all windows and doors have been shut to avoid a false alarm.

Don't Forget the Alarm Code

One of the most common causes for false alarms is users forgetting their code. Whether they're panicked or just can't remember it, people forget and risk the cops showing up. To avoid forgetting your code, write it down and put it in a hiding place that's easy for you to remember and tell all other family members to memorize the code, as well.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once your new home security monitoring system is installed, practice it until you're comfortable with how it works. Have your spouse and other family members practice, too. Practice makes perfect and by understanding the system fully, you are less likely to experience false alarms.

Keep Pets in their Place

Pets can oftentimes cause a false alarm because they wander the house when you're not home. You have two options for this. First, you can keep your pets in designated areas so they can't roam the house. Second, if you want your pets to have free range, purchase pet-friendly motion sensors. These sensors are perfect for pet owners, as they ignore the movement of pets up to a certain weight.

Replace Batteries Frequently

If a storm were to cause a power outage and the backup batteries didn't work, you're at risk of a false alarm. To prevent this from happening, replace your batteries multiple times per year and test your security monitoring system frequently. Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding false alarms.

Contact Your Provider

If false alarms are happening often and you've taken the necessary precautions to avoid them, contact your security system monitoring provider immediately. While most false alarms are the fault of the user, there is a chance that your security monitoring system has a defect. A customer service agent from your provider should be able to check the system and make sure it's working properly.

Keeping false alarms to a minimum (or better yet, nonexistent) is best for both you and police officials, as it's wasting their time to have to check on your home due to a false alarm. By knowing your codes, checking the batteries and keeping pets in their places, you'll reduce your chances of a false alarm from your home security monitoring system.

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