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How to Find Frames Faster

Shopping for eyeglasses online is great, but, without getting to test out pairs before buying them like you can at a physical store, you might need a lot of shipments to find the best frames for you. You can circumvent that problem and find the glasses you really want faster by taking a few steps to learn to what glasses are the best match for your face shape. Read about those steps below.

Draw on Your Face

A brilliant way to figure out your face shape is to place some dots in strategic spots while you're about a foot away from a mirror. Rosin Eyecare advises that you place your dots at these places at the outer edge of the left and right sides of your forehead, the outer edges of each cheekbone, close to your eyes, and the outer edges of both sides of your jaw line. That is the starting point in learning the shape of your face, which puts you one step closer to getting the eyeglasses you really want.

How to Find Frames Faster

Deduce Your Face Shape

Rosin Eyecare explained how to figure out what your general face shape is with those dots so that you can take advantage of your specific look. Here are the attributes of all the major face shapes.


  • The width and height of the shape from the dots are equal, or close to it
  • The dots closest to your eyes are the farthest apart
  • The dots closest to your forehead and the dot closest to your jaw are relatively close to each other
  • Your face looks "full," without many sharp angles


  • Your face is longer, not wider
  • The dots on your cheekbones are the furthest apart
  • The space between the dots on your forehead dots and your jaw line dots is almost equal


  • The dots between your cheeks and jaw line are further apart than the dots on your forehead
  • The two dots furthest from each other are the ones on your jaw line
  • The two dots closest to each other are the ones on your forehead


  • The dots become farther apart the higher they go. The ones on your forehead are the farthest away
  • You have high cheekbones


  • This is similar to an oval-shaped face, except the dots on the forehead and jaw line are closer together
  • The forehead and chin are also smaller, which makes the face more angular


  • All three pairs of dots are close to equally far apart
  • The width and height of the face are about equal sizes
  • The jaw line is angular


  • All three pairs of dots are close to equally far apart
  • The face is longer than it is wide

Use Your Face Shape to Identify Your Best Options For Glasses

Your mileage may vary, but generally contrasting the shape of your face with the shape of your frames will yield the best result. Round and oval faces, for example, are perfect for square and rectangular frames. Square and rectangular faces, meanwhile, benefit from round or oval frames. Check out the full list of frame suggestions for different face shapes.

Round: Rectangular or cat-eye frames

Oval: Square, rectangular and aviator frames

Triangle: Frames with something stylistic to focus on like a color

Heart-Shaped: Frames with something that make eyeglasses less noticeable like light colors

Diamond: Frames that draw the attention towards your eyes

Square: Round or oval frames

Rectangular: Round, oval and sometimes aviator frames

When ordering glasses from an online store order frames with the styles that align with your face shape first. You'll likely find yourself saving both time and money as you become more stylish.

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