28 Ways To Make Money Fast
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28 Ways To Make Money Fast

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So you'd like to make money fast, wouldn't you? You might have found yourself in a tight spot: perhaps you've had a gift all planned out for your significant other, only to have blown that money on some unexpected car repairs. However, you could be in a much more dire situation: you may need money in the first place for car repairs, to catch up on bills, or to pay your rent.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to make fast money, even from home, in case you find yourself in a bit of a jam.

There are quite a few ways to make money fast, whether you're at home with a temporary injury, a teenager, or a stay-at-home mother, but I'm only going to provide you with a small list of quick side jobs. First, I'm going to direct your attention to making money fast on the internet.

How to Make Money Fast on the Internet

You can make money fast online by relying on several different sites. Here are just several ways for you make money online real fast:

1. Take Surveys

Research companies are constantly looking for people to participate in surveys. Surveys can earn you a little money quickly unless you want to earn extravagant amounts of money. Furthermore, several surveys offer sign-up bonuses, typically between $1 and $5.

Our Top 5: Vivatic, OnePoll, MySurvey, iPoll, Harris Poll, and Opinion Outpost.

2. Sell Your Old Electronics Online

This one is an easy and quick method for you to take advantage of. If you have any electronics that are barely used or are collecting dust, then perhaps it's time to sell them. For a quick buck, you can sell your old cell phones, consoles, video games, laptops, or other items. I would suggest Amazon, but once you sell and ship your item via the marketplace, (most of the time) you won't receive your cash for a couple of weeks. However, you can always trade in your item for Amazon credit, which is almost like cash.

Examples: eBay (within five business days), Craigslist, Gazelle (takes seven days), Amazon (trade-in takes two business days upon item receipt), and Best Buy (takes 10 days)

you can sell your old cell phone for quick cash

3. Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

You can sell your unused gift cards for actual cash. This is a good idea, especially if you have gift cards to stores you'll never check out.

Our Top 5: Gift Card Granny, CardCash, Cardpool, SaveYa.com, CardKangaroo.com

4. Sell Your Photos

Did you know that you can sell your photos online? Fortunately, you can, and there are plenty of sites that will let you do so, with restrictions of course.

Our Top 5: Shutterstock, iStock Photo, Dreamstime, Getty Images, SmugMug, Foap

5. Become a Referrer Online

Use the power of your social media contacts. There are always companies that are equipped with referral programs, so they hope you will bring a friend with you if you enjoy their services. You'll also earn plenty of rewards, ranging from products to hundreds of dollars in cash.

Examples: Uber, Lyft, Wayfair, GrubHub, Verizon

6. Write Product Review Articles

Some sites will pay you to write reviews on products that you purchase. In fact, you may receive items free of charge and be paid to write the review! Sounds nifty, doesn't it?

Examples: Matomy SEO, Reviewstream.com, Slicethepie

7. Take on Small Jobs from Gigwalk or Zaarly

This is a site that allows you to do random jobs for small sums of money. With Gigwalk, you perform menial tasks like taking photos. All you need to do is take the job, complete the job, and confirm the completion of the job. Furthermore, you can always rely on Gigwalk's app.

The same goes for Zaarly, which is a similar app to Gigwalk. However, you will be serving out-of-town clients.

8. Become a Go-fer

You can run errands and perform simple tasks for others using sites like PostMates. For example, PostMates is a delivery service where you might go grocery shopping for food or drinks on behalf of your clients. Then there are sites like Fiverr, where clients will pay you $5 to do whatever, such as writing a novella (worth more than $5, in my opinion) or voice act a few lines.

9. Become a Ride-Sharing Driver

Fortunately, you can become a driver for others thanks to the advent of ride-sharing/"taxi" apps like Uber. You can make money every time you transport someone to their destination, but it will cost you a bit, as you will be putting your vehicle through more mechanical stress.

10. Become a Proofreader or Editor

You can become a proofreader for quick cash. If you have excellent command over the English language, then you may want to consider taking on small quick jobs as an editor or proofreader. There are plenty of sites - Upwork, ProofreadingServices.com, FlexJobs, Craigslist, and Scribendi - that you can utilize, but some sites feature incredibly competitive freelancers.

become a proofreader for quick cash

11. Sell Art

Thanks to the introduction of the Internet, you can sell your art - even copies of your art - with ease. This is a way to earn some money quickly, and you can do so by taking commissions on sites like Tumblr or DeviantArt. You can also build an engaging website that will entice art lovers.

12. Work for Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Working for Amazon Mechanical Turk is quick money, but it won't be a lot of money. This site offers many available tasks, presented to you by various types of employers. You may end up performing tasks like identifying photos, writing descriptions of products, and more.