How to Save Money on Flights During Peak SeasonsReviewAdvice

How to Save Money on Flights During Peak Seasons

There are some seasons throughout the year that put the travel industry in a frenzy, namely the summer and the end of year holidays. Sometimes you may even get some peak travel time around Easter and Spring Break.

If your travel is determined by visiting family during holidays or vacation time at work, then it can be a real hassle to find some good deals online. In fact, you may have noticed that prices shoot up during known travel peaks.

So what's a traveler to do if they're trying to save some money? Use your tips to help you out.

Learn How to Use Airline Miles

If you know you have to fly every year you might as well try to find ways to make it cheaper. Some airlines offer great rewards programs that can save you some serious money on future flights simply by paying for things with a credit card.

The best part is you don't have to go on a spending frenzy to get rewards. By simply paying for your regular expenses with a credit card you can rack up a lot of points very quickly.

Some airlines even have occasional promotions where they may double the credit card sign up bonus - meaning you'd get two free flights instead of one just for taking out a card and meeting their requirement within 90 days.

How to Save Money on Flights During Peak Seasons

Avoid Business Routes

Business routes, like flights to or from New York City or Boston, tend to be more expensive than vacation routes like Las Vegas or Florida.

Why? Because airlines are probably trying to bank on the fact that people who travel for work have no choice but to pay fares - whether they pay for it themselves or their company does - so they jack up prices. In other words, there's an opportunity to make more money. Furthermore, these flights have to run all the time so they probably cost more to maintain.

Meanwhile, people don't travel to Florida for business all the time, therefore airlines don't see the ability to make as much money.

Fly From a Smaller Airport

Smaller airports have fares that are drastically cheaper than those found in big cities. For example, Ft. Lauderdale is typically cheaper to fly out of than Miami. They also have more budget airlines like Southwest available whereas Miami does not.

The same can be found all over the country. The smaller airports that aren't associated with big cities just don't charge you as much money. They also have smaller airlines who fly from there. As an added bonus they are also far less stressful.

Book on a Monday or Tuesday Morning and Don't Wait Until the Last Minute

This is a well known trick in the travel industry and it's worth mentioning: shop for flights on a Monday or Tuesday because airlines drop their prices. The reasoning is airlines would have just processed their weekend sales so they feel pretty confident about revenue.

Furthermore, do not wait until the last minute. The cut off for "last minute" according to some travel agencies is purchasing tickets less than three weeks before travel.

By following these tips you'll ensure you don't have to spend and arm and a leg during peak travel seasons.

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