How to Save Money On TV, Internet and Phone

Money you spend on TV, phone and internet is a staple in your household budget, so try to minimize it to run an efficient financial plan. You can save cash through a hodgepodge of tactics, running the gamut from combining services and outright Internet discussion to selecting the correct Internet plan.

Take Advantage of Online Comparison Engines

Saving money on TV, phone and internet providers takes technological savvy, an eye for what's going on and what will happen in the telecommunication industry, and the analytical proficiency needed to review various service providers and determine which one is the best. This guidance is available from independent comparison sites like Broadband Expert, a technology portal specialized in Internet, TV and phone comparison and reviews. Specialists on these sites boast years of technological knowledge that they have successfully parlayed into fields as varied as consumer reviews and in-depth comparison of service providers.

Comparing options is part of the homework you must do before determining whether you can save money on your TV, Internet and phone bill, and if yes, how much cash you can spare.

How to Save Money On TV, Internet and Phone

Tips on Reducing Your TV, Internet and Phone Bill

Monitor Your Billing History Closely - The first days are always the best for new subscribers. Along with your high speed web access and/or HD channels, you will mostly likely enjoy the low costs that are offered with any new subscription. This will not last. As months go by and you begin to notice charges piling up on your bill, nip it in the bud and contact your provider immediately. Explain that you wish to keep the rate you started with, and ask them what they intend to do about your rising costs.

Combine Your Services - TV, Internet and phone service providers have caught up to what's happening in the market, especially what consumers want and relish. Most providers now offer a 3-in-1 package, so talk to your provider to learn more about offerings and how you can save money by bundling your services.

Don't fall immediately for low-cost intro packages that providers may throw at you; most packages typically have higher pricing after the introductory period, say, 6 months, and typically increase prices each year. Remember that besides cable and DSL, you have options like Dish and DIRECT TV – which may have better deals – and comparing prices before switching can save you as much as $100 per month.

If you don't feel like switching, then contact your cable provider every 6 or 9 months and threaten to downgrade or leave; the provider might recommend you discount plans or ways to reduce your existing bill. The bottom line here is to always have a best-value plan.

Reduce or Cut Unused or Unnecessary Services - I always wonder why cable TV providers always lump so many channels in my package instead of giving me the strict minimum number of channels – meaning those that I really need and love watching. If you are like me and don't understand why you should have 350 channels rather than the five or 10 you constantly watch, talk to your TV company and have it downgrade your plan so you can save some cash.

Go Mobile - It is possible to save money on your TV, Internet and phone bill by going strictly mobile. Smartphones and tablets with data plans already allow you to access the web, watch TV shows and movies, and carry on phone conversations (via mobile minutes or through VoIP applications). With 4G networks expanding rapidly (faster than cable networks in some cases), this option is becoming viable for more and more people. Of course, many of us are accustomed to oversized flat screens, but for the rest of us who are constantly on the go, we may be able to do with having our phone, internet and TV on single (albeit much smaller) device.

Go "Solo" Pick Internet Only -I recommend that you choose Internet only if your job or social patterns do not require that you have a landline. Some financial institutions, such as credit card companies and banks, ask for a home phone number before activating new cards or the related Personal Identification Number (PIN) codes. Don't be scared of the "Internet only" choice because you still can watch TV online and talk to your friends and loved ones via Voice Over IP and chat-platform tools, such as Skype and Yahoo Messenger.

Switch Plans and/or Providers - Do not hesitate to switch plans and/or providers if you feel that your current plan is too pricey. Talk to your provider and ask what plans are available along with the terms and conditions pertaining to each plan. Some 3-in-1 package providers have plans like basic, premium, advanced, all-in-one, and something in between all of the above that providers call "family plan."

Peak into Others' Wi-Fi Networks -You can use others' Wi-Fi networks in you live in an area that is replete with unsecured networks. Some cell phone service providers, such as T-Mobile, have "hot spots" you can tap into to access the Internet. The advice I am indirectly giving here is that you must secure your own Internet access so others don't peak into your network and use it for God knows what.

Get a Prepaid Plan - Consider a prepaid plan if you really want to save money on your TV, Internet and phone bill, especially the Internet section. Most cable TV and phone operators have fixed rates, but the Internet portion sometimes is more flexible when it comes to pricing and data usage. So talk to your operator to see whether you can save money on your Internet bill if you get a prepaid plan.


When evaluating ways to cut your phone, TV and Internet bill, you should think about the best target-setting approach that will best motivate you and keep you going for a long time on your way to expense reduction. The goal here is not to make drastic changes to your lifestyle but to methodically and meticulously go through your phone bill and talk to operators to determine sections in which you can save money. Expense reduction tips include going mobile, getting a prepaid plan, using other people's networks to access the Internet, switching plans and picking the Internet option only.

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