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100 Great Military & Veterans Discounts - The Ultimate Guide

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There are plenty of discounts out there for the brave men and women who have served our country. Veterans, retirees, and active military members can receive discounts on products services ranging from clothing and retail goods to travel and electronics. After diligent research, I've collected over 100 discounts applicable for military members and veterans. I will also go through which discounts and codes you can use while shopping online.

If you, or someone you know, has served or currently is serving in the military, you can make use of these discounts to save money on everyday and special purchases.

Signing Up for Military Discounts Online

Before you shop online, sign up and verify your military ID with for easy discounts. is a website where all military personnel, retirees, veterans, dependents, and spouses can verify their military status online using either military documentation, a military email, a USAA membership, or form DD214.

Once you verify your military status with, you'll receive a digital ID card called Troop ID. Then, when you go to checkout on certain websites, you'll see a TroopID verification option. Click on Troop ID and sign into your account to easily verify your military status and receive a discount.

The process is super easy and it's free to sign up for an account. You can sign up with here.

Wireless & Internet Military Discounts

Various cell phone and Internet companies offer special deals for military and veterans. Check out Military Discounts on Cellular Phone Plans on for more info. For a more in-depth look at cell phones, you can use our tool to compare cell phone plans.

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military discounts on internet and tv

In-person, Phone, and Online Discounts

1. Verizon Wireless and Fios TV/Internet

If you're in the military or a veteran of the military, Verizon military discount for wireless provides 15 percent off monthly payments for most of the best cell phone plans. You can verify your service here using various options listed on their site within the FAQs. You can also save $120 annually when you enroll as a new Verizon FIOS TV/Internet member if you are a Veterans Advantage member.

2. AT&T

You can get 15 percent off of your monthly bill with AT&T military discount if you are considered active duty military, reserves, national guard, veterans, or a spouse of an active duty and/or deceased service personnel. Use their Active Duty Enroll option on their site to begin online enrollment if you are an active duty member. Otherwise, you'll need to verify with either a military ID or Defense or Department of Defense sponsorship card at your local store and show the specific code for your military status provided on the AT&T website.

3. Sprint

Sprint military discount provides active duty, reserves, and veterans of the U.S. government an undisclosed discount. Just fill out the verification form on their page to receive a discount code and see what you can get.

4. Century Link Internet Service

Century Link will give armed forces members a discounted price-per-month on up to 40 Mbps for a year when you bundle with a home phone.

5. Speed Connect Internet Service

Speed Connect military discount includes the Connect-A-Hero Program. If you have served in the U.S. Military, you are eligible for a discount on your Internet service.

For more information about the internet service providers in your area, head over here.

Military Discounts on Entertainment

You may be able to receive a military discount on amusement parks, movies, museums, and more. Don't forget to look into season passes, ask about blackout dates, and check out more deals on the best amusement park military discounts from You can also check out the best ticket sites for exclusive deals and promotions.

military discounts for entertainment

In-person Discounts

6. Six Flags

According to their website, most military bases offer discounted Six Flags admission tickets at their MWR/ITR offices. You can also get a 20 percent off Six Flags military discount on a General Admission ticket at Six Flags Guest Services with a valid military ID.

7. Legoland

All military personnel on active duty can get one single-day free admission ticket to the Florida Legoland with a Military ID in person at the ticket booth. If you buy online, you can also get a 25 percent off Legoland military discount plus a second day free. If you're looking into California Legoland, active military members receive 10 percent off admission tickets at the ticket booth with a valid ID. California Legoland also provides discounted packages for military families online. Just fill out the military verification form on the website to verify your eligibility.

8. Disneyland

The Disneyland military discount includes 3-Day or 4-Day park hopper tickets for all active and retired military members. Check the website for details on specific offers and admission rates. Also, check out Disney Discount For Military Families at for more info.

Always make sure to carry your military identification.

9. Modern Museum of Art

The Modern Museum of Art in New York City offer free admission for active military members and their families. Just show your ID when you purchase a ticket at the door.

10. Museum Of Contemporary Art San Diego

If you have a military ID, you can get free admission to the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego. Just show your ID upon entry.

11. Anheuser-Busch Parks

Active duty service members and up to three dependents can receive free admission to any Anheuser-Busch park once a year, according to San Diego Metro. Just show your proof of service at the ticket booth.

12. Shades of Green Resort and Attraction Tickets

Shades of Green is an Armed Forces Recreation Center and resort in Central Florida that partners with Walt Disney. This center is built to provide rest and relaxation to military members and family members. You can also buy discounted admission tickets for Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios Orlando and more through Shades of Green's ticket office.

13. Knott's Berry Farm

The Knott's Berry Farm in California offers military service member discounts on admission tickets. Just show your military ID at the ticket booth or register with to buy in advance online. The Knott's Berry Farm is also offering a season pass with no blackout dates that pays for itself in just two visits.

14. Henry Doorly Zoo

The Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha offers a discounted yearly membership for $72 a year (including family members) and discount prices on tickets for active military and their family all year. The Henry Doorly Zoo military discount prices are listed on their website.

15. Busch Gardens

If you are an active duty military, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsman, you can get one free admission ticket to Busch Gardens every year along with 3 separate tickets for dependents. Verify your ID with TroopID on the Busch Gardens website before you buy tickets to get your discount.

Las Vegas Entertainment Discounts

Look through Just For Military for more military discounts of Las Vegas Entertainment.

Military Tee Times

You can save up to 15 percent at over 6,000 courses across the U.S. with a Military Tee Times membership, 35 of which are in Las Vegas. Sign up on their website to become a member.

Chris Angel Tickets

Receive 25 percent off of a Chris Angel performance a The Luxor Hotel with a military ID.

Terry Fader Tickets

Terry Fader offers a 40 percent off military discount to his show with a military ID, according to Just For Military.

Cirque Du Soleil

Receive a whopping 35 percent off when you go see a Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas with a valid military ID.

Military Discounts on Electronics

Electronics are expensive, but you may be able to save with a special military rate. Here are some solid military discounts on electronics. You can look into the best online electronics stores as well.

military discounts for electronics

Online Discounts and In-store Discounts

16. Dell

The Dell military discount offers exclusive coupons for military members various times throughout the year. For example, they are currently offering a coupon for 15 percent off on various Dell computers and tablets when you verify with TroopID online. Present your coupon at online checkout.

17. Microsoft

The Microsoft military discount works for current, former, and retired members and family members of the US Military, National Guard, and Reserves. You can receive a special discount on one product per order online if you check the military box and click "start shopping".

18. Apple

The Apple military discount includes Apple's own Military Purchase Program. You can order computers and the Apple Care Protection Plan for a discounted price online if you are a current, former, or retired member or family member of the US Military, National Guard, or Reserves. Just accept the terms on their website to access the program or show your ID in-store.

19. Best Buy

Best Buy military discount provides a 10 percent off to military and veterans with valid ID at participating locations. You should call you local store to check before you go to buy.

Military Discount Hotels

If you're looking for a discount when paying in person, always make sure to carry your military identification. This way, no one will be able to question your status. Otherwise, you'll have to verify your military ID online. You should also check out the best hotel booking site to learn what site offers the greatest value and best deals.

find the best hotels for military members

In-Person Discounts

20. Best Western

Save 10 percent or more with the Best Western discount for active military personnel and military veterans. Just make sure to let them know when you book and bring along your military identification.

21. Hyatt

The Hyatt offers discounts to military personnel who can provide a military ID upon check-in. They don't specify how much of a discount they offer, however, so make sure to ask before you purchase a room. Veterans are not listed on their site, but I would ask to make sure.

22. Marriott

Marriott also offers military discounts for active duty military members. They do not, however, offer discounts for veterans. Check the Marriot website to see if you qualify for an active duty discount upon arrival with a military ID.

23. Days Inn

If you are a member of Veteran's Advantage and are considered active military or a military veteran, you can receive up to 20 percent off at participating Days Inn Hotels. Those eligible for discounts include military, air force, national guard and reserve members, veterans, and their families. The discount can be applied over the phone or via a special website link from Veteran's Advantage.

Online and In-Person Discounts

24. Hilton Hotels

All Hilton Hotels, including the Hilton, Embassy Suites, DoubleTree, and Homewood Suites give military discounts to active duty or retired military if you show your ID upon check-in. They even have their own Hilton military discount portal for booking online.

25. Red Roof Inn

Military personnel and veteran servicemen and women can save 15 percent when they book with Red Roof Inn. They say to type in the code 606732 when booking online to get your discount. Check the Red Roof website for details and bring your ID along.

26. Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean offers up to 20 percent off for any active and retired military member. When you book with you can get an even better deal than booking with Royal Caribbean directly.

27. La Quinta Inn & Suites

La Quinta Inn & Suites has a Military Initiative with military rewards. If you're a part of a military family, La Quinta guarantees 12% off of the best available rates. You can be a current military service member, a veteran, or an immediate family member of a military service member or veteran. You can also receive free nights and more. Check the La Quinta website for details and make sure to bring your ID. You can filter your reservation for a military discount online.

28. Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels website offers guaranteed discounts for military travelers on over 2,700 participating properties. Definitely look through the Choice Hotel military discount website to see the perks you can receive.

29. HotelPlanner

Save between 10 and 15 percent on your stay using the Hotel Planner military discount on the Hotel Planner website. You must present a valid form of ID upon check-in.

Las Vegas Hotel Discounts

You should always inquire about a military discount when you're staying in Las Vegas. Look through Military Discounts Central for more options on fantastic hotels.

Aria Resort and Casino, Bally's, and the Bellagio

Aria Resort and Casino, Bally's, and the Bellagio all offer a 10 percent discount to military personnel who can provide a military ID upon check-in.

Caesar's Palace

Caesar's Palace even offers military ID verification online via They will give you a 10 percent discount once you're verified.

Military Discount Flights and Travel

Certain airlines do not advertise their military discounts on their website, so you may have to dig a little deeper. Here are some fantastic military discount opportunities on flights and travel. You should also look into our comparisons of the best time to book flights is.

military discounts on flights and travel

Discounts Over The Phone

30. Jet Blue Airlines

Jet Blue Airlines offers a 5 percent military discount for military members of Veterans Advantage. You can get discounts on 84 destinations in 24 states and 12 countries. Call 1-800-538-2583 and give them your Veterans Advantage member ID to apply your discount.

31. Southwest Airlines

Call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA to receive a discount from Southwest as an active duty military member. They do not specify any discount on their website, but customer service will let you know which flights are available with a special military rate. Veterans are not typically included but family members of active duty military are.

32. American Airlines

The American Airlines military discount is similar to Southwest with discounts on certain flights. Call their customer service line at 1-800-433-7300 to see what they can do for you and your family as an active military member.

33. Delta Airlines

The Delta military discount isn't detailed on their website either, but they do provide discounts for active duty service members. You'll need to call 1-800-221-1212 to see which flights your discount applies to.

Online or In-person Discount

34. Military Travel Center

Use the Military Travel Center to book your travel reservations for exclusive military discounts on flight and travel. The site has saved military members, retirees and veterans over $4.5 million to date.

35. One Travel

Booking with the One Travel website provides an instant $10 off on military flights. See the site for details.

36. Greyhound

If you are in the military or retired from the military, you can receive a 10 percent military discount or a veterans discount on your Greyhound bus trip. If you want to apply the discount online, you'll need to be a Veterans Advantage member with a member card for proof of service. Otherwise, you can ask for a discount with your military ID in person.

37. The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass

If you are in any branch of the military or if you have immediate family in the coast guard, marines, army, navy, National Guard or U.S. Reserves, you can get a free pass to various national parks and federal recreational lands. The free pass covers any Fish and Wildlife services and National Parks with entry fees, Bureau of Land Management, and Bureau of reclamation sites. Just provide your military ID in person upon entry.

38. Amtrak

If you are an active duty military member with a military ID or an immediate family member of one, you can get 10 percent off on the lowest available fare on most Amtrak trains. If you book online, just set the Fare Finder to "military" for each passenger to apply the discount. Make sure to show your ID when you buy in person.

39. Armed Forces Vacation Club

The Armed Forces Vacation Club gives out free memberships for discounted resort stays to US military members, retirees, DoD civilians, and US military veterans. You can get a full week resort stay for just $349 for the entire week. With the Armed Forces Vacation Club, you'll get to choose from over 200,000 resorts in over 100 countries to stay with. Join on their website.

Military Discount Car Rentals

It's easy to get a military discount on your car rental. Always bring your ID and call ahead to make sure your car rental company of choice will honor a discount. Also, read through our best car rental company list for reviews on the best car rentals.

military discount car rentals

In-person and Phone Discounts

40. Hertz Rental Car

With the Hertz military discount, active duty military can get a discounted rate on your rental, space available upgrades, and a complimentary membership to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. In order to receive these perks, you'll need to book your rental car with your military CDP.

41. Avis Rental Car

With the Avis military discount, you'll receive free Collision/LDW insurance coverage, no additional or underage driver fees, free unlimited mileage, and highly competitive rates. Call 1-800-633-3469 for more info. or to reserve a car.

42. National Car Rental

National provides discounted rates for Department of Defense travelers on official business with authorized travel orders, according to their website. You will receive no additional driver fees, no underage driver fees (The minimum age is 18 years old), and a Loss Damage Waiver (LDW).

Online Discounts

43. Enterprise Rental Car

If you are a member of Veterans Advantage and an active military member of the Army, Navy or Air Force, a veteran, a National Guard Member, a Reserve member, or a military family member, you can receive an Enterprise military discount at certain rental locations. Make sure to type in your Enterprise corporate discount code from Veterans Advantage when you reserve online or call to reserve a car.

44. Alamo Rental Car

Alamo offers veterans, military members, and family members a discount military rate on car rentals. If you're reserving online, you can use the contract ID code "GOVRNR" to receive a discount.


Go to Thrifty's website to get a military discount on your car rental. They don't specify a percentage, but they do offer extremely competitive rates for military personnel. Check the website for details.

Military Discounts on Clothing

Did you know you can even receive a military discount when purchasing clothes? Most stores offer at least 10 percent off at least on certain days, but you should always ask or call ahead. There may even be a way to save online. You should also look for the best price comparison site when shopping online to save money.

military discounts on clothing

In-store Discounts

46. Hot Topic

Hot Topic offers 10 percent off at participating locations. Call ahead or ask when you check out with you valid military ID.

47. Champs Sports

Champs Sports offers 20 percent off all in-store purchases with a valid military ID.

48. Finish Line

The Finish Line military discount will give 20 percent off to anyone with a military ID only at select locations. Call your local shoe store to make sure.

49. Banana Republic

Get 10 percent off in-store on the first of every month at any Banana Republic by showing your military ID.

50. American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle will also give those with a valid military ID a 10 percent discount. Just ask at the register.

51. Charlotte Russe

Receive a 10 percent discount when shopping in-store with your military ID.

52. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger gives military members 10 percent off with a valid military ID.

53. Eddie Bauer

Save 10-15 percent on Eddie Bauer apparel with a valid military ID. You can get the discount applied on the phone as well, but not online.

Online Discounts

54. Carhart

Carhart offers online and in-store discounts for active duty, veterans, retirees, military spouses and military family members. They give 10 percent off. Just verify with TroopID when purchasing online or show your ID in-store.

55. Under Armour

Under Armour offers online and in-store military discounts to active duty, retirees, veterans, military spouses, and military family members. Receive 10 percent off on their website by verifying your military ID with You can also show your military ID in-store.

56. Nike

Nike also offers military discounts for active, veteran, retired, and reservist US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard personnel. They will give you 10 percent off of your purchase. If you're shopping online, just verify your military ID card on SheerID and you'll receive a promo code for your purchase. If you make an account with Nike, you can also receive free shipping on every order. If you're shopping in-store, just bring your ID.

57. Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear gives military members, veterans, military spouses, and military dependents a 15 percent discount on all online orders. You'll need to use your Troop ID to verify your military status. Then, your discount will be automatically added to your purchases. You don't even have to worry about a code. You can also show your military ID card in-store for a discount.

Military Discounts for Home Goods and Services

Home services and home goods stores can be heavy on your wallet, but a military discount for your heroic service can help. Here are some great discounts on home goods and home services.

military discounts on home goods

In-store Discounts

58. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn gives 15 percent off on home products in-store only for all active and retired military personnel and their families. Just show your proof of service ID at the cash register to apply your discount.

59. William-Sonoma

William-Sonoma also offers 15 percent off to all active and retired military personnel and their families when you shop in-store. Just show your identification card at checkout.

60. ADT Home Security

You can save up to $915 on ADT Home Security if you are a military member or retiree with an active Veterans Advantage membership. For more information about home security, you can check out our evaluation of ADT's Prices & Packages.

61. Michael's Arts and Crafts

Michael's Arts and Crafts provides 15 percent off to military, veterans, spouses and family. This special offer is in-store only.

62. Home Depot

Home Depot military discount offers 10 percent off on up to $500 at every U.S. location. Discounts go to active duty personnel, reserves, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate families with a valid military ID. All other military veterans can get a 10 percent discount on Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Veterans Day. Make sure to ask, however, because some stores give year-round veteran discounts as well.

63. Lowe's

Lowe's military discount also gives 10 percent off to current members in armed services, retired veterans and VA recipients, and immediate family. Similar to Home Depot, Lowe's honors all veterans on Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Veterans Day. Check the website for details and make sure to bring your military identification card.

64. Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is not currently offering a military discount, but they do hire disabled veterans. You can always call your local store ahead of time to see if they do.

65. Sears

Sears military discount goes to veterans and active military members at participating stores. This discount is in-store only with a valid ID.

Online Discounts

66. Yankee Candle

All active and retired military members will receive 10 percent off military discounts in-store and online purchases when shopping with Yankee Candle. To receive this special offer online, you'll need to email your order confirmation to Call 1-877- 803-6890 with any questions. Otherwise, just present your identification card at checkout.

Military Discounts for Health & Beauty

There are even military discounts and veterans discounts for health and beauty products and services. For example, if you want to join the local gym, chances are there's a discounted option for military in your area. You should also take a look at our comparisons on the best online perfume store and best online vitamin store.

military discounts for health

In-store Discounts

67. Sally's Beauty Supply

Get a free Sally's Beauty Supply membership card with your military ID in-store only. The membership card will get you 15 percent off on all purchases in the future.

68. Gold's Gym

If you can prove you are eligible with a military ID, Gold's Gym will allow you to enroll for cheaper than normal at just $49.95. They will also give you 20 percent off of your monthly payments.

69. YMCA

YMCA partners with the Armed Services YMCA and Department of Defense to provide free admission memberships and child daycare services to military families that qualify.

Online Discounts

70. GNC

GNC offers online discounts to Veteran's Advantage members who are active duty military, veterans, National Guard, reserve members, and their families. You'll get 15 percent off and free shipping for any order above $49 when you order using Veteran's Advantage.

71. CVS Pharmacy

If you are a Veteran's Advantage member, you can get 20 percent off on CVS products online on when you make a purchase. You can also receive free shipping if your order weighs up to 10 pounds.

72. AC Contact Lenses

AC Contact Lenses offers discounts to active military personnel, reserves, and veterans. Just type in the coupon code MILITARY to receive your discount when you order online. If you have a coupon code from Veteran's Advantage, you can also enter it upon check-out. See the site for details. Show you ID for in-store purchases.

Military Discounts on Food and Drinks

Franchises usually have varying policies on military discounts; keep that in mind. It may not be the same everywhere you go. As a result, you should always ask about military discounts and veteran discounts when you pay for your food or coffee.

military discounts for food

In-Person Discounts

73. IHOP

IHOP provides 20 percent off of your meal for military members and veterans, according to Just show your ID when you go to pay.

74. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen offers 10 percent off to military members and veterans depending on your location. Make sure to bring and ID.

75. Wendy's

Wendy's has partnered with Veteran's Advantage to create savings for military members and veterans. If you're a member of Veteran's Advantage you can get free coupons for different meals and drinks via your email or mobile Wendy's app. Check out the Wendy's on the Veteran's Advantage website for details.

76. Denny's

Certain Denny's give out 10 percent off military discounts to customers who can show proof of service. Just ask your server when you dine in.

77. Burger King

You can also receive 10 percent off at Burger King with a valid military Id at participating locations.

78. Chipotle

Chipotle offers various discounts to military members. Just show you valid military ID at checkout.

79. Ci-Ci's

Ci-Ci's military discount also varies depending on location. Show your ID at the counter.

80. Del-Taco

Get up to 50 percent off at Del-Taco with a valid military ID.

Las Vegas Restaurant Military Discounts

Check out Military Discounts Central for more restaurant military discounts in Las Vegas.

Texas De Brazil

Texas De Brazil will give a 20 percent military discount for your whole table if you show one valid military ID.

Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas will give 10 percent off with a valid military ID.

Dal Toro

Get 15 percent off on food and drinks with a valid military ID at Dal Toro. You will also receive free admission to the car museum if you want.

Retail Military Discounts

Certain retail stores offer military discounts for active duty military and retirees. Always bring your ID and call ahead to make sure. You may have to verify your ID online with TroopID via for online shopping.

military discounts at retail stores

In-store discounts

81. Boscov's

Get 15 percent off in-store at Boscov's if you have a valid military ID to show.

82. Payless Shoes

Save 10 percent at Payless Shoes when you show your valid military ID at checkout.

83. DSW Shoes

DSW is known to provide Veterans discounts and discounts for current and retired military on Veterans Day. They'll give you 10 percent off.

84. Rack Room Shoes

Every Tuesday, Rack Room Shoes offers 10 percent off military discounts to military personnel with valid military ID and their families. They also offer this discount on Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and The Fourth of July.

85. The Guitar Center

The Guitar Center military discount is not currently in effect, but they sometimes offer 10 percent off throughout the year. Give them a call at 866-498-7882 for more information.

Online Discounts


You can get a free Club O membership with for being an active duty, retired, or reserve military member. Just verify your ID with TroopID on their website. With a membership, you'll get 5 percent cash back and free shipping on every purchase as well as extra rewards for certain products.

87. Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley military discount provides direct pricing via their website for military and veterans. Just verify your ID on their site first.

88. Gargoyles Performance Eyewear

Gargoyles military discount can be accessed by filling out the form on their website. All branches of the military and veterans are eligible for special prices on performance eyewear.

Miscellaneous Military Discounts

There are some military discounts that just cannot be categorized. Here's a list of the best miscellaneous military discounts and veteran discounts.

miscellaneous military discounts

In-store and Phone Discounts

89. Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson graciously provides a military finance program for a motorcycle, free shipping on clothing and accessories, and discounted admission to the Hardley Davidson museum for military members. Active duty, deployed military members, and veterans have access to these perks.

90. BikeBandits

Bike Bandits offers 10 percent off on motorcycle parts and accessories to all military members with a valid ID upon. Call customer service at 1-888-339-3888 to get your discount applied.

91. Advanced Auto Parts

Advanced Auto Parts offer 10 percent off regularly priced items in-store to military members with proof of service.

92. Geico

Geico gives former and active military members up to 15 percent off of their total insurance premiums. They also give out discounts for emergency deployment.

93. Allstate

Allstate provides a $250 credit to all U.S. military personnel toward a rental appraisal.

94. New York Martial Arts

New York Martial Arts military discount gives a 15 percent discount on all group classes for active and retired military members. Just make sure to provide a valid ID when you register for your martial arts class.

95. Cabela's

Cabela's military discount includes 5 percent off for any active of retired military, active reservists and VA recipients. The discount is for all branches of the military including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and the National Guard. Just show your military ID for proof of service at checkout in-store.

Online Discounts

96. GM Military Discount

Go to the GM Military Discount website to see how much savings you can get on a brand new GM car. Get a quote with a GM military discount on their website and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC.

97. GOVX

The GOVX military discount is a membership in which you receive discounts on all brands and products sold on the GovX website. GOVX sells everything from concert, travel and event tickets to clothing, gear and more. Join today for exclusive deals.

98. Sittercity

Sittercity is a website for childcare, pet care, senior care, and more that provides discounts on monthly membership to military members paid for by the Department of Defense.

99. Pro Flowers

Pro Flowers offers a military discount for flower delivery on their website. Check it out to see how much you can save.


Taxslayer will do your taxes for 50 percent off with a military discount online. You'll have to enter your military EIN number from your W-2 form to see if you qualify.

Other Military Discount Resources

If you're looking for more military discounts, sift through these databases and informational military websites to see if you can get a discount on products and services from stores and companies not listed here.

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