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The best price comparison websites find great deals on products you want across a wide selection of companies. The next time you want to buy a gift, your next household appliance, or a nice TV, skip the stores and venture online.

According to a survey by Statista, as of March 2015, 74% of U.S. consumers between the ages of 18 - 34 claimed that they used a smartphone, mobile device, or a computer, to search for the best prices on a product. Of those surveyed between the ages of 35-44, about 57% of claimed that they also compared prices for a product online. So price comparison is an important factor in the lives of the average U.S. consumer, at the very least.

In this guide, I'm going to discuss how our price comparison engine works to show you the best value products and services important to you.

MoneySavingPro's Price Comparison Engine

For some people, saving money is a hobby and for other's, it's a chore. Living on a budget or finding the best deals can be a challenge. That's why we created our price comparison engine to help you find the best value deals on the products and services we use every day such as cell phones, the Internet, TV, and home security.

We believe that informed consumers make the best buying decisions, so we've made it our goal to be as comprehensive and clear as possible in informing you exactly what you're paying for--all before you have to spend a cent.

What Does a Price Comparison Website Do?

Price comparison sites like us serve as an aggregation of product information from various retailers. In other words, information on the products you are interested in buying are compiled and displayed on the site for your convenience. The information typically includes the retailer's price, shipping options, reviews, and filter options.

Ultimately, price comparison sites are a great tool for any consumer wishing to save money.

The Best Price Comparison Site

Compare Cell Phone Plans

The bread and butter of MoneySavingPro is our cell phone plan price comparison engine. Finding a cell phone plan that's right for you doesn't have to give you a headache. Using our technology, it only takes a minute to find plans from the Big Four and low-cost MVNOs to find service that meets your needs and budget.

Getting started with our cell phone plan comparison engine is simple, and only takes two steps. Simply tell us the number of lines on your current plan and how much data you use each month to quickly find plans we believe are suited for you.

Don't know how much data you and your family use? We created our data usage calculator to help you find out. Do you even need unlimited data? Use our calculator and see what plan is right for you.

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Tired of High Phone Bills? Calculate Your Savings!

Save Now

Tired of Expensive Cell Phone Bills?

Millions of Americans are overpaying by hundreds of dollars each year on their cell phone bill. We designed our Cell Phone Savings Calculator to clear up the confusion within the cell phone industry and make it easy to switch and save.

You may think that you're stuck with T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T, when the reality is quite the opposite. In fact, there are hundreds of low-cost carriers called MVNOs that offer excellent plans at a fraction of the cost. They act as middlemen, buying network space from the Big Four. This way, they don't need to charge extra to cover overhead fees of network infrastructure and instead deliver those savings right to the customer, without skimping on network coverage.

cell phone price comparison site

Accessories & Connected Devices

We don't just stop at making sure you'll find the best value cell phone plan possible. Using our price comparison engine, we've created a number of useful buyer's guides on popular accessories and devices you can pair with your smartphone.

Whether it's a wireless USB charger, BlueTooth speakers, or a stylish phone case, you can find the latest deals on cheap cell phone accessories, reviews, comparisons, and advice.

The Internet of Things

Unless you've miraculously avoided all technology over the past few years, you're likely familiar with the term Internet of Things – or IoT. What you may not know is exactly what this phrase means, or what it means for you.

The IoT is – simply put - a way of bringing anything that can turn on and off into the fold of the internet superhighway.