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How to Save Money When Ordering Flowers

The gift of flowers is a beautiful sentiment that just about anyone would love to receive. The problem is that flower prices do not remain the same throughout the year. Flowers, like most products, follow the simple first rule of economics and that is supply versus demand.

How to Save Money When Ordering Flowers

Each year millions of stems of numerous varieties of flowers are grown in anticipation of various holidays, florists sell more roses during Valentines Day than any other time of year. Another popular flower buying holiday is Mother's Day; however, there is not a specific flower, like roses, that sells more than any other during Mother's Day.

With these facts in mind, you should plan your flower buying activities accordingly. Yes, you want to tell the person you love that you love them and you want to show them with flowers; however, it's likely that this person would love to get flowers any time of year so maybe you should not restrict yourself to the time when everyone else is thinking about ordering flowers.

If you want to show someone you care with flowers, maybe you should think about sending them on their birthday; especially if the person's birthday is nowhere close to Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. You could also think about honoring the one you love on your anniversary rather than the anniversary date that Hallmark may send you.

Many online flower shops offer deals and flower delivery discounts for their slower times of year. You should sign up for these offers and pay attention to when they come up. Even if they arise in a time on the calendar that may not make sense to you or the one you love, we guarantee you that no man or woman was ever upset to receive "just because" flowers. In fact, we would argue that there is nothing better than receiving "just because" flowers. Not only from a timing perspective (i.e. surprise timing) but from a cost control perspective.

The next time you think about sending someone flowers, stop to think if it is a time where everyone else is sending flowers as well. You do not want to fall into the trap of spending 10% to 20% more than you anticipated due to simple supply and demand economics. If possible, try to send a calendar reminder to yourself to send something weeks before everyone else. If not, have some patience and send something after the fact. Just because the flowers do not arrive on the date that Hallmark suggests, does not mean they will be appreciated any less by the person who receives them, but more important by your wallet.

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