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Saving Money with Online Grocery Shopping

Have you ever heard of online grocery shopping? I wasn't aware of it until a colleague brought it to my attention, and we thought, "Hey, this could be a good article to write about." And it's pretty clear why if you think about it. There are a lot of ways you can save money by switching to online groceries, as well as some benefits you probably didn't know about before. Let's check a few of these out.

Saving Money on Gas

Face it, how many times do you drive to the store to get groceries? Once, maybe twice a week? You could argue that you don't live very far from the grocery store, I know I don't. My local Publix is right down the street, maybe five minutes away. But I go there several times a week either because I forgot something or because I'm craving a particular item. Every time I turn on the car and drive to the store for something I don't necessarily need, I'm wasting some gas and so are you.

Saving Money with Online Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping Online is Quicker

Going to the store, walking up and down the aisles, and then standing in those awful lines takes a lot of time. When's the last time you got stuck behind someone stubborn about a coupon, or was fishing for change, or an item wouldn't scan? Wouldn't it be better if you could just be in and out, done with your shopping? Well that's why people get their groceries online. Sign into the website, point-and-click, and checkout. You've just saved yourself time and effort; now you just need to wait for the delivery, during which you've opened some free time for your next "to do" or just some "me time."

Compare Grocery Pricing

Not every grocery store has integrated onto the web, so there will still be some manual price comparisons. However, for those online grocery websites that are available, it's much easier to compare prices. Instead of fishing through the newspaper or traveling between stores, when you find an item you want to compare the price for, you just sign onto another store website and search for the same item. In a few minutes, you've compared the prices and can move on down your list. Plus, you can mix and match your shopping with different stores; who says you can't?

Do be aware of the pricing and fees for delivery. In most areas, you can be charged for $10-15 extra pending on the size of the delivery. Moreover, some stores may charge for gas, bagging, and other charges, leaving you with the bill. Just like with food delivery, some fees you incur for the service and convenience.

Finding Online Grocery Shopping Deals

From what I've seen on brand-name grocery websites, they usually have the weekly ad available online. In addition, some online grocery sites will highlight daily values or even offer savings you normally wouldn't get if shopping at the store. For instance, Walmart has a "Value of the Day" on their website, and Target, although I'm not sure if they let you shop for groceries online, can show you all of their coupons and deals.

Future Online Groceries and Killing Cravings

If you've shopped online before, and I'm sure you have, then you know whenever you put items into your e-shopping cart, it's not mandatory to checkout right away. You can "save" your shopping cart, and you can do the same when buying groceries online. This is great for taking care of a shopping list ahead of time, with the ability to add onto it later before checking out and having your groceries delivered. Plus, whenever you go to the store, do you ever come out with more than you expected? I know I do-I head in for three items, just three, and come out with 10+. If I'm shopping online, I can just stick to the essentials and not worry about all the tempting sweets in the cookie aisle.


I mentioned Walmart and Target, but there are little more generic places to shop for online groceries. Peapod and Safeway are websites for online grocery shopping and delivery; you know they probably have cheaper prices too, and if not, well you now know you can compare prices in moments. So, have you had any experience with grocery shopping online? Share with us in the new world of buying food on the internet. Leave a comment!

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