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Should You Install Your Own Security System or Leave it to a Professional?

There is something self-empowering about home, do-it-yourself projects that just leave you feeling a sense of accomplishment. You are the master of your own domain and you got the job done. However, when it comes to defending your castle, should you DIY or call on a professional for some extra assistance? First, when it comes to home security, you should explore the different types of systems that are available:

Hardwired System

A hardwired system connects the sensors on the windows and doors to the main control panel through physical wires. You control the whole system with information sent via wires that run through the walls or beneath the floor. Installing a wired system involves opening up walls and ripping up carpet for the cords to travel through. However, because the system runs on physical wires it is less likely to be affected by interference.

Should You Install Your Own Security System or Leave it to a Professional?

Wireless System

Wireless systems communicate with sensors on the entrances via radio waves. This wireless option is popular for people who want to install home security systems on their own and people who would rather have a professional do it. Wired systems are simple to install and do not require you to open up walls. Plus, wireless systems can be easily transferred into a new home if you move. On the other hand, wireless systems are more susceptible to electromagnetic interference from other electronic devices or neighboring systems. Also, wireless systems require periodic battery replacement in each sensor.

DIY Systems

Specific DIY security systems can be bought if you are intent on self-installation. These may come with cameras, motion sensors and remote monitoring capabilities. Installation is typically pretty simple and usually involves placing sensing devices strategically around your home.

Each type of security has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are the pros and cons of a doing it on your own:

Pros of DIY:

  • Cost. A DIY system typically costs less than a system you have installed by a professional. You only need to pay for the components not the labor. Plus, a wireless DIY system is less expensive than a wired system when it comes to installation.
  • Portability.Self-installation means you can seamlessly transfer your system if you move.
  • Remote monitoring.DIY systems often come with online capabilities that allow you to check cameras, inside temperature, and recorded movement within your home via phone or tablet apps.
  • Alerts. Some DIY systems have automated alerts that notify you whenever your security is breached.

Cons of DIY:

  • Less sophisticated. Security system services offer much more than what is included in a typical DIY system including fire and carbon monoxide detection and motion sensors that recognize pets.
  • No home monitoring service. Alarm companies often offer home monitoring service where they have a professional responding to any disturbance that may occur. Fire, burglary and gas is all detected and responded to by calling the proper authorities. DIY systems just alert you to danger. Home monitoring actual sends help when needed.
  • Potential for faulty installation. The DIY installation may be pretty simple but if you make a mistake or have trouble, you are on your own. Also, if something breaks you are responsible for repairs and upkeep.
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