16 Great Valentine's Day Ideas
on a Budget

16 Valentine's Day Ideas for Him & Her on a Budget

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American consumers were expected to spend an average of $147 on Valentine's Day in 2016, according to the National Retail Federation. That is a lot of money!

The most popular products purchased by love doves on Valentine's Day include chocolates, flowers, diamond earrings, dinner for two, and a bottle of champagne, according to Bank Rate. Chocolate is the cheapest gift, starting at about $14 for a small box. The earrings come in first as most expensive at $325 with dinner in second at about $96.

So, what do you do? You could go the expensive route and buy a gold watch or diamond earrings from the best online jewelry store; but do you have that kind of cash? If not, there are plenty of ways to show your love how special they are this Valentine's Day without ending up broke as a joke. Here are 16 tips and tricks to do just that.

1. Cook Dinner at Home

valentine's day dinner on a budget

To anyone out there wondering whether to cook or go out this Valentine's Day, stay home. Cooking for your boo will not only save you money, it will impress them. If cooking isn't your strong suit, that's ok! It'll still be cute that you tried and remember; there is always takeout.

Pro tip: Light some candles or a fire and eat dinner somewhere other than the kitchen (picnic style!). It will set the mood for your romantic evening.

2. Get Outside or Exercise Together

valentine's day hiking

Get some fresh air and exercise this Valentine's Day! Enjoy the great outdoors on a hike while holding hands with your loved one or flow together through a mindful yoga asana. Also, check out the best home workout programs. It'll be better for you than sitting in a movie eating salted popcorn with extra butter, am I right?

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