15 Ways to Make Money From Home
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15 Ways to Make Money From Home

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Developing your own business is an excellent way to make money in your spare time doing something you enjoy. Not only can you supplement your income, it gives you the opportunity to develop and refine your interpersonal, marketing, and communicating skills.

At worst, you develop these critical skills which will translate well no matter what field your career is in. Conversely, if you develop something that provides widespread value, you could find your next career. With these things in mind, what do you have to lose?

Below is a look at business ideas you can do from the comfort of your home. What you will discover is that most of them don't require much in the way of time commitment and financial investment, making them perfect ways to complement your busy lifestyle.

15 Ways to Make Money From Home

Making Money From Home

1. Freelance Writing

If you possess expertise on a subject and are a wicked wordsmith, then this is a great opportunity for you. The best approach is to find trade publications in your area of expertise, Writer's Market is a great resource, then pitch them ideas. Once accepted, you'll earn a good rate per article imparting your wisdom onto others.

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2. Babysitting

Babysitting requires a lot of patience and time management. However, if you are a stay-at-home parent, you are developing these disciplines anyways, so why not earn some money from it? Care.com is a good place to turn for people seeking babysitters.

3. Personalized Art

Whether you weave, paint, sculpt, doodle, or more, you can use your creative skills to make money. To demonstrate, if you love animals and enjoy drawing, you can start a pet sketch business. The best way to market your services is to start by working with family and friends then build your network from there. Once you feel comfortable advertising more, use social media platforms like Facebook to promote your work and services.

4. Dog Walking

If you have a flexible schedule and enjoy working with a wide variety of dog breeds and attitudes, this could be a great fit. You receive exercise and you can earn a good list of clients, as this is a continuing need for pet owners.

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5. Design Your Own Course Online

Designing a course online is easy to do through websites like Udemy. What's more, it provides you with an opportunity to teach others a skill such as mastering your finances, building a mobile app or more. In addition, you can use this as a springboard to building your online brand. By producing a helpful resource, you can parlay this into a website, eBook, and other revenue streams.

6. Start a Lawn Care Business

If you are a homeowner, chances are you have most of the equipment this business requires. You can start small by offering your services around your neighborhood such as mowing, trimming, even masonry or gardening work, then expand from there.

7. Home Inspection

The need for a home inspector is continual, as getting an inspection is an important part of the home buying process. You'll get to travel around your community, you'll have flexible hours, and you'll receive education in something that translates well to owning your own home.

8. Cook

If you have a knack for cooking then this could be the perfect side business for you. Whether it's cake design, doing a catering business, or even serving brown bag lunches around the community, cooking is an excellent way to flex your culinary skill and earn some money.

Home Baking Business

9. Website Design

Businesses understand how imperative it is they have an online presence, this is where you come in. Should you possess website design chops, you can make a good income stream developing websites for small businesses. As you build your portfolio, you can land larger clients too through your work, resulting in this being a good option for those wanting to start a side business and grow it into a full-time job.

10. Social Media Management

Another online aspect companies have trouble juggling is managing their social media platforms. These platforms represent some of the best ways to market their services, so if you can design and execute outstanding social media campaigns, businesses will seek your expertise.

11. Interior Design

Many interior designers have their own business, where they assist homeowners and businesses in achieving their design requirements. To complement this business, you can design your own products as part of your brand such as home decor items, allowing you to add other revenue streams to your business.

12. Home Stager

Being a home stager gives you the opportunity to exercise your decorating flair for realtors preparing to sell a home. In most instances, you provide furnishings, artwork, and decor to give prospective buyers a fuller perspective of how the home functions. If you do great work, your opportunities are limitless as there are homes for sale always.

13. Officiate Weddings

Most states allow you to become an ordained minister online. Then, you can make a couple hundred dollars at a time officiating weddings. This is a fun way to meet new people and share in one of their most important moments.

14. Tax Prep

No one enjoys the process of filing their taxes--unless Uncle Sam owes you some benjamins. If you have tax expertise, you can clean up, especially during the first few months of the year. Since tax preparation companies can charge upwards of hundreds of dollars for filing, this gives you an advantage in that you provide the personal touch at a lower fee.

15. Event Planning

Event planning is perfect if you possess excellent communication and organization skills. You can organize parties, weddings, and even corporate outings. You'll meet new people, encounter unique challenges to make their visions a reality, and did I mention you get to organize parties?

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How To Make Extra Money From Home Recap

These 15 ideas are good jumping points to help you think of ways to generate more income. If you found these tips useful, let us know in the comments or share them with friends who have the entrepreneurial spirit! Check out our blog for more money-making tips, or stay up-to-date by liking our feel free to share them via social media and like our Facebook and Pinterest.