Why Should You Recycle Your Old Cell Phones?ReviewAdvice

Why Should You Recycle Your Old Cell Phones?

Cell phones have been around for a few decades now and the speed at which they are being developed is increasing. Each year, top electronics companies put out new phone technologies so fast that we barely have time to learn our device before an upgraded version is available. Of course, it's great that these futuristic technologies can make our lives easier and help us connect to one another. However, we end up leaving a trail of obsolete electronics in our wake, and every time we upgrade, our pile of "backup phones" gets larger.

What should you do with your cluttered cache of old phones? Recycling is a great option that is good for much more than just removing the mess. Here are some other reasons you should recycle those unused cell phones:

You Really Only Need One Backup

If your phone doesn't have a warranty or insurance on it and you are worried about being left with no way to communicate, one extra one will suffice. Having a drawer full of old, unused devices is unnecessary, especially considering that you will probably do your best to repair your shiny new phone rather than downgrade.

Why Should You Recycle Your Old Cell Phones?

Recycling Phones is Good for the Environment

Recycling anything saves energy, reduces waste and limits landfill space. Recycling cell phones is especially helpful. Just a single recycled cell phone saves enough energy to power a laptop for over 40 hours. That means you can power your new cell phone for days on the energy saved be recycling an old one.

Throwing Out a Phone Hurts the Environment

Maybe you are thinking about just tossing your old phones rather than finding a way to recycle them. That decision would not only cause you to miss out on the opportunity to do some energy saving good, it would also do some planetary harm. Cell phones contain materials and chemicals like plastic, lead, nickel, and lithium that are bad for the earth. Plastic can last for decades in a landfill and those other chemicals can seep into the ground and poison the soil or even pollute drinking water supplies.

You Could Get Paid for Your Old Phone

Some materials in cell phones are valuable like copper, gold, silver and other metals. There are a number of organizations that pay cash for old devices. Getting money for an old cell phone is definitely better than letting it collect dust or throwing out.

It's Easy

If you just want to donate a phone, there are several charities, companies and other participating organizations that allow you to just drop off or mail in a phone for free. Selling a phone isn't much more difficult. Most cell phone buying sites allow you to ship your phone for free and they send you back the cash.

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