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Why Should Your Business Use VoIP?

VoIP service is an increasingly popular method of communication for both organizations and individuals. Since it began, VoIP has continued to grow and offer more features while maintaining great call quality. But if your business already has a method of communications between employees and clients, why should you consider switching to VoIP? There are three major reasons why VoIP may improve your company:

It helps avoid misunderstandings

Have you ever texted someone complex information, then realized it would be easier to call them and tell them audibly? Being able to hear a person's voice is an important part of communications that can't be conveyed in text form. The tones in your voice may be able to impart subtle messages like urgency and importance. Sometimes tone can change the meaning of a sentence entirely.

If you are trying to discuss an upcoming project with employees, it may be much easier and clearer to be able to use a business VoIP service rather than sending a string of emails and documents. Better communication means greater efficiency, which makes VoIP valuable.

Why Should Your Business Use VoIP?

It's cost effective

In the business world, the bottom line is one of the most important things to consider. This leads to the next reason of how VoIP can benefit your business. If you are currently using a traditional phone line, switching to VoIP could be much cheaper. The operating costs of a VoIP service are generally cheaper than phone lines. Phone companies have to maintain a physical network of lines and they must comply with regulations which boost their costs.

VoIP services operate over your internal network or over the internet which means you don't have to pay for extra maintenance costs. Also, if you move all you need to do is move your VoIP phones and then you're ready to go. You don't need to set up a new phone service every time you or an employee moves.

It allows for flexible communication

Traditional phone lines are a ridged form of communication in the sense that they have not changed in many years and you have to follow distinct rules for them to work. VoIP service on the other hand has a variety of features that makes it flexible and adaptive:

  • As mentioned before, your VoIP service is more transferable than a phone line service. If you or an employee moves to a new location your service stays with you. There is no need to set up a new one. You can even take it with you while traveling. All you need is an internet connection and your VoIP phone or another compatible device.
  • If you switch to a VoIP service from a landline you can typically keep the same number which would make the transition easier on your employees and clients. You can also choose any available number you want, even from area codes that you are not in. If you have a satellite office in another county or state you can still share the same area code.
  • You can use your laptop and even your cell phone to send and receive calls. That way you'll never miss an important call even when you are on the go.
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