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Why You Don't Need the Newest Phone Now

Sometimes, when you go with a no contract phone plan you do not have access to the latest smartphones. Take the ever-popular iPhone, for instance. With some no-contract phone plans you can snag an iPhone 5s, but very few of the plans offer the iPhone 6 or 6+, the newest models, at anything other than the full price upfront. This seems undesirable, but there are a number of reasons you shouldn't be playing the rat race for the latest tech when older versions of your technology work perfectly well. Here are three examples of why not getting the newest model and going with no-contract phone plans instead is a good move.

You're Getting Practically the Same Thing

Even though there are big events celebrating the release of "innovative" new phones, the truth is that one model rarely changes much from the next. Maybe the screen will be a little bigger, maybe you'll be able to use a payment system that no businesses are equipped for… nothing consequential is really different. The dirty little secret tech companies don't want you to know is that the true innovation tends to come from the updated operating systems. As long as you've got a device that supports that operating system, and most choices from non-contract phone plans do, then you're all set.

Why You Don't Need the Newest Phone Now

You Can Spend That Money on Something More Fruitful

In a year or two that phone you wanted so badly will become outdated, and you're left significantly poorer for the privilege of having gotten it a little bit sooner. If the main reason you went with a contract plan was to get the newest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc., then you'll probably wince calculating all the money you could have saved with no-contract phone plans. If you're tempted by the latest devices, think about all the better things you can put that money towards. Retirement, college funds, a home… the list goes on and on. The hundreds of dollars you're saving every year can add up to something a lot more special than any kind of technology on the market.

You Become Less Materialistic

Materialism is one of the most invasive concepts in our culture. It's hammered into our brains by commercials, billboards, web ads and many other places. As hard as it can be to fight against that pervading idea of how you're supposed to live, you shouldn't give in. Once you do, you will just continue wanting more and more and more. There's a reason rich people become depressed. Business Insider explains that a sense of inertia kicks in when you have everything you want; life stops moving forward. Better that you want something than have it all. Getting the latest smartphone is another step towards the materialistic thinking that leads to an ultimately lesser quality of life.

As hard as it can be to say no, turning down the brand new devices and going with no-contract phone plans is often better for you both fiscally and emotionally. If you haven't yet, go check out some of the [plans we highlighted] to find what's right for you.

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