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  • Coverage options not available in every state

Allstate car insurance is among the top tier auto insurance companies in the nation and it's likely that you've heard their ads before. With services that include dedicated agents and roadside assistance, it seems like their goal is to live up to their, "You're in good hands" motto.

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Allstate Auto Insurance Policy Features

1. Drivewise

This feature monitors your driving habits and can reward you in kind with great discounts. How this works is you download the mobile application or ask Allstate to provide you with a small monitoring device. From there, you install it, drive safely and reap the rewards.

2. Claim satisfaction guarantee

In the unfortunate event that you have an accident, Allstate is there to help you with personalized service during and after the claim process. Even after approval of your claim and payment, if you still are not happy with the service Allstate provided, they will reimburse for up to six months of your car insurance premium for the vehicle involved in the accident. This is an exceptionally high level of service Allstate strives to deliver.

3. Star Driver

If you have a teen driver, you know how important it is to teach safe driving habits to them; this is why Star Driver is an excellent tool to help. This app-based tool can monitor teen driving patterns to give you as a parent piece of mind, while also helping you to identify trends where the teen might need more teaching in a certain discipline like speeding or braking.

4. Allstate rewards

This is a new program that will reward your safe driving behaviors with points. As your points accumulate, you can cash them in for gift cards and other items.

Allstate Car Insurance - Policy Application

Allstate makes it convenient to sign up for car insurance. You can begin by visiting its website to receive a quote. This is a straightforward process Allstate makes expedient by using public records that can look up the cars you have registered in your state, eliminating the need to find and record your VIN number.

Once you fill out all the information, you will have the option to elect coverages. Since each state has different laws in this regard, should you have any questions you can call to speak to a local agent. This is an excellent feature in that you can receive the advice you need quickly, and then move back to completing the application.

After completing the application, you will have the option to purchase the policy online. You can also call Allstate's hotline or speak with a local agent. If you buy a policy, you will have the ability to print ID cards from the comfort of your home. Moreover, there is also the ability to save your quote and return to it later should you want to wait before buying. Overall, it makes this process incredibly simple and quick to sign up for car insurance.

Allstate Auto Insurance Benefits

With Allstate, you get a dedicated agent that will help you get the best policy for you. Apparently, your agent is a wealth of information that includes help with savings maximization, coverage options, and even preventative maintenance tips. If personal support is important to you, that alone sets them apart.

There are other perks to choosing Allstate besides customer service, as well. Allstate both rewards safe drivers and forgives drivers who make momentary slip-ups with their Safe Driving Bonus and Accident Forgiveness. Accident Forgiveness means that your rates won't go up because of an accident, even if it is your fault.

Allstate's coverage options are quite comprehensive and apply in a variety of situations like damage done by collisions, thefts and storms. You may also be covered if the other driver in an accident is at fault and they don't have enough coverage. Besides these basics of auto insurance, Allstate also has coverage options for medical bills or funeral costs, injury related income losses, towing, rental reimbursements if your car was sent to the shop because of an accident, and liability claims.

Allstate Car Insurance Drawbacks

One of the only drawbacks pertains to coverages. Since each state has different laws, it results in Allstate won't have the same coverages available in all states, meaning there are some benefits you might not be able to have.

Allstate Auto Insurance - Educational Tools

Allstate takes pride in providing helpful resources on its website where you can learn more about car insurance basics. Its articles touch on a wide variety of angles, including specific topics such as "Does car insurance cover hail damage?" and "What is zero deductible car insurance?" Allstate also has available helpful videos to aid in your education. Overall, its impressive offerings make it a great place to turn for all car insurance questions.

Allstate Car Insurance Customer Service

Arguably one of its strengths is Allstate's commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. It has ample ways in which you can have questions addressed in a quick and professional manner. Allstate has customer support via phone available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also has where you can contact your local agent during normal business hours.

Additionally, the option of a dedicated agent is what separates Allstate from other insurance providers. When you sign up for a policy, an agent will be there to help you understand your policy more, recommend any adjustments to ensure you receive the coverage you need and be there for you in the unfortunate even you need to file a claim. Essentially, you have someone to go through the whole process with you that way you can feel confident in the coverage you have.

Allstate Car Insurance Review Recap

Allstate is an excellent choice with their great customer service and interesting programs and coverages. However, you should be aware that not all coverage options are available in every state. Check the availability of the attractive options in your area.

Does Allstate have the most affordable car insurance quotes for you? Take a look at our compare car insurance quotes tool to find out.

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Allstate Auto Insurance Reviews

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Recommended Great coverage None

I love allstate insurance, they offer complete peace of mind and I know my car is covered. Good prices and great customer reps.

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Recommended Fully covered Insurance None

I have my home and car insured with Allstate as they are hands down the best company out there. They do exactly what they say, the price is good and they really appreciate their customers and all of the agents are friendly and knowledgable.

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Recommended Good service No loyalty to customers

Having been with Allstate for my car insurance for 3 years now, I am quite happy with the policy I have and the support team are helpful. But they have no loyalty to their long term customers. My policy goes up every year, yet they are offering much lower prices for people signing up.

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Recommended Peace of mind car insurance Policy prices

Allstate give me peace of mind that I am covered for everything with my car, but they do not offer the cheapest policies.

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