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  • Pros
  • 24/7 claim filing
  • Intuitive CoverageMyWay system
  • Personalized policies
  • Cons
  • Not as many coverage options as larger companies
  • Options not available in every state

Esurance is an auto insurance option with excellent policy coverage and helpful discounts. They are owned by Allstate, so their customer service is excellent. However, since the company is smaller than its big company parent so you don't necessarily get a dedicated agent with Esurance.

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Esurance, owned by Allstate, is a car insurance provider that strives to modernize the process of using car insurance by providing services solely online. By taking this approach, it touts the ability to offer more competitive pricing than other providers. Moreover, with the ability to do everything online it streamlines all processes from buying insurance to filing claims in a quick manner. Due to this, Esurance is an excellent option when you can need to buy car insurance quickly without the hassle.

Esurance Auto Insurance Policy Benefits

Esurance offers many perks and coverage options available for its car insurance policies, below is a sample of the different perks available by going with them:

  • Personalized coverage options: Esurance understands all its customers have varied needs, so it strives to meet these needs with flexible coverage options. When you visit its website, you will have the ability to tailor a car insurance policy that best fits your needs, while also including great benefits such as roadside assistance, gap coverage for your loan or leased vehicle and equipment coverage for specialized parts like your vehicle's stereo. This tailored approached allows you to pay for only the services you need/required by law.
  • Discounts: Esurance offers a wide variety of discounts you can take advantage of. Its Fast 5 discount, if applicable in your state, provides you with a five percent discount off your first premium. There are also discounts for safe driving, if you have multiple policies with Esurance, if you pay your policy in full and other specialty discounts, which can help reduce your insurance premium. On its website you can find all the discounts available you might qualify for.
  • Comparison shopping tool: Esurance understands online shoppers use many comparison tools to find the best deal; this is why it extends the same courtesy when you shop for car insurance. By using this tool, you will receive a quote from Esurance and some of its competitors, giving you access to the lowest rates while saving time. It's perks like this that show Esurance's dedication to providing you with the information you need quickly. We do the heavy lifting for you: check out the compare car insurance quotes tool here.

Esurance Car Insurance - Applying for a Policy

Applying for a policy with Esurance is simple. You can either visit its website to start an auto insurance quote or call its customer service line that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The online option is likely the easier of the two if you already know the coverage amounts you need for insurance. However, should you have any questions along the way, Esurance will be happy to help.

Once you received your quote, you have the option to purchase your policy online. If you elect to do this option, you will have access to your insurance documents immediately. You can then download the mobile application for free on your smartphone, so you have this information on the go anytime you need it.

Moreover, Esurance also gives you the ability to save a quote online to return to it later. This makes it simple if you decide later to buy a policy.

Esurance Auto Insurance Benefits

Esurance wants to set you up with a policy that is personalized for you. Their CoverageMyWay process uses "complex algorithms" and information that you enter (like driving history, vehicle information and family information) to determine a policy that works for you. Then you can accept it as it is or change it as much as you want. That way, you pay for the options you want, rather than a package with features you don't need. Additionally, it makes the buying process quicker, that way you don't have to spend time searching to find if you need these coverage options.

Their web interface, coupled with their 24/7 claim filing, makes them a very accessible company. In fact, you are able to file a claim any time over the phone, online or via their mobile app. Plus, you can speak with a representative any time if you have policy questions.

Esurance Car Insurance Drawbacks

Since Esurance does everything online, it might not be the best option for all, especially if you want face-to-face interaction. However, with helpful customer service available all the time, Esurance seeks to help people that might not be comfortable with this way of doing business.

In addition, similar to other insurance providers, coverages will vary based on state law. This means you might not have access to all the coverage options available. You can visit its website or contact Esurance to find out which coverage options are open to you.

Esurance Auto Insurance - Tools

Esurance has an information center on its website broken down into specific areas such as car insurance. When you access this feature, you will have information available on a wide variety of specific car insurance topics such as, "Insuring older vehicles," and "factors you should consider after life events like a divorce." These articles touch on main concerns relating to its topic while also providing practical advice you can use.

In addition, Esurance has great tools on its website like the What If calculator. After logging into your account, you can use this tool to determine how different events like an accident or speeding ticket would affect your policy amount. This is also a great option to examine if you plan on switching cars, as you can find out how the switch will affect your insurance premium. It's tools like these that show how much Esurance cares about its customers.

Esurance Car Insurance Customer Service

Esurance has customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address any problems or questions you might have. It also has an email option on its website, where you could receive a response in as little as 24 hours. Lastly, Esurance has social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter where you can reach them with any questions.

Esurance Auto Insurance Review Recap

Their personalized policies and around-the-clock claims service make Esurance a viable auto insurance option. However, they are missing some of the coverage options of a bigger company.

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Recommended Covered for everything None

I haven't had to make a claim, so I could advise on that side, but their policies offer good coverage and the costs are competitive and all of the customer service agents I have spoken to have know what they are doing and have been extremely helpful.

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Recommended Easy to change policy online None

I haven't ever had to use Esurance to claim, so I don't know how good they are on that side of things, but with a great price and knowledgeable agents my first impression is a good one.

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Not Recommended Easy to sign up Cancel policy without warning

I had no problem signing up with Esurance, and they offered really competitive prices and had been recommended by a family member. 3 months into my policy they cancelled it with no warning, I just received a letter stating it had been cancelled. I called for an explanation and they said it was because I hadn't sent in some of the forms, which I had. Eventually they found the forms, but I had moved companies since then and would never go back.

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