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  • Pros
  • "Best Value 2017" Award Winner
  • 24 hour claims assistance
  • Accident forgiveness
  • 12 month rate guarantee
  • Cons
  • Coverage options not available in every state
MoneySavingPro Best Value Award 2017

Liberty Mutual is a reputable car insurance provider, who aims to deliver personalized service. To achieve this, it offers a wide variety of car insurance coverages, including additional protections such as motorcycle, specialty vehicle and umbrella policies. Altogether, this makes Liberty Mutual a great option to consider because its wide range of coverage types is perfect for all needs.

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Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Policy Features

Liberty Mutual has all of the standard options that a top tier insurance should, with some interesting extras. Firstly, you have the option to choose a policy with standard coverage for situations like bodily injury, property damage caused by an accident, medical payments as the result of an accident, collisions and theft or fire.

Liberty Mutual also has a Superior Protection package option that includes some interesting coverages. With their New Car Replacement option, if your new car is totaled within the first year or 15,000 miles it'll be replaced with a brand new one. They even have a Better Car Replacement policy; if your car is totaled they will replace it with a model that is one year newer.

Aside from coverage, there are a lot extra perks including accident forgiveness (if you've been accident and violation free for five years), lifetime repair guarantees and roadside assistance. They also have an impressive arsenal of discounts like multi-policy discounts and group savings among many others.

Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance - Signing up for a Policy

Liberty Mutual makes it simple for you to learn more about its car insurance policies on its website. While there, you can also receive a free insurance quote. This is a quick process where you fill out your basic information to see how much a policy from Liberty Mutual will cost you. To make the process more expedient, it includes a feature to retrieve your vehicle information on file with the BMV in your state; this allows you to receive a more accurate quote. Want to see how a quote from Liberty Mutual compares to the competition? Our compare car insurance quotes tool can help you find the most affordable quote for your budget.

After learning your quote, you have the option to buy the policy online. As with most insurance providers, you can pay in full for the sixth-month premium, or make a down payment, if you decide to do monthly payments instead. Once you make your payment, you will also have access to your insurance documents and your ID card.

Liberty Mutual also finds your local agent's information; this is a great way to connect with a local representative, who can ensure you have the coverage need, based on state laws and any lender requirements (if applicable). Overall, Liberty Mutual makes it simple for you to receive a quote, buy a policy and print your documents, all from the comfort of your home in as little as a few minutes time.

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Benefits

Liberty Mutual offers a 12-month rate guarantee. This is beneficial in that when you sign up for a policy, you'll know what you will pay for the next year whereas with other car insurance providers they might offer an initial discount for the first six months then increase your premium amount at the time of the policy's renewal. This exemplifies a level of transparency Liberty Mutual provides that others don't.

It also has claims service 24 hours a day. As you can imagine, this is incredibly beneficial in that you will be able to reach them should an accident occur. This offering by Liberty Mutual exhibits its commitment to delivering the best service and support it can for its customers.

Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Drawbacks

Liberty Mutual is similar to other insurance providers in that its offerings won't be available in all states. This means depending on your state's laws, you might not have access to the coverage option you want, which might result in you selecting another provider.

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance - Tools & Resources

Liberty Mutual does an outstanding job offering tools on its website for you to enjoy. Included in its offerings are specialized articles touching on how providers like Liberty Mutual determine your premium costs and ways in which you can reduce your insurance bill. Additionally, Liberty Mutual provides a link on its auto insurance state list. This is where you can look up your state of residence to determine available coverages.

Along with these resources, it offers a section on teen driving. This section covers everything from state laws to driving test study guides to an online driving course, making this an excellent resource for parents of teen drivers and their teens alike.

Another helpful section touches on seniors that drive. Included in this section is senior driving tips and studies, where you can learn more on how aging might affect driving and ways you can speak with an older loved one if you have concerns on them driving.

As you can see, Liberty Mutual takes pride in delivering a wide variety of educational tools available. These resources are a good way to understand your car insurance coverage more while also giving you access to information you need, should you know a teen or senior driver.

Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Customer Service

As previously mentioned, Liberty Mutual takes pride in delivering superior service. You have access to contact them via phone for sales or support seven days a week. In addition, its claim service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event you need it. Moreover, Liberty Mutual's website also provides you with your local insurance agent's information if you want to contact them or set up an in-person appointment.

Lastly, Liberty Mutual earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This grade reflects not only the high level of care the provider gives its customers, but it also speaks volumes on its reputation.

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Review Recap

Liberty Mutual is a great option with many impressive features. Check out their specific policies to see if they are right for you. Bear in mind that not all policies are available in every state, so it might not be the best option in all situations.

Liberty Mutual is a great option with many impressive features. Check out their specific policies to see if they are right for you. Bare in mind that not all policies are available in every state.

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Recommended Look after their customers None

For an insurance company, Liberty Mutual are the best. We have our car insurance with them and have been with them for 3 years and every year the policy goes down and there are numerous benefits. They really look after their loyal customers.

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Recommended Great customer service None

I unfortunately had to make a claim when someone drove into my car, and they handled the claim quickly and made everything easy for me. They kept me up to date throughout the whole process and were friendly and helpful the whole way through.

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