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Affinity Cellular is powered by the nationwide network Verizon offering the same coverage without the expensive price tag.

With an MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator, you could save up to $600 a year on your cell phone bill, without sacrificing the features you love.

Below you'll find further information to help decide if Affinity Cellular has the right coverage for you.

Affinity Cellular 1GB
Verizon network
1GB 4G/5G data
$10 /mo* $20/mo

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* $10 off for 3 months
Affinity Cellular 3GB
Verizon network
3GB 4G/5G data
$15 /mo* $25/mo

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* $10 off for 3 months
Affinity Cellular 7GB
Verizon network
7GB 4G/5G data
$25 /mo* $35/mo

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* $10 off for 3 months
Affinity Cellular 15GB
Verizon network
15GB 4G/5G data
$35 /mo* $45/mo

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* $10 off for 3 months

Affinity Cellular network coverage

Affinity Cellular coverage map

Affinity Cellular operates on the Verizon network, so you'll have access to the same nationwide 4G LTE coverage, and 5G where it's available.

Even if you've had a plan with Verizon before it's always worth checking cell phone coverage in your area, which you can easily do with our ZIP code checker for availability at your address.

Network coverage ratings

Verizon network 95 9.8 74%
AT&T network 93 9.5 80%
T-Mobile network 87 88 79%

Sources: RootMetrics, OpenSignal, and Ookla.

Affinity Cellular cell phone plans





Affinity Cellular SIM card - Horizontal Affinity Cellular




Affinity Cellular SIM card - Horizontal Affinity Cellular




Affinity Cellular SIM card - Horizontal Affinity Cellular




Affinity Cellular SIM card - Horizontal Affinity Cellular




Affinity Cellular SIM card - Horizontal Affinity Cellular




Affinity Cellular benefits

As an MVNO, Affinity Cellular can offer many benefits compared to plans with the three major networks;

  • Lower prices: without hundreds of physical stores and sales staff they can pass on the low-costs to you. With possible savings of up to $600 a year.

  • Flexible plans: you won't feel stuck paying for features you don't need, you can customize your plan to suit you.

  • Keep your phone and number: pocket the savings from not upgrading to the latest handset and bring your own phone. You can also easily port your number across.

  • Easy to switch: if you're keeping your own phone the switch over is simple and you'll be all set within a few days.

  • No commitment: there's no contracts, so you pay as you go. If you're not happy or you need to amend your plan you can do this at any time.

Verizon vs Affinity Cellular comparison

Keep your Verizon phone, number & coverage: Save $570 per year


Network Coverage

4G/5G Data


Annual Cost


Verizon 4G & 5G




Affinity Cellular

Verizon 4G & 5G




*Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GB




Does Affinity Cellular use CDMA or GSM?

CDMA and GSM are the two technologies used in cell phones and help fill in the gap when 4G is not available. If your phone is only a few years old it's likely to be compatible with both technologies which make it easy to switch carriers.

Verizon uses the CDMA network so Affinity Cellular is compatible with all CDMA phones. Don't worry if your phone is not using the same technology, you can still save money on your cell phone plan. If you want to check your phone's compatibility you can use our IMEI checker.

Affinity Cellular features

Data Speed5G & 4G LTE
3G NetworkCDMA
Bring Your Phone
Keep Your Number
Credit Check
Customer Service24/7
Money Back GuaranteeYes - 45 days
ContractNo - prepaid
Taxes/fees included
WiFi Calling
Visual Voicemail
Multi-line Discounts
Multi-month Discounts
International Roaming
  • Unlimited talk and text: most plans offer unlimited text and talk, with data limits and other features available depending on the plan.

  • International calls: some plans offer either free international calling or the chance to add on international calling at an additional cost.

  • Multi-line discounts: with already low-cost prices, getting multiple lines with a family plan can help you save big bucks, often with a further discount on each additional line purchased.

  • 4G LTE data speeds: operating on major networks means you'll have access to their 4G LTE coverage, along with the 5G network where it's available.

Affinity Cellular phone service availability

Affinity Cellular coverage FAQs

How good is Affinity Cellular coverage?

Powered by Verizon you'll receive nationwide 4G LTE coverage.

What towers does Affinity Cellular use?

Affinity Cellular is powered by the Verizon network.

Is Affinity Cellular as good as Verizon?

Low-cost carriers pass on the savings to you. Without the overheads of physical stores or expensive advertising campaigns you can halve your monthly cell phone bill. With Affinity Cellular you pay for what you need while still receiving nationwide 4G LTE coverage.

What phones can I use with Affinity Cellular?

Most unlocked phones are compatible with Affinity Cellular. They operate on the Verizon network.


Affinity Cellular makes it possible to get a cell phone plan on the Verizon network without the big ticket prices.

Offering the same nationwide coverage with 4G LTE and the 5G network, where it's available.

With MVNOs you'll get flexible plans with no contracts, so you're free to amend or cancel without any additional fees.

If you're not sure Affinity Cellular plans are right for you, there's a large selection of MVNOs across all networks you can compare to find your perfect low-cost plan.

Affinity Cellular info

Headquarters955 Kacena Road, Suite A Hiawatha, IA 52233
Customer service(866) 488-8717