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Best Airvoice Wireless Plans in 2021

Airvoice Wireless cell phone service

Find cheap plans in your area

Airvoice Wireless review in October


  • Wide range of plans

  • Unlimited talk and text option

  • Cheap plan for low data users

  • Wi-Fi finder app

  • International calling available


  • Only half of plan data at high speed

  • Expensive for what you get

Airvoice Wireless is an MVNO that's been around longer than most. Founded in 1999, the carrier is headquartered in Michigan.

An MVNO is a wireless provider that buys space on the big four networks and sells it at a lower cost. In this case, Airvoice Wireless uses the nationwide AT&T network.

Find Cheap Cell Phone Plans in Your Area

Airvoice offers one set of prepaid cell phone plans with unlimited talk and text and various data buckets. You get unlimited international texting with all plans. You can also choose pay-as-you-go and be charged a set rate for each unit of usage. International calling is available as well.

Read on to learn more about Airvoice Wireless so you can decide if this is the best carrier for you.

Check Carrier Coverage

Airvoice Wireless Prepaid Plans

3GB DataAT&TUnltdUnltd3GB$20
6GB DataAT&TUnltdUnltd6GB$30
15GB DataAT&TUnltdUnltd15GB$50
Unlimited DataAT&TUnltdUnltdUnltd$70

The first thing you need to know about Airvoice Wireless cell phone plans is that the data plans are a bit misleading. Airvoice splits its data buckets in half - you get the first half at 4G speeds and the second half at 128Kbps.

For example, the 6GB plan comes with 3GB of high-speed data and 3GB at throttled speeds. There is also an unlimited data plan, however, you only get 5GB of that at 4G speed. Other options include 25MB (12.5MB high speed) and 2GB (1GB at high speed).

On the plus side, Airvoice has an app that automatically finds and connects to available Wi-Fi networks in order to minimize your data usage.

All of the data plans come with unlimited talk and text and unlimited international texting. Pay-as-you-go plans are available in amounts from $10 up to $100. International calling is available through a separate purchase.

If you're looking for something a little different, check out our cell phone plan comparison tool to see multiple plan options from reliable carriers all in one place.s

Airvoice Wireless Savings

AT&T vs Airvoice Wireless Plan Comparison

Keep your AT&T phone, number & coverage: Save $300 per year

CarrierNetwork Coverage4G LTE DataPriceAnnual Cost
AT&TAT&T 4G LTEUnltd*$75/mo$900/yr
Airvoice WirelessAT&T 4G LTE15GB$50/mo$600/yr
*Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GBSavings$25/mo$300/yr

Airvoice Wireless Coverage

Coverage is provided on the nationwide AT&T network. You'll get the same quality and performance as you get with the big guys at a lower cost.

AT&T coverage is extensive, but if you want to make sure you'll be covered you can check out the Airvoice Wireless coverage map.

International roaming is not available with your Airvoice service. You can either pick up a local SIM card when traveling abroad or use a Wi-Fi calling app for your connectivity needs.

Find Cheap Cell Phone Plans in Your Area

Airvoice Wireless Cell Phone Plans

Airvoice Wireless 3GB data plan



3 GB

4G/5G data


$6.67 per GB

Powered by: AT&T

Airvoice Wireless 6GB data plan



6 GB

4G/5G data


$5.00 per GB

Powered by: AT&T

Airvoice Wireless 15GB data plan



15 GB

4G/5G data


$3.33 per GB

Powered by: AT&T

Airvoice Wireless Phone Deals

Airvoice sells a range of devices from basic to the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Third-party phone financing is available, however, we don't recommend this option due to interest charges. You're best off owning your phone outright.

You can also bring your own phone. Since AT&T is a GSM network you'll need a GSM phone to get full functionality. Most AT&T phones will work, as well as some T-Mobile devices.

There are also universal unlocked phones that may be compatible with Airvoice, just make sure to check compatibility on the website before signing up.

If you don't already own a compatible phone the most budget-friendly choice is to buy used. Save 50% or more off top smartphone models when you shop refurbished Airvoice Wireless phones.

Regardless of whether you have a phone or are going to buy one you may need to adjust your device's APN settings.

Key Considerations

Always ask yourself a few questions before making a final decision on your new carrier.


Airvoice Wireless can be a solid choice if you have limited high-speed data needs and want a simple, easy to refill plan from an established carrier. With 30 years in business, this MVNO certainly has experience on its side.

On the downside, the data situation isn't as great as the carrier's marketing makes it seem. With half of the data amount throttled, the pricing becomes much less competitive compared to many other MNVO cell phone plans.

No matter which carrier you choose, don't forget you can add hundreds to your savings when you buy a refurbished smartphone for less than half of the retail price!

Find Cheap Cell Phone Plans in Your Area
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Airvoice Wireless User Reviews

Airvoice Wireless
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Poor, most texts are blocked from sending

I Got the connection for several years. poor voice, dropped calls, tests mostly undelivered, no explanation why: No pictures can be sent, let alone even short video, of even URL link. I look forward to change soon, even if I pay extra. They rely on gov. subsidized customer, who dont have many choices, or don't know better. Abusers ...

..... Heck with them

They won't let me see my review

I have detailed exactly the problems with this wireless company and my review has not been published. WHY?


I cannot makes calls unless I go stand in the street then each call drops after a few minutes. It is cold & rainy outside so I have been trying to place a local call all morning inside my home, I've pushed the redial 20 times and can't make a call. I have tried to sit in my car with no connection. Can only text one line sentences anything longer will not go thru. Drops the wifi every few minutes & must reconnect that's a crazy amount of reconnecting. How can I ever use this service. I can't. This should not be happening because there are 4 wireless airwaves that all cell phone carriers use, no matter their name, they provide service off one of the 4 networks. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint & Verizon. This review puts Airvoice Wireless service in the Dirt with the slugs where it belongs.