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Not RecommendedService was okay until nowNo help from customer support

I NEVER use my data. So imagine my surprise when last month on the day my new billing cycle started I used ALL of my data GB with my phone number being the culprit. I had not used my phone at all that day nor had I left my house. In fact they charged me three times in one day saying I kept going over my GB over and over. They advised me to just turn off my data which in turned blocked me from receiving or sending text messages if I was not at home. That didn't help!!!

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RecommendedEverything's greatnone

Over 10 years of being a happy customer with no problem that wasn't easily fixed.

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Not Recommendedbetter than nothingShould have went back to Sprint

When I called to cancel my account because Sprint was offering a better deal, the AT&T representative promised to lower my bill and offered to almost beat Sprint's deal. When I went online to confirm the deal he offered I found out it was over $40 more!

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Not RecommendednoneNo help from customer support

I'm very angry. My phone out of my whole family's is the only one without data or service. Tried calling customer service and they didn't help or explain the problem to me at all, just kept asking me to buy a plan with more data. AT&T honestly sucks

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RecommendedBetter quality than the competitorsnone

I've had AT&T for years now and have never had a problem

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Not RecommendedMy husband likes itVery unsatisfied with their service

I was with AT&T for 12 years but got married and honored my husband's request to change to Verizon because he and his company were on that network. I had a phone that I had when I was with AT&T that I need to give to my brother to use while he is taking care of my Dad who had a stroke. I have followed AT&T instructions and went online 5 times to put request for them to unlock my phone from their network so that I could help my brother. I have spoken with the company supervisors and the company Manager and they have yet to unlock me from their network. I changed to another company 18 months ago and think this is totally ridiculous.

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RecommendedDependable cell phone serviceNoticable drop in quality some times

Overall, AT&T is better than other carriers I've had in the past - the app is easy to use, the bill is easy to read, and the service is fairly reliable but seems to slow down or drop calls when I need it most.

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Not RecommendedSort of better outside of citiesCustomer service was an abolsute mess

We switched from T-Mobile to AT&T almost a yr ago and it was the worst mistake! Not only are iPhones incomparable to androids but the customer service is an absolute mess.

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RecommendedPay a lot for good serviceI don't like their upgrades

The pricing for the plan we're on is acceptable, but I hate their Next plan for an "upgrade" - either pay monthly installments, or pay for a new phone in full. I've had worse experiences with other carriers in the past though, so it could be worse

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RecommendedReliable coverageThey don't tell you when they change your bill

Service is pretty reliable for the most part, but they make changes (like throttling data) without notice. Customer service is polite.

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RecommendedRecommend to anyoneAs expensive as other companies

First time I'm using AT&T and I'm impressed. Good prices and great people representing the company.

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Recommendedlove AT&T cellnone

I love them. They usually help me when I need it. The cost is good for what I have. the company is outstanding all around. I've been with them for years and might be for years to come.

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RecommendedGo Phone is greatCoverage isn't 100%

With all of the cell phone companies and plans available, I simply wanted to put in a good word for AT&T's go phone. I don't need loads of minutes or data, only for calling home or saying i'll be late. i have used the go phone for many years and no complaints.

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