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4G/5G data
Same coverage - massive savings!YOU SAVE:
Magenta - $70/mo
Unlimited Extra - $75/mo
Play More Unlimited - $80/mo
Monthly cost
Average monthly data usage is only between 3-5GB
Avg. user rating

    Best AT&T 5G SIM Card

    How much is an AT&T 5G SIM card?

    AT&T 5G coverage without AT&T prices - Save $600/yr!
    99% coverage4G & 5G speedBring your phoneNo contracts
    Boost Mobile Sim Card - Vertical
    5GB4G/5G Data
    $5*per month
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    See Deal* 66% Off for 3 Months
    Boost Mobile Sim Card - Vertical
    Unltd4G/5G Data
    $25per month
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    Red Pocket Sim Card - Vertical
    500MB4G/5G Data
    $5per month
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    See Deal* Only $60 for 12 Mths Service
    Boost Mobile Sim Card - Vertical
    1GB4G/5G Data
    $8*per month
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    See Deal* $100 for 1 year service
    Good2Go Mobile Sim Card - Vertical
    3GB4G/5G Data
    $10*per month
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    See Deal* 50% Off for 3 Months
    Good2Go Mobile Sim Card - Vertical
    0GB4G/5G Data
    $10per month
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    Good2Go Mobile Sim Card - Vertical
    6GB4G/5G Data
    $15*per month
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    See Deal* 50% Off for 3 Months
    Red Pocket Sim Card - Vertical
    3GB4G/5G Data
    $15*per month
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    See Deal* Only $180 for 12 Mths Service
    PureTalk Sim Card - Vertical
    2GB4G/5G Data
    $15*per month
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    See Deal* 25% Off for 3 Months
    Good2Go Mobile Sim Card - Vertical
    1GB4G/5G Data
    $15per month
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    4G LTE data speedsSame fast speeds as the big guys
    No contractsFlexible and commitment-free
    Customize your planOnly pay for what you use
    Buy onlineNo need to visit a store
    AT&T 5G SIM Card Hero
    Same coverage, massive savings!
    Stop the Unlimited Data Plan Rip Off!
    CarrierNetworkDataPrice Annual 
    AT&TAT&T 4G & 5GUnlimited*$75/mo$900/yr
    Red PocketAT&T 4G & 5G10GB$23/mo$276/yr
    *Avg. data usage only 3-5GBSavings$52/moSavings$624/yr
    Coverage CheckerFind great value plans with the best coverage in your area
    Find cheap plans in your area
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    Switching & saving is simple
    Customize your planDon't pay for data you don't use
    Bring your own phoneKeep your phone & number
    Order SIM card onlineInsert your new SIM card & activate

    Cheapest AT&T 5G SIM card kit in 2022

    By Rob Webber - Last updated on

    A 5G SIM card with AT&T doesn't have to come with the expensive price tag.

    AT&T MVNOs offer 5G with all of their plans with prices starting from as little as $10 a month.

    As long as your phone supports 5G, you can pick a 5G SIM card kit online and have it delivered straight to your door.

    We've broken down the deals below to help you find the perfect 5G AT&T SIM cards.

    Family AT&T SIMGood2Go Mobile
    Check Carrier Coverage

    Cheap AT&T 5G SIM cards

    Best AT&T 5G SIM card for families

    See Deal
    Good2Go Mobile SIM Card - Good2Go Mobile 6GB SIM kitGood2Go Mobile SIM Card - Good2Go Mobile 6GB SIM kit
    $15** 50% Off for 3 Months
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    See Deal

    This Good2Go Mobile SIM kit includes unlimited mins, unlimited texts and 6GB data for $15 for 1 month of wireless service. Good2Go Mobile plans offer wireless coverage on the AT&T 5G and 4G LTE network. To learn more about why this is one of the best cell phone plans, check out MoneySavingPro's Good2Go Mobile review

    PlanDataPriceView plan

    Good2Go Mobile 3GB SIM card



    * 50% Off for 3 Months
    View Plan

    Good2Go Mobile 0GB SIM card



    View Plan

    Good2Go Mobile 6GB SIM card



    * 50% Off for 3 Months
    View Plan

    Good2Go Mobile 1GB SIM card



    View Plan

    Good2Go Mobile 10GB SIM card



    View Plan

    Good2Go Mobile 20GB SIM card



    View Plan


    • 4G LTE coverage

    • No contract

    • No credit checks


    • No unlimited data options

    • No app interface


    • Coverage on the nationwide AT&T & T-Mobile networks

    • Prepaid cell phone plans - no contract, credit check, or activation fee

    • Bring your own phone or buy a Good2Go Mobile phone

    • Mobile hotspot/tethering not supported

    • International calling to over 60 countries available as affordable plan add-on; calling to other countries via add-on calling card

    • Customer service available by phone 7am - 1am EST every day

    AT&T 5G SIM benefits

    • Same great nationwide coverage: These cell phone carriers operate on the very same networks as the big three carriers.
    • Much lower prices: Save up to $600 per year on your cell phone plan. Why are MVNOs so much cheaper? They don't have the huge overhead and advertising costs the big guys do.
    • No contracts: Don't get trapped into a two-year agreement. Switch carriers when you decide to with a no contract phone plan.
    • Same cell phone service: Just because you're paying less, that doesn't mean you have to scrimp on features. Plans with unlimited everything are easy to find from these prepaid carriers. Usually, a low-cost carrier plan comes with unlimited talk and text as standard, high-speed data, and even mobile hotspot data features.
    • Keep your phone and number: You can bring your own phone and keep your phone number. No need to sign up for pricey device payments.
    • Customize your plan: You decide how much data you need. Choose to pay as you go, opt for unlimited or no data, minimal minutes, or unlimited talk text and data. Unlimited data plans come at a much better price with an alternative carrier. Pick the plan options that fit your budget - not the one your carrier thinks you need.
    • Great customer support: Smaller mobile providers are known for their attention to their customers. Stop feeling like an anonymous number getting lost in the crowd! Check out our carrier user reviews before switching.

    AT&T 5G unlimited data plans

    PlanDataMonthly PriceAnnual Cost
    AT&T Unlimited ExtraUnlimited$75$900
    AT&T Unlimited EliteUnlimited$85$1,020

    AT&T vs Good2Go Mobile comparison

    Keep your AT&T phone, number & coverage: Save $690 per year

    CarrierNetwork Coverage4G/5G DataPriceAnnual Cost
    AT&TAT&T 4G & 5GUnltd*$75/mo$900/yr
    Good2Go MobileAT&T 4G & 5G3GB$20/mo$210/yr
    *Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GBSavings$55/mo$690/yr

    Prepaid AT&T 5G SIM cards

    Boost Mobile 5GB SIM kit5GBAT&T$5** 66% Off for 3 Months
    Good2Go Mobile 6GB SIM kit6GBAT&T$15** 50% Off for 3 Months
    Boost Mobile 15GB SIM kit15GBAT&T$20** $240 for 1 year service
    Boost Mobile unlimited data SIM kitUnltdAT&T$25
    Red Pocket 100GB - 12 mths SIM kit100GBAT&T$38** Only $450 for 12 Mths Service

    Bring your own AT&T 5G phone

    Bringing your own AT&T phone to the new carrier is easier than you may think. Once you know that the AT&T coverage serves your area, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

    1. Pick a carrier. Choose the right AT&T MVNO for your usage and budget. As always, make sure you read all the fine print.
    2. Choose a plan. Now that you know how much data you really need you're totally in control. Pick a plan that meets your needs without costing you extra for unnecessary data.
    3. Check phone compatibility. You can check phone compatibility on the carrier's site before signing up.

    AT&T 5G compatible phones

    How to remove an AT&T SIM card

    To remove the SIM card from your AT&T phone all you need is the SIM card remover tool provided to you when you bought your phone, or a small paper clip.

    1. If using the paperclip, unfold it and gently insert the end into the small pinhole in the SIM tray.
    2. Press gently until the SIM tray pops up, you do not need to use much pressure.
    3. Pull the SIM tray out gently, be careful the SIM card does not fall out.
    4. Swap your SIM card over, making sure you have aligned the SIM in the correct position.
    5. Re-insert the SIM tray into the phone.

    AT&T 5G SIM card FAQs

    What is the best prepaid AT&T 5G SIM card?

    AT&T MVNOs, such as Boost Mobile, Red Pocket, and PureTalk offers the best value prepaid SIM card plans.

    What is the cheapest AT&T 5G SIM card?

    The cheapest SIM cards with coverage on the 5G AT&T network are available online from AT&T MVNOs.


    Getting access to the AT&T 5G network doesn't need to be costly.

    AT&T SIM cards start from around $10 a month and you'll receive the same quality AT&T coverage, including 5G where it's available.

    Rob Webber
    Rob Webber

    Rob has 15+ years experience in the US and UK running price comparison sites for cell phone plans, smartphone deals, TV, and internet. He loves thinking outside of the box to build tools that empower consumers to make more informed decisions.