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    AT&T Reviews

    AT&T customer service ratings

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    Horrid Company

    Where do I begin? The company is disrespectful, dishonest, rude, and deceitful. I've read several reviews where the consumer entered the agreement under false pretense; then, when calling to rectify the situation, you are transferred to several different operators to repeat your problem repeatedly. I see now this is an avoidance tactic frequently used in this company to avoid dealing with the customer's complaint, found error, or a dishonest practice. Absolutely absurd and factual statements! I am a first and last time customer of AT&T. Please be advised this is a dishonest company with deceptive practices, poor connection, and poor customer service on a regular basis. The thirteenth month has been just as distasteful as month one. I will take the monetary loss to rid this disease; for prospective clients, don't waste your hard-earn money. I have learned the hard way.

    Very Dissatisfied Customer

    I would give them 0 stars if possible.

    Worst customer service experience ever. I would recommend every one to stay away from them and Direct TV.


    Agreed to a promotion offered in Thanksgiving 2021, was told 2 new phones would arrive in 3 to 4 days, that was a lie, delivery took over 3 weeks, when I went to AT&T store to set up new phones, was told the promotion expired. The December promotion offered, was twice the price, from the Thanksgiving Promotion, so I canceled the offer all together. Was told to return phones and I would receive the refund charged for both phones totaling $120.00. AT&T confirmed phones where received and refund would be received 3 to 4 days. That was a lie! It took over ten calls to the company and I was lied to by everyone including managers, they were the worse, hours spent on phone calls 15+ hrs, plus 90 days my bank assisting after filling a complaint, to received my refund. The complete hassle took from Nov. 2021, until last week April 2022, to finally received my refund, thanks to my bank. If you want to live a carefree, no stress or hassle life, walk pass all associates trying to get you in a whirlwind of a headache, with a false promotion offered by AT&T. Just thinking about this huge mistake, gives me a migraine😡😩☠️

    Sorry excuse for customer support

    No mobile data for 2 weeks and they say nothing is wrong. Then when they have to actually try and figure it out they conveniently drop the call

    Poor customer service/High rates

    I have been with AT&T since they were Singular. Service has gotten worse, customer service has depreciated, store associates are not very knowledgeable about the products anymore and the bill keeps getting higher. I just experienced a very rude customer service call and now I am taking my 6 lines to Verizon, where I know they have better service because my business cell phones are through them and I never experienced rude, distasteful customer services.

    They sell your personal info

    I’ve been a customer for 22 years and just discovered that at&t doesn’t care about anyone. They sell our info, outsource jobs, let underpaid foreigners hack our accounts, and the service reliability has decreased tremendously over the past two years. I’m very disappointed that I talked my brother into leaving Verizon only to immediately start receiving spam calls and texts because of at&t

    False advertising, lie to customers

    I got there service because I was told I have best internet and it was fast. I only had two things hook to it and it was only 5 kept buffing ! I was told I not be bill for a month , first month was free !! All lies . Did even have service a two weeks after first week I didn’t use it I call them and said I want it canceled on this date , but I canceled it two days prior still with in two weeks ! I ask for a return box with label so mail man could pick up or fed ex at my home ! I don’t have transportation and due to health issues I can’t leave home . So they send me wrong labels multi times then post cards . Also bills with different amount! Today I got a final bill and found out my bill which is just the equipment is going to collections!!lol they don’t have a service for pick up at ur door now the saying !!!! They always have excuses cause they don’t want to do their job or follow thru what they tell customers they will do !!! It’s been 4 months !!! lazy employees must be nice to company and lie to customers!!! But they fail to realize phone calls are recorded

    They do everything the hardest way possible

    For a communications company to suck this bad at communication is impressive



    Terrible, awful customer service.

    Spent many hours with multiple agents. Most customer service agents have no idea what they are doing, and will flat out lie to you.

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