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AT&T Reviews in 2021

AT&T customer service ratings

Average Customer Rating39 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars3
4 Stars3
3 Stars3
2 Stars6
1 Star24
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Read 39 AT&T user reviews

This company is ridiculous.

I have been a customer since 2019. I recently added internet to my Direct TV account and wireless phone as a bundle deal (supposedly). The representative that came to my house told me I would only be paying $150 a month since I'm already a customer. Since August 2020, three of my numbers were supposed to have switched over from Boost Mobile. I didn't find out only one was switched over until January 2021. My phone bill was very high ($300) in September- December. I asked them January 2021 could I change my daughter number since it wasn't imported over, and it was not a problem, but when I wanted my son number changed, they had me going into a local AT&T store three times to get a SIM card, and they were not changing his number but adding lines, and later removing them but still charging me for them. As of today October 6, 2021, it still shows 4 lines on my account being charged and I only have 3 devices being used. They have been overcharging me the entire time. Recently they started messing up my Direct TV/Internet bill and I had to correct them about that.

They false advertise

If you are looking for a company that looks after their customers. This is not the one. Go with another company. I’ve been with att 25 plus years, needed to delay a payment by a week due to Covid. They advertise they will help and you get told nothing they can do when you call!! Go with T-Mobile or Verizon where they treat their customers with respect and not misleading you

Lied about service cost not give proper trade in p

They lie about almost everything! I've been dealing with wrong charges and no trade in credits for a whole year! Still wrong! They gave me a monthly cost and has never been the right price!

The worst costumer service ever!

I only wish you could list zero stars

Their customer service is like Dante’s inferno.

It is absolutely impossible to get to discuss anything with these people. They have created a vicious cycle/space odyssey where you are constantly catapulted back to the starting point, even when you have already paid your monthly bill and are trying to get billed the same amount with a penalty for being overdue and want to rightfully dispute that. You have a better chance at finding the secret to immortality than avoiding being charged twice for the same bill with these people. I am absolutely discontinuing my service with these crooks.

They Lie about everything!

All they care about is people upgrading their account. I was told in an email that my 2021 NFL Sunday ticket was going to be no charge for the season. Then when I got my last statement I was charged the full amount. Then took me three days to find out that they weren't going to honor what was said in the email sent to me.

False advertising

Do not accept the First Responders offer, it is with lots of hidden costs. The offer is for a promotion with a discounted rate for phone service, and a free apple watch. My first payment that was advertised at $30 was $200. The Apple watch was not free, and the service was not $30. It is a lie, a scam, and I am disappointed. I feel completely taken advantage of, as this was said to be a display of appreciation for the service that is provided by Dr's and Nurses. Please be warned that this is another way to prey upon those that are in compromising circumstances due to the current events . I have been with ATNT for over 15 years, and I feel disrespected and unappreciated. I will be paying it out, and changing service asap

Liars and money hogs

Tired of dealing with AT&T ordered A 32 phone never got it said they were backordered so had to ditch out more money for more phones hard to get ahold of someone in customer service

Sick of not receiving the trade in credit promised

Many conversations each ending with we will get thus fixed to today's saying my phone didn't qualify. On top of that reception is horrible at home and everywhere I travel. T-mobile users around me are using their phones. So frustrating

Horrible company and a customer service

If there was -0 rating I would rate it. Since I joined this messed up company I've been dealing with several problems like with charges, customer service reps giving me different information every time I called and now I found out that these idiots are charging me for the full price of the actual phone that I got from them even though in the beginning they said that I only would pay 30% of my phone if I joined. How can it be that every month my payment fluctuates and there's no stability? With this freaking horrible company it's possible. Don't join this nightmare AT&T where there are bunch of liars and are greedy money hungry bastards.

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2ndGen MobileT-Mobile4.2
3rdUS MobileVerizon & T-Mobile4.1
5thTingT-Mobile & Verizon4
6thTwigbyVerizon & Sprint3.8
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