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Boom Mobile Plans

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If you're in the market for a cell phone plan with talk, text, and data, yet you're not interested in committing to a contract at this point in time, Boom Mobile may be the wireless carrier for you.

This multi-carrier MVNO offers contract-free wireless services for a select number of devices once you choose a prepaid cell phone plan on either the Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile network.

Because Boom Mobile works with several of the country's largest cellular networks, you'll have the ability to shop a range of reliable cell phone plans at prices you can afford this year.

We'll walk you through Boom Mobile plans, devices, coverage and more in this guide, so you can see whether or not this company's hassle-free wireless services are the right option for you.

Compare Boom Mobile Cell Phone Plans

If you're wondering about the kind of plan you can get with Boom Mobile, this company's wireless services come with the following three plans: individual, data only and business only. This selection of Boom Mobile plans ensures you'll be able to find the right plan for your needs.

Whether you're looking for an unlimited plan with unlimited talk and text or you're more focused on an unlimited plan with data, consider your options when looking for a new plan and a phone to match it. Boom Mobile plans also accommodate different types of devices, so you can start shopping for a personalized prepay plan that accommodates 3G and 4G devices in one place.

The majority of Boom Mobile plans are on the Verizon Network, so you can become a part of the largest network in the country with your choice of a cost-effective prepay plan. While the individual plans are sorted by red, yellow and pink, where each color represents the wireless carrier, you'll also find out which devices are compatible with each prepay plan.

These unlimited talk and text plans accommodate smartphones and basic phones with additional flexibility with regard to the monthly data allotment. If you opt for an unlimited plan, finally, you'll enjoy perks like easy billing and account management, which come with joining this reliable cellular carrier.

Boom Mobile Cell Phone Plans

What Kind of Phone Can I Get With Boom Mobile?

Now that you're familiar with Boom Mobile cell phone plans, let's dive deeper into the kind of phone you can get with these wireless services. Because your mobile device will influence your choice of plan and vice-versa, think about the type of plan and mobile device you want when taking your pick at Boom Mobile.

The company offers the latest devices, so, whether you want a smartphone or basic phone, you'll find what you're looking for and save money at Boom Mobile.

Boom Mobile Smartphones

  1. Blu Dash 3.5 II - Available for boom! PINK and boom! BLUE
  2. Pantech Breakout - Available for boom! RED
  3. Blu Studio Mini LTE - Available for boom! BLUE and boom! PINK
  4. LG K8 - Available for boom! RED

Boom Mobile Basic Phones

  1. SAM B311 Gusto 3 - Available for boom! RED
  2. SAM U680 Convoy 3 Gray - Available for boom! RED

How To Activate Your Device

After you've decided between Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile and picked a device compatible with your prepaid plan, you can unlock your phone with Boom Mobile. The company encourages subscribers to activate their mobile phones through its online form. Once you've opened the form, simply check the box that applies to your situation and proceed throughout the steps.

SIM Card

Boom Mobile offers a SIM card for each wireless network - Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile - with a 3-in-1 Tricut SIM Card for boom! PINK and boom! RED and a device specific one for boom! YELLOW.

Deals, Promotions & Discounts

Because Boom Mobile made a number of exciting announcements earlier this year, you can be one of the first customers to apply the newest updates to your plan with this growing company.

The release of the VoLTE product on the boom! RED network is one of the main upgrades, which allows subscribers to add this feature to their existing accounts at no additional charge. Given that this update enhances the sound quality of voice calls and lets you use text and web functions while you're on a call, it's a convenient addition to Boom Mobile's wireless services. This upgrade, which is available on the LTE network, also includes 6-way conference calling, so it accommodates subscribers who want to get a little more out of their current prepay plans.

In addition to the VoLTE capabilities on the boom! RED network, subscribers can also enjoy visual voicemail on compatible devices. This feature lets you listen to voicemail messages in any sequence and select and delete them accordingly. While these basic features will be available for a limited time free of charge, subscribers can also pay a monthly or annual fee to buy enhanced visual voicemail services if their devices and plans can work using this feature.

Boom Mobile Coverage

The company's coverage varies from one network to the next, so you'll need to choose the right one for you. While looking for a network that supports the use of a mobile hotspot, for example, you'll hone in on your preferences as a subscriber and take the best route for you at Boom Mobile. You'll also need to determine whether or not your phone is compatible with the wireless services you're looking for with this carrier, so you can get connected and start enjoying your prepay plan.

The Verizon Network has the widest area of coverage in the United States, so start your search by taking a closer look at boom! RED. Because this Verizon MVNO offers the most coverage for an LTE phone, you'll enjoy better overall performance that surpasses the Sprint Network and T-Mobile Network.

Take a look at Verizon's network with our coverage maps.

Boom Mobile Customer Support

Given that customer support is one of Boom Mobile's top selling points, you'll receive exceptional service when you need it. You have the option to leave your name and email in their online contact form or utilize online chat during business hours.

If you have a concern after hours, you can also search for the answer to your question on their website. The team at Boom Mobile strives to address your concern right away, so, whether you email ( or call (1-800-767-5599) them, the company's employees are always available to help you.


Boom Mobile can offer a simple mobile plan that won't break the bank if you're willing to work with the company's available plans, networks, and devices. Because you can get wireless coverage from a leading MVNO while taking advantage of perks like their trade-in program, this hassle-free source for wireless services could be worthwhile.

You can start with using your driver license to sign up with Boom Mobile or explore your options with Pure Talk USA, TracFone Wireless or Boost Mobile to find the best no contract cell phone plan for you this year.

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