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    Cricket Wireless Reviews

    Cricket Wireless customer reviews & complaints

    Cricket Wireless
    Average Customer Rating35 User Reviews
    User Rating Distribution
    5 Stars7
    4 Stars3
    3 Stars0
    2 Stars7
    1 Star18
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    Reviews of Cricket Wireless in 2022

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    Read 35 user reviews

    The billing is pain, service is ok.

    The service is ok especially if you are in the city. I paid my bill after I got a text saying your bill came s due by 11:59 tonight. I pay them I get a confirmation text. The next morning my phone is shut off, I had to pay them $15 to turn my phone back on because I paid before midnight but not midnight central standard time. They are ok but I will be looking for a new provider- certainly wouldn’t call them great! In rural areas service sucks!

    Poor customer service, app never works so you can't

    Go somewhere else app never works,then you can't pay on app then charged 4.00 fee in store or over phone,poor customer service in store and on phone

    Current customer phone upgrades are a joke

    Received a message saying I am eligible for a phone upgrade. Looked at the current "good" phones and Cricket's pricing is the same as all the other carriers--too expensive especially when they used to be free to keep my business. Going to keep my current phone and when 4G is obsolete or my phone dies, I will just cancel my Cricket service at that time.

    Worst customer service ever.

    I have been waiting for 2 refunds totaling about 300 dollars since February 3 and still haven’t received it! They have also suspended my phone twice . The second time I had to pay $ 50.00 to get it turned back on . I have called and waited online for customer service and supervisors with no luck multiple times. They don’t seem to care about their customers only your money. I have been treated badly and hung up on . I have been told that they would have a supervisor call me back and never received a call. I have been transferred to and hung up on multiple times. I have been on hold with them for hours waiting for a customer service representative and never talked to anyone. I wouldn’t recommend Cricket to my worst enemy. The way they treat their customers I’m surprised that they are still in business or haven’t been shut down or sued .


    They lock your account for halucinating "security reasons" and they are not able to help you reset password whether via their temporary password they sent or while talking with customer service guy.


    Turbo hotspot- hot spot

    First the turbo hotspot is junk. I already waste my hard earn money and been threw 2 with no refund or exchange seriously- next I put the chip in my iPad - how do they turn off the hotspot? You don’t even get to the paid amount but it totally quits working- Seriously? So then move on to your cell hotspot to find out you didn’t use all the allowed but nothing will connect

    Cricket is horrible company

    I paid a high Bill and when I order a new phone they cut my line off and stole my money when I replaced my line

    Best internet speed in the city and Service

    I try every company out and none work as well as CRICKET Wireless Does ,Best internet No slowdowns like Tmobile,

    Extremely difficult to pay your bill

    The new voice recognition system for bill paying really sucks. I'll be switching providers.

    Very bad

    I been with cricket for over a year now . The service is very poor . Really paying for phones to hit the unlock time contract an then going to leave . It’s been the biggest waist of money month after month paying for crap data speed an notable to get or make calls till you drive to town . They sure hope up the lte an 5G yet here in the panhandle of Wv your better off on jitterbug lol

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