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GoSmart Mobile Review

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GoSmart Mobile is something of an outlier in the MVNO marketplace.

We'll get to why in a minute - first, let's clarify what we mean by MVNO. Mobile Virtual Network Operators are smaller carriers that use one or more of the big four networks, and sell that service at a lower price than the major carriers.

GoSmart was started in 2012 by T-Mobile. It's now owned by TracFone, with service still provided on the T-Mobile network.

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The first thing you should know about this cell phone provider is that it only offers service at 3G speeds. You won't find any plans with 4G LTE service. You will, however, find strong international service options.

Ready to learn more? Read on for all the details in our full GoSmart Mobile review.

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Go Smart Mobile Highlights

  • Coverage on the nationwide T-Mobile network
  • Prepaid plans - no contract, credit check, or activation fee
  • Bring your own compatible device
  • Mobile hotspot/tethering permitted
  • Unlimited international text included, international calling to over 60 countries free with every plan, talk to other countries available via global calling card
  • international roaming in Latin America included
  • Customer service available by phone 8am - 11:45pm EST every day, or by online chat

GoSmart Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Go Smart MobileUnltd/Unltd0.25GB$15
Go Smart MobileUnltd/Unltd1GB$25
Go Smart MobileUnltd/Unltd5GB$30
Go Smart MobileUnltd/Unltd20GB$45
Go Smart MobileUnltd/UnltdUnltd$55

First things first: before we look at plans, let's talk about what you can do with 3G data in a 4G world.

How Fast Is 3G?

Every user's experience is different, depending upon network traffic, how close the nearest tower is, etc. In general, 3G speeds can deliver between 4Mbps and 7Mbps in ideal circumstances.

What Can You Do at 3G Speeds?

Technically speaking, 3G will allow you to stream services like Netflix in standard definition. Of course, as I mentioned, individual results may vary.

3G is also plenty fast enough to email, browse normal websites, and play basic games. It's adequate for many users, as long as you don't expect HD quality or the ability to play comprehensive online games.

Now, on to plan details.

Plans range from 250 MB of data to unlimited, and all of them come with a suite of benefits:

  • Unlimited nationwide talk and text
  • International calling to 69 destinations
  • International roaming in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and a selection of Latin American countries
  • Unlimited 4G access to Facebook
  • Unlimited 2G data once your 3G data allotment is used up

Plans include options with 1, 5, and 20 GB of 3G data as well.

The unlimited data plan includes 10 GB of mobile hotspot usage and an international calling credit.

You can purchase add-on data in increments of 500 MB or 1.5 GB. You can also buy global calling credit separately.

GoSmart Mobile Pricing: Is It Competitive

CarrierNetwork CoverageData LimitMonthly PriceAnnual Price
T-MobileT-Mobile 4G LTEUnlimited*$70$840
Go Smart MobileT-Mobile 4G LTE5GB$30$360
* Avg. T-Mobile unlimited plan customer uses 5GB data

GoSmart Mobile Coverage

GoSmart provides service on the nationwide T-Mobile network. Most areas of the country are covered by T-Mobile, particularly for 3G service, so you won't have a problem unless you live in an extremely rural area.

If you've never used T-Mobile and aren't sure about whether your location is covered, check out our handy GoSmart Mobile coverage map.

GoSmart Mobile Cell Phone Deals

Go Smart Mobile - 1GB Data Plan
Go Smart Mobile
Data:1 GB4G data
$25per month
Go Smart Mobile is powered by:T-Mobile
Go Smart Mobile - 5GB Data Plan
Go Smart Mobile
Data:5 GB4G data
$30per month
Go Smart Mobile is powered by:T-Mobile
Go Smart Mobile - Unlimited Data Plan
Go Smart Mobile
Data:Unlimited4G data
$55per month
Go Smart Mobile is powered by:T-Mobile

GoSmart Mobile Phone Options

GoSmart Mobile is an exclusively BYOD (bring your own device) carrier. They don't sell any phones. That means you've got a couple options for providing your own:

Bring Your Current Phone

Already have a T-Mobile phone? You should be all set - you can bring your phone to your new GoSmart plan with no issues, as long as your device is capable of operating on the 1900 MHz frequency.

You probably already know that T-Mobile is a GSM network. Since AT&T also uses GSM phones you might be able to bring your AT&T device to GoSmart Mobile. Only certain phones are compatible, though, so be sure to check first.

Many MVNOs also accept some CDMA phones (Sprint and Verizon use CDMA networks). GoSmart Mobile isn't one of them - you will not be able to bring a CDMA device to your plan.

Buy a Refurbished Cell Phone

Your best bet if you need a different phone to use on this carrier is to buy a refurbished cell phone. You get great bang for your buck on high-end devices. Save over 50% off the retail price of flagships like iPhone SE and the Google Pixel.

We make it super simple and fast to see the lowest prices on GoSmart Mobile compatible phones.

Whether you bring your current phone or buy a new one, you'll need to order a GoSmart Mobile SIM card (at a cost of .01). You may also need to change your phone's APN settings.

Key Considerations When Choosing GoSmart Mobile

Is GoSmart Mobile the right choice for your needs and budget? Ask yourself some questions before you decide.

  • Does T-Mobile provide coverage in your area?
  • Are you a light user without the need for heavy HD video streaming, etc.?
  • Do you need international calling built into your plan?
  • Are you a heavy Facebook mobile user?
  • Can you bring your own phone or will you need to buy a new one?


GoSmart Mobile is a carrier that fits a very specific set of wireless needs. It's great for international service and not so great for heavy data users who need a fast network connection for streaming or gaming.

Overall, this prepaid cell phone plan provider may be good if you have a compatible 3G phone that you're perfectly happy with. It's tough to find discount wireless service that only runs at 3G speeds, so in that case, GoSmart is the ideal solution.

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Go Smart Mobile Network Specs & Info

Go Smart Mobile Network Specs

Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Contract:No - prepaid
Credit Check:No

Go Smart Mobile Company Info

Headquarters:9700 NW 112th Avenue, Miami, FL 33178
Customer Service:(877) 582-7788

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