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GreatCall Bring Your Own Phone Plans

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GreatCall BYOP plans in 2021

Changing phone carriers used to be confusing and expensive, but when you switch to GreatCall you'll find affordable bring your own phone plans that can save you hundreds of dollars on your cell phone bill.

GreatCall makes it quick and easy to purchase a SIM card kit online and get your new plan up and running within a few days.

We've summarized the details below to help you find the best BYOD plan with GreatCall.

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GreatCall BYOP benefits

Bringing your own device to a low cost carrier plan offers a number of benefits;

  • Lower prices: with affordable plans, you can save up to $600 a year with an MVNO.

  • Keep your number: there's no need to change your number, low cost carriers make it easy to port it across.

  • Flexibility: there's no contracts with these prepaid plans, so if your needs change you can cancel or amend your plan.

  • Easy to switch: it's simple to switch providers, just pick your plan and your SIM card kit will be sent to you in the post.

  • Quality coverage: powered by the same major US networks, you'll get the same coverage on the nationwide 4G LTE network that you're used to.

GreatCall BYOP plans







Unlimited Talk & Text






3GB Data






5GB Data






Unlimited Data






GreatCall have a range of low cost plans available whether you're looking for unlimited data, family plans, unlimited talk and text, or a basic plan, there's something for everyone.

GreatCall compatible phones

The quickest way to check if your phone is compatible with GreatCall is with our IMEI checker.

If your current phone is not compatible, you can still find some affordable prepaid phones online. With a range of handsets from basic cell phones to the latest smartphones.

If your phone was purchased through a plan with, AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile you'll need to check the phone is unlocked. Phones purchased with the big three are locked to their network, but once the contract ends, as long as the phone has been paid off, they'll unlock the handset for you.

GreatCall coverage

Operating on the Verizon network you'll receive access to the same nationwide 4G LTE coverage at an affordable price. To make sure it's the right fit, you can use your ZIP code to check the cell phone coverage at your address.

GreatCall Specs





Bring Your Phone:


Keep Your Number:




Credit Check:






Taxes/fees included:




WiFi Calling:


Visual Voicemail:


Multi-line Discounts:


Multi-month Discounts:


International Roaming:


How to switch to GreatCall

Switching to GreatCall is easy, but you'll want to check a few things first. You'll need to make sure your current phone is unlocked, meaning it's not tied to a specific carrier, and that it's compatible with the GreatCall network. You can find out if your phone's compatible quickly using your IMEI number.

If your current handset is not compatible there are options to purchase a new phone through GreatCall that won't leave you out of pocket.

GreatCall SIM card activation

It takes a few easy steps to get your phone set up with a GreatCall low cost plan;

  1. Check your phone's compatible and unlocked

  2. Choose and order your GreatCall SIM card kit online

  3. When it arrives, pop your SIM card into your phone and follow the activation instructions

GreatCall BYOP FAQs

What phones are compatible with GreatCall?

Most unlocked phones that were made in the last few years will work with GreatCall, but you can use your phone's IMEI number to make sure it's compatible.

Can I use my own phone with GreatCall?

Absolutely. All low cost carriers encourage you to bring your own phone to help you save even more money on your cell phone plan.

Is it cheaper to bring your own phone?

Yes, if you don't need or want to upgrade your handset. Bringing your own device can save you the additional cost of a new phone that would be added to your monthly bill.


With affordable plans, no commitment and only paying for what you need, bringing your own phone to GreatCall gives you plenty of bang for your buck and can save you up to $600 per year.

Most unlocked phones made within the last few years should be compatible, but if your phone doesn't work with the GreatCall network they do offer a variety of new handsets to choose from.

If you're unsure that GreatCall is a good fit, you'll find plenty of money saving deals by comparing the best MVNOs across all networks.

GreatCall Info




10945 Vista Sorrento Pkwy, Suite 120, San Diego, CA 92130


501 - 1000

Customer Service:

(800) 733-6632

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GreatCall Prepaid SIM Cards
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0GB LTE Data
$20 per month
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GreatCall Sim Card - Vertical
3GB LTE Data
$30 per month
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GreatCall Sim Card - Vertical
5GB LTE Data
$35 per month
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GreatCall Sim Card - Vertical
Unltd LTE Data
$40 per month
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