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GSM Carriers List of 2021

List of GSM network carriers in June

GSM (Global System for Mobiles) is one of the main technologies used by cell phone carriers to provide you with your cellular service. The other technology you may've heard of is CDMA.

Because of its use worldwide, GSM is the more popular technology. CDMA is used mainly in the US. The great thing about a GSM phone is it stores all your information on a SIM card, making it super easy to switch to another compatible phone. If you're currently with AT&T or T-Mobile you'll be on the GSM network.

The main difference with a CDMA phone is that they don't use a SIM card. This means your phone may be locked to the CDMA network. But if you're looking to move to a GSM carrier you could still bring your own unlocked phone. If your phone is only a few years old, the chances are it's compatible. Most of the latest phones use both the GSM and CDMA networks. Find out how to unlock your phone.

See below for information on the low cost carriers operating on AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

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T-Mobile GSM network list

T-Mobile GSM carriers

Here are the cell phone carriers operating on the T-Mobile network.

Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular has been acknowledged for its exceptional customer service. It runs on both the T-Mobile and AT&T network. They offer good basic plans that you can build around you and your needs.

Pay only for what you'll use.

Go Smart Mobile

GoSmart Mobile is perfect if you're a light to medium user. They've got a great selection of plans and add ons.

They offer an unlimited data plan, but speeds are limited to 3G. On average we only use between 3 to 5GB data per month. We believe you can save money by choosing a set-data plan.

Hello Mobile

New in the world of cheap cell phone plans, Hello Mobile offers an easy way to save money.

Activation is free and there are no contracts. Which means no lengthy tie ins. With fewer plans on offer, choosing between them is simple. To save even more money you can bring your own device and keep your phone number.


Lycamobile offers plans in 23 countries and is based in the UK. If you're a frequent traveller you'll find some great plans to help you stay connected internationally.

Their plans focus on international calling and texting with some plans including unlimited data.

Metro by T-Mobile

Offering a ton of data on each plan Metro by T-Mobile is a good choice for those craving data. With unlimited data options available, they're not as budget friendly as other cheap cell phone carriers.

They offer discount for multiple lines and 5G network is available if supported by your phone.

Mint Mobile

For a one of a kind low cost carrier, Mint Mobile's got you covered. All plans come with unlimited talk and text in the US. They provide a range of contract lengths that can save you more when you buy multiple months in bulk.

As long as it's compatible with T-Mobile's network, you'll also be able to bring your own phone.

Net10 Wireless

Net10 Wireless work with all four of the major networks, so coverage is one thing you don't need to worry about with these guys. You can save even more money by choosing to BYOP.

They have a great range of plans to suit all needs, but their higher set data options don't compare with other low cost cell phone carriers.

Red Pocket Mobile

Operating on all four major networks, Red Pocket Mobile has your back when it comes to coverage.

Take your pick with some basic plans and additional add ons available, you can get the same great coverage you trust without the hefty price tag.

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless provides an interesting approach when it comes to low-cost carriers. Your plan will prioritize Wi-Fi signal, when that's not available you'll be connected to the T-Mobile or Sprint network.

No overage fees, no contracts and no surprises with Republic Wireless.

Simple Mobile

Living up to its name, Simple Mobile offers simple plans including an unlimited option. What you see is what you get.

Simple Mobile makes it hassle free to bring your own device and keep the same number. With no insane prices but the coverage you love from T-Mobile.

Speedtalk Mobile

If you're fed up of paying silly prices for something you don't use, Speedtalk Mobile offers some good plans.

Ideal if you're a light user or are looking for cheap cell phone plans for kids or seniors. With no credit checks and no contracts, if you're not happy you can cancel and move on.


Ting offer plans like no other. Only want to pay for what you use? Their plans offer exactly that.

Their super simple plans are perfect for a light phone user. Ting set a low-cost starting price, then you tailor the plan to your needs. If you don't use any minutes, texts, or data you don't pay more.

Ultra Mobile

Staying connected to family and friends overseas is cheaper with Ultra Mobile. All of their plans include unlimited international talk and text.

As long as your phone is compatible you can bring your own. If you're not sure, you can pop over to Ultra Mobile's website to check your phones compatability.

US Mobile

US Mobile keeps things simple. They give you complete control to customize your plan around your cell phone needs. Only pay for what you need.

Working on the Verizon and T-Mobile network you'll get top coverage without paying bonkers prices.

Walmart Family Mobile

Offering a superb variety of plans targeted to families, Walmart Family Mobile lives up to its name.

All plans offer unlimited texts and talk, then you pick your data usage or add additional lines to save more.

If your phone is compatible you can easily switch over and keep your number.


Whether you're a light, medium, or heavy user Wing provide budget friendly plans for everyone. They offer a family plan that saves money on multiple lines and even an unlimited data option.

Piggybacking off three major networks, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, your coverage should be trustworthy.

One thing we're not a fan of with Wing, during busy times data speeds can be throttled when the network is congested. It's not a big deal, it's unlikely you'll notice the slower speeds. Especially while we're currently avoiding busy spaces.

AT&T GSM network list

AT&T GSM carriers

Meet the great low cost carriers powered by AT&T below.

Altice Mobile

Altice Mobile hooks onto both AT&T and Sprint networks and they keep their plans simple. The only dilemma is that their offers are exclusive to customers of Suddenlink or Optimum.

If you're a Suddenlink or Optimum customer it's worthing checking out Altice Mobile's money saving deals.

Airvoice Wireless

As one of the oldest low-cost carriers operating on AT&T's network Airvoice Wireless provides a selection of plans for all needs.

Not as cheap as other alternative carriers, but you can save more by opting for autopay.

Black Wireless

Looking for international calling? Black Wireless have a great option for you. Their plans include unlimited talk, text, and data.

You can nail an even better deal by committing to a multi month plan.

Boom! Mobile

With some of the cheapest deals on the market Boom Mobile are aimed toward light to medium users. You'll find a range of plans to match your data usage including unlimited talk and text.

If you're craving data Boom Mobile plans are on the steep side so you might want to check other alternative carriers.

Cricket Wireless

Owned by AT&T it's no surprise that Cricket Wireless offers some of the best plans available on their network. It's one of the only cheap phone carriers supporting 5G on their data only plans.

Cricket Wireless have a good selection of phones if you're looking for a new phone. Or you can save more by bringing your own.

easyGO Wireless

At easyGO Wireless their focus is international service. Their plan range is small but their offerings are mighty. With cheap plans providing unlimited international calling and text.

easyGO Wireless don't do unlimited plans. But with most of us only using 3 to 5GB of data a month why pay for what you don't need? You can calculate your data usage and if unlimited is for you, there are plenty of alternative carriers offering unlimited deals on the AT&T network to check out.


With a great variety of plans, Freedompop even offers one that's free.

How can they do it? By using VoIP, Voice over internet protocol. Similar to Skype, this uses data signals instead of cell signals for calls and texts. The catch? Not all of their plans are free, but they provide a good selection of cheap plans.

FreeUP Mobile

FreeUP Mobile used to offer a free plan via a rewards program. They've since thrown that on the scrap heap to offer a better selection of money saving plans. There is no unlimited data, however they offer free international talk and text and a variety of set data options.

Good2Go Mobile

If you don't need all that trendy stuff and just want a good old fashioned uncomplicated plan, then Good2Go Mobile could be for you.

With a small build your own phone selection, you'll get unlimited talk and text and a choice of your data limit.

h2o Wireless

With a good selection of plans for most budgets, h2o Wireless also offers unlimited data, although speeds can be throttled at busy times.

Looking for a new phone? They have a good selection of phones with finance options.

Net10 Wireless

Powered by all four major networks, coverage is top of it's game with Net10 Wireless.

They've got a great range of cell phone plans, but no option for unlimited data. We don't believe you need that anyway.

To save even more money you can bring your own device and keep your number without the hassle.

Pix Wireless

Pix Wireless love transparency. They offer low cost plans with no contracts meaning no commitment and no early termination fees.

With coverage you can take your pick from any of the four major networks that they piggyback off. All Pix Wireless plans come with unlimited talk and text, plus your choice of data.

If you're a frequent traveler, make sure to sign up for the international roaming options.

PureTalk USA

Pure Talk USA want to make your cell phone plans easy. They've got plans including unlimited talk and text, just add on your choice of data allowance.

With no contracts or hidden fees you're free to cancel and move on if it doesn't work for you.

Red Pocket Mobile

Hooking onto all four major networks you don't need to worry about coverage with Red Pocket Mobile. Multi line discounts are available with their family plan options, all with no contracts, no activation fees, and no crazy prices. Red Pocket offer a great collection of low cost plans that give bang for your buck.

Straight Talk

They may not be the cheapest low cost carrier, but hooking onto all four major networks, coverage is key.

Whether you're a light or heavy user, Straight Talk have a plan for you.

They offer a selection of cell phones with finance options if you're looking for a new phone to go with your plan.

Unreal Mobile

The owners of Freedompop launched Unreal Mobile a few years ago and they are like chalk and cheese when it comes to their plans.

Where Freedompop focus on using Wi-Fi, Unreal Mobile is for a more high-speed, data hungry customer.

You can keep your phone and number, plus no nasty surprises if you go over your minutes, text or data.


Powered by AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile's network, Wing provide you with clear and simple plans.

Save money on multiple lines with a family plan, but bear in mind the speeds can be slowed when the network is congested. They make it easy to bring your own phone and keep your number.


There are a number of GSM network carriers that provide low cost prepaid plans for all budgets. Even if you are currently on a CDMA network carrier you may still be able to bring your unlocked phone to save money.

We don't believe you need unlimited data. We're all spending more time around Wi-Fi these days, so we've made a free tool where you can check your average data usage. Choosing a set data plan can get you an even better deal.

Find out more about CDMA carriers and how to check if your phone is unlocked.

Check out GSM vs CDMA to compare the networks to see which works best for your needs.

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