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H2o wireless is a scam company.

I have 2 phones. I put a lot of money inside the phone balance. And I just refill the balance to make the remaining balance valid on March 14, 2022. They charge the money, but in fact, H2O wireless has already stopped the service for a while. Until I try to make a call on March 16, I found I can make any call. When I call them, they told me they will send me a new SIM card. But after I receive the new SIM card, they refuse to activate the card. I ask them they need to refund me, but they refuse to. This is a scam company.

Not truly

If you receive lots of texts, beware. I was added to a group text and their system flagged my number for "non-personal use" and then was banned from sending or receiving texts. They cannot remove the flag (which sounds like BS to me) so I have to switch carriers now. Thanks for nothing, H2O.

14 years with them and enough is enough!

I know that after 14 years and dumping them this month, I have earned enough street cred for this review.

My dealings with them starting in 2018 have gone from difficult to impossible. For example: you cannot obtain your real account number without a multi-layer request and confirmation ending in a text message to your mobile number. Another example, they maintain no records of anything EXCEPT if you have made a payment transaction on one of their monthly plans. If you have a Minute Plan, they have no records. And, there are no records whatsoever of incoming or outgoing calls. I have an email from the CEO, from three years ago, stating they don't have to keep records for consumers. And, if I wanted records, I can file a lawsuit. Hold times for what passes as customer service varies from waiting 20 minutes on the phone, on average, to over an hour. Wait times on chat are longer. And, they are completely clueless for the most part - if you can understand their mostly broken English. Cancelling your account and moving ANYPLACE else, or never buying their services is the best we consumers can do to send a message. There are plenty of providers now with faster speeds and equal or lower monthly costs - especially on a 12 months advance purchase.

lost money could not reach them by phone, email

I got cheated out of money. I prepaid the first month of $10. The chip they send did not fit my iPhone 6. I did call once and I had to send the chip back at $4+ mailing cost. The new chip did not fit and I even took it to a wireless store to try. They said on the one phone call someone would be back to my the next day. They did not. I had to change my debt card and get a new one, they tried to bill the next month on the old card ! never contacted me aginscam.

Service, inexpensive

Can't complain about the service. Good for a prepaid service. Been using this company for a couple years now.

Unknown issues

Worked fine until it stopped working. Don't know what's wrong with it.

Easy to use, great value

This is the best value I've ever gotten for a cell phone plan. Was easy to install and use.

Customer service

Been with H2O for over 3 years now and while they have their ups and downs (service sometimes fails) they're largely a good company. Customer service is helpful and polite.

Cheaper, more data

Changed from AT&T to H2O just because it's much cheaper. And I get more data. And I can use the same phone that I got at AT&T. Good service.


Get dropped calls. Whenever I do contact my clients, my clients can never hear me. Tried to get a hold of customer service, but even unable to reach them. Sending and receiving texts work but calling is important to me too.

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Headquarters2200 Fletcher Avenue, 6th Floor, Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Employees201 - 500
Customer service(800) 643-4926
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