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Metro by T-Mobile Reviews

Metro by T-Mobile customer reviews & complaints

Metro by T-Mobile
Average Customer Rating37 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars5
4 Stars2
3 Stars1
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Reviews of Metro by T-Mobile in 2022

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Read 37 user reviews

I stopped in at the Metro store at 6947 Gall Blvd

The sales person Eva was great, I told her what I was looking for and she set me up with a great phone quick. Love my new phone

Metro by T-Mobil is the best never had any Issue

I love Metro By T-Mobile I had left metro and went to Xfinity for about 5 months big mistake I just came back to Metro on 4/8/22 I had been with Metro for about 3 or 4 years before I left, I will not be leaving ever again

Throttling after 35 GB makes it unusable

It does use t-mobile network, but the unlimited data is strictly limited by throttling to the extremely slow 3G uplink speed after 35 GB. I might go back to t-mobile because even with the $30 discount from the Affordable Connectivity Program, I can't stand the slow speed.

They lied to me since day 1

I switched to Metro by T-Mobile back in July 2021. They sold me on a plan that apparently does not exist. I was told that my plan included 4 lines for $30 a month each and each line had access to Google 1, Amazon Prime and 15 gigs of high speed hotspot, for a total of $120 a month. Then they sold me on their "monthly autopay discount" of $5 per line, making my monthly bill $100! So heck yeah! I signed up for that as well. **Nobody ever mentioned it was only available on select plans** I have called every month because I receive 2 text messages, one stating my amount due before the autopay discount is $120 and one saying "thank you for your payment of $120." Where is the discount for auto pay? I have spoken to some really amazing customer service reps and a couple managers, however nobody has fixed the problem.. (Today March 8th 2022) I spoke with a CSR, her manager and his manager as well. She was friendly and transferred me as soon as she realized she couldn't fix it. Her manager was also polite as he explained that Metro by T-Mobile has misled me this entire time. His manager also took my call and was equally friendly. I'll give it to 'em, their Customer service has been friendly even when I am not so friendly. However, they have all lied to me, or the 2 I spoke to today are lying to me.. Either way, I'll be switching my service back to my previous carrier. I do not appreciate the employees of Metro by T-Mobile misrepresenting their services. Get it together over there guys! Let the authorized dealers know the specifics so they can properly represent your company or educate the Customer services management know. Either way, they have conflicting information..

Horrible cell reception and horrible customer serv

My phone is suspended even tho I paid five days ago and the money was taken from my account I spoke to three supervisors and nobody was able to come up with a solution and I still don’t have a phone , and if you live in lakemary or Sanford or Altamonte or Daytona or debary don’t expect any cell reception

Worst customer service ever. I have never been

Sales rep got angry. Refused to help me because I was asking "stupid" questions. Rep was unrelentless in degrading me


Bad internet. Always offering promotional deals to get new customers but nothing for people who have been their customers for years. I'm switching. New company will give me a deal.

Horrible return policy

I purchased a new phone but couldn’t unlock it for 180 days, so I tried to return it and was told that upgrades are ineligible for refunds. I spent $500 that I can’t get back. I went in store to try and resolve this issue and the manager was horribly rude.

Their unlimited service gets slow almost stopped

Their unlimited service gets so slow the last week of every month that I can't even open up a web page

Horrible reception.. Dropped calls..

Too many dropped calls. Customer service is HORRIBLE. They hang up on you when trying to resolve an issue..

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