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MVNOs, like MetroPCS, are a popular avenue for cellular service, as they are often more affordable and (can be) more demographic-focused compared to the major wireless providers. However, the fact that MVNOs are so numerous - and we're talking about dozens upon dozens here - can be a bit of a problem when you're on the hunt for a plan that fits your needs.

MetroPCS happens to feature a website with scattered information, but we've eased the pain for you by compiling the necessary information into a readable guide to help you gauge whether or not the available MetroPCS cell phone plans are right for you.

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Within this guide, you'll find information on Metro PCS's monthly plans, prepay cell phone selection, coverage, deals and discounts, and more. Finally, we'll direct you to our very own cell phone comparison tool, so you can make an in-depth, informed decision.

MetroPCS Wireless Plans

MetroPCS merged with T-Mobile a few years ago; since then, it has been operating on the nationwide T-Mobile network, meaning blazing 4G LTE speeds and truly unlimited data for the customer, all for an affordable price. However, the plans that MetroPCS offers are few in number.

MetroPCS Monthly Plans

MetroPCS (or Metro PCS) cell phone plans come in four different amounts, ranging from 2GB LTE data to Unlimited LTE Data. These monthly rate plans come equipped with unlimited talk and text, with high speeds being reduced after the specified data amount has been exceeded.

However, when it comes to the two unlimited text, text, and data plans, it's important to note that the top three percent of data users (those who use more than 28GB per month) may notice reduced speeds until the next payment cycle during congestion periods.

The 2GB monthly rate plan includes 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot accessibility, a Data Maximizer (which streams videos at a resolution ideal for smartphones), whereas the 3GB plan features not just what the 2GB plan offers, but also Music Unlimited, which allows customers to stream music without consuming LTE data, similar to what the prepaid T-Mobile plans offer.

The first unlimited plan, however, does not sport the mobile hotspot function unlike the three other data plans, but for just a few dollars more, you can purchase an unlimited text, talk, and data plan with 4G LTE hotspot. However, after 8GB of high-speed data hotspot is used, speeds will be reduced.

That being said, there is a fifth monthly plan for those who have no interest whatsoever in data: unlimited talk and text. However, this plan contains Wi-Fi connectivity with these devices, so you can browse the web with your prepaid cell phone.

MetroPCS Family Plans

MetroPCS offers family plans that save about $5 per line each month. Up to five family members can take part in the family plan. How the family plan works is that each member is able to select their own plans from the four plans displayed. This means that a family of four adopting the 2GB plan each would only need to pay $100 total, as the family would save a total of $20 ($5 times four family members). That way, everyone can enjoy unlimited calling and texting without worry.

Sometimes a promotion regarding multi-lines may occur. For instance, you may acquire two lines and two Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Android phones for only $50, which includes 2GB of 4G LTE data per line when you switch providers.

MetroPCS Prepaid Plans

MetroPCS' prepaid plans are the five listed on the site. After all, the provider is one of the first prepaid carriers to offer the 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot. This means no contract and no strings attached whatsoever with any of the plans listed. So whatever you see for the unlimited calling and texting plans is what you get.

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MetroPCS Unlimited Plans

Similar to what its merger T-Mobile offers, MetroPCS has a couple of unlimited everything options. For fees that rival Sprint Unlimited's price (and not any of the unlimited T-Mobile plans), MetroPCS offers unlimited data, talk, and text.

Even better is that the unlimited data is set at rapid 4G LTE speeds. As mentioned previously, the top three percent of data users (those who utilize more than 28GB per month), may notice reduced speeds during congestion periods until the next payment cycle.

The unlimited plans include Music Unlimited, 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot access, and a Data Maximizer.

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MetroPCS Cell Phones

MetroPCS' Android and iPhone selection is up-to-date but limited. For instance, you can obtain a Samsung Galaxy S8, but not a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. And do not expect a Google Pixel to be available there. It's also incredibly important to highlight the fact that the iPhone is not featured on MetroPCS' page. To access the iPhone selection, you'll need to filter by brand.

If anything, the phone selection is sparse and - as a result - disappointing. Yet, there are often sales and promotions involving the carrier's phones, so be on the lookout for them.

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Phone Insurance

MetroPCS offers Premium Handset Protection, which offers comprehensive coverage for your phone against loss, theft, physical damage, liquid damage, and mechanical or electrical breakdown after the manufacturer's warranty period has expired.

A replacement for your phone can arrive at your home as soon as the next business day in most cases.

As the cherry on top, you'll also receive the Lookout Premium app, which keeps your device safe and sound with automatic protection against viruses, malware, and spyware. You'll receive theft alerts in the case that your phone has been stolen, have access to data backup, and be able to find your phone by using the site.

Of course, you can always purchase Lookout Premium as a standalone service for just a few dollars per month.

Phone Activation

It's not at all difficult to activate a phone with MetroPCS. You can easily activate one phone or multiple phones online as long as you have a valid credit card or debit card on hand. Overall, the process will take as long as ten minutes. Of course, if you're not comfortable with activating your phone online, you can also dial the phone number *228 via your new phone.

Yet, if neither option suits you, then you can always activate your phone by visiting a MetroPCS store.

Mobile Hotspot

Mobile Hotspot allows you to share your data connection with multiple devices. The feature is considered an add-on, but for $5 per month, you can add the feature to your plan.

To be eligible for Mobile Hotspot, you need to be on any current 3GB, 5GB, or Unlimited plan. However, not all phones are compatible with the service, so make sure that your phone is compatible.

You can consult our tethering guide to see step-by-step instructions on how to turn your cell phone into a hotspot.

SIM Card

If you're planning to bring your own phone to MetroPCS' service, you will need a SIM card, which contains your profile data, as well as your plan and network details.

Before you obtain a SIM card, you need to see if your phone will support the network. Unfortunately, if you have a particular iPhone, you may not be able to access the network with it.

Only T-Mobile's and AT&T's iPhones, as well as Verizon's and Sprint's iPhone, will work with the network, but the iPhones may have limited functionality with the service. Furthermore, you may need to unlock your phone if you haven't already done so. We have a guide that touches upon the process of unlocking your phone.

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Deals, Promotions & Discounts

Overall, MetroPCS lacks anything that would be considered a major incentive to switch to the carrier, such as a loyalty program. That being said, the service does feature some pretty good phone deals.

For instance, you can obtain two phones from brands like HTC and Samsung for free when you switch to MetroPCS. You can also receive up to 30 percent off on the Samsung Galaxy. You may also be eligible for mail-in rebates at times.

If you do take advantage of a mail-in rebate offer, you should make sure that you head on over to the official MetroPCS rebate center. Overall, the deals are rather lackluster compared to what you can receive with the major carriers, but they are by no means terrible.

MetroPCS Coverage

MetroPCS is a T-Mobile MVNO, meaning that it leases T-Mobile 4G LTE network coverage. Be sure to check out MetroPCS' coverage map before you consider adopting its service. Check out our guide to see how T-Mobile compares to the coverage of the four major networks.

MetroPCS Customer Support

How does MetroPCS compare to the major carriers in terms of customer support? Well, it holds a great reputation with its customer service. The service is simple, to the point, and doesn't contain any extra fluff. Unfortunately, the MetroPCS website isn't the most navigational-friendly, and access to the live chat feature can be a little tedious.

That being said, MetroPCS' customer representatives offer quick and accurate responses. The call center can also be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Similar to the other major carriers, MetroPCS has a few outlets for customer support:

  • You can dial Customer Service's phone number
  • Visit a MetroPCS store to receive assistance
  • Contact customer service by mail
  • Contact the provider via Facebook or Twitter

How to Change Your APN Settings

If you're bringing a used unlocked phone to MetroPCS, you'll most likely need to change your APN settings. View the APN Settings for MetroPCS here.


A little bit of an underdog, MetroPCS is a provider that contends against the major carriers well. While its phone showcase lacks a vast array of devices and it doesn't have the greatest incentives for switching over to the carrier, the provider makes up for it offering affordable plans on T-Mobile's 4G LTE network.

In fact, its unlimited plan prices are more affordable compared to what T-Mobile offers (i.e. the unlimited T-Mobile ONE plan). In fact, its prices can be compared to the likes of Straight Talk's plans. Straight Talk, after all, offers fewer GB at similar prices.

The service also offers an unlimited data plan, a plan that is non-existent with Verizon's service, for an affordable fee. So if you're not a fan of Sprint, which offers an Unlimited Data plan for a similar price, and instead desire T-Mobile's 4G LTE network, then you should consider adopting MetroPCS.

Remember, when choosing a cheap cell phone plan, it's always best to compare deals from multiple low-cost carriers.

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MetroPCS Review FAQs

QWhat cell phone tower does Metro PCS use?


The prepaid wireless service MetroPCS is a part of T-Mobile. The company uses the 4G LTE T-Mobile network of over 2000 towers. The service roams GSM towers of companies like AT&T and Cellular One as needed in spotty areas. You can purchase an array of talk, text and data plans from MetroPCS.

QWhat network is Metro PCS on?


MetroPCS boasts the top-performing network of the discount cellular carriers, using the 4G LTE network of parent company T-Mobile. Among discount carriers, MetroPCS is the quickest in download and upload speeds, topping Sprint. MetroPCS is the one discount prepaid phone service provider offering a plan with unlimited 4G LTE data.

QHow much is the unlimited plan for Metro PCS?


MetroPCS offers a prepaid plan with unlimited talk, text and data at $60 per month at 4G LTE speeds, over the network of parent company T-Mobile. They also offer a $30 unlimited talk, text and data plan, with a hitch. The first 1GB of data is at 4G LTE speeds, then it slows.

QHow much is unlimited data for Metro PCS?


MetroPCS offers unlimited data, talk and text for $60 per month. There is no annual contract and tax is included. The service runs over the T-Mobile 4G LTE network. Metro PCS also offers a $30 unlimited option, but the first 1GB of data is at 4G LTE speeds, then it's slower.

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